Moments of Impact

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Killian was brought over by the curse and meets Emma in Storybrooke this changes the course of the events to come. Told via flashbacks.

OUAT Secret Santa gift for Meghan.. Merry Christmas! Hope you like it!

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Working Together

Title: Working Together

Autor: killianthehero / maiqu20

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,274

Pairing: Finn/Bellamy Bromance with Bellarke/Flarke Undertones

Read: AO3 Tumblr

Summary: ,

AN:  Based on this tumblr post, I should be writing WWA but this idea wouldn’t leave my head. It’s all Janina’s fault anyway.I tried to keep this just Finn and Bellamy but there are Flarke undertones and Bellarke undertones.

As always thanks to my glorious beta Kate for beta-ing this!

Bellamy woke up to a pounding in his head- everything hurt and he had no idea where he was. What had happened? Did the grounders take him? He tried to get up but something, or rather someone, stopped him.

“Wow, be careful.”

“Spacewalker,” Bellamy stated, relieved- at least grounders hadn’t taken him, “what’s going on?” He noticed they were in a cave, it seemed familiar but at the moment he couldn’t place it, he was half lying down, half sitting.

“You’ve been asleep for a few days…I’m not gonna lie- you scared me a bit there.”

“What happened?” Bellamy asked. “Where are we?”

“As to where we are…we’re in Lincoln’s cave,” Finn told him.

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