Episode 57: Mother

Episode Fifty-Seven: “Mother” Episode Discussion

Episode Fifty-Seven: “Mother” Episode Discussion, recorded on May 1st, is available for streaming or download here [right click & save, .mp3 file 62,5 MB, 1:07:46]. YouTube link here. (NOTE: the YouTube link is the unedited file. The audio you can listen to via the audio player on Tumblr or iTunes has been edited, with music effects added and some parts cut out.)

In this episode, we discuss the Captain Swan scenes, the fact that Hook and Charming finally acknowledged each other’s existence, Regina having a realization we’ve been yelling at her to have since the season premiere, and more!

EDIT: can you listen to this? The Tumblr player isn’t working for me right now, but the file uploaded correctly and I can play it when I click on the download link.

EDIT2: apparently there’s a problem with the Tumblr music player, because I can’t get ANY of the old episodes to work! The links are still only, so you only need to open the download link in a new window and it’ll work perfectly.


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