Who We Are: Ch 8

Title: Who We Are

Autor: bellamyfraserjones / maiqu20

Rating: T for now

Word Count:  8,621 (58,782)

Pairing: Bellarke

Read: FF.net AO3 Tumblr

Story Tag: Tumblr

Summary: Wrong information and misunderstandings can break even the strongest of couples. Bellamy and Clarke had a relationship back on the ark until one day it all stopped. Now it’s a year later and they are on the ground trying to figure out where they stand with each other, what really happened and how in the world are they going to protect the rest of the 100 from the threats of the earth and the threats from the arc.

AN: Hi don’t kill me… As you all know I had to go on hiatus from fic-writing for personal reasons, at the moment it hasn’t been resolved but I’m hoping that can change soon (meeting got postponed for Monday) If you want to know more about what happened my tumblr is available and the full story is there…

I think you guys can see that canon for this fic is definitely different from the show’s direction, so yeah I figured I should warn you things are going completely AU from this point. Not everything that happened in the show will happen but some things will. Thanks to the lovely Lina for helping me out when I was stuck in a certain scene…And as always to Kate for being an amazing beta

Well without further ado here’s the chapter.

Ch 8

It had been a few days since everything happened. The grounder was still locked up in the highest level of the dropship, and Raven had managed to create a video link with the arc, which meant the 100 could talk to their parents. Bellamy was still stuck on bed rest.

He got why Clarke was worried, and yes he shouldn’t be moving around, but he was getting immensely restless. It was nearing dawn when he woke up; Clarke was still sleeping peacefully when he snuck out. He got as far as the dropship when Miller stopped him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked and Bellamy cursed.

“I need to see how everything is.”

“You need to be in bed,” Miller pointed out.

“I am dying in there.”

“I wouldn’t use those words around Clarke considering you almost did die,” Miller reminded him and he saw Bellamy visually react.

“Sorry man… I know I’m a bad patient. She’s probably done with me,” he muttered as Miller helped him sit down. Luckily they were alone in the lower level of the dropship.

“Nah man, she’s too happy you’re alive to be pissed at you. That’s probably going to last another week so enjoy it,” Miller joked.

“I just feel bad we’re both the leaders and she’s taking all the work.”

“What am I chopped liver?” Miller responded. “Don’t worry about the jobs, she’s not taking all the weight. If it were up to her then yes but do you really think we’d let her?”

Bellamy laughed imagining his girl trying to do everything herself.

“Between Monroe, myself and Jasper we’ve been taking charge of things; oh- and Jaha and Raven have helped in the ark side of things.”

“Speak of the devil,” Bellamy joked as Monroe came into the dropship.

“Between you and me, if anyone is the devil it’s you,” Monroe remarked then turned to Miller. “Shouldn’t he be in bed.”

“I’m going out of my mind in there- I can’t do anything,” Bellamy whined.

“That’s what you get for almost dying on us,” Monroe reprimanded.

“It’s not like I did it on purpose.”

“He’s got a point there,” Miller pointed out and turned to Monroe. “What have you got there?”

“Lucy finally finished the calendar and figured out how long we’ve been here and so on,” Monroe said handing him a notebook. “I was going to take it to Clarke when she wakes up.”

“Can I see that?” Bellamy asked, and Miller handed him the notebook.  After a few times looking through it he smiled, “Don’t give this to Clarke just yet.”

“Why?” Miller asked.

“If these calculations are correct,” Bellamy started but got interrupted by Monroe

“They are, her family was in charge of this back at the Ark.”

“Like I was saying before I got rudely interrupted, if these calculations are correct then tomorrow is Clarke’s 18th birthday,” Bellamy told them.

“She probably would have died if we were in the Ark,” Monroe muttered.

“Probably,” Bellamy admitted somberly, “but we’re not on the Ark and it’s a very special day- we’ve got to make her remember it fondly.”

“What’s the plan boss?” Miller asked.

“Well, I can’t leave the camp otherwise I’d go so we’ll have to do something here and I might need you guys to get a few things.”

“We’re all ears,” Monroe told him as Bellamy filled them in on his plan and what they needed to get for everything to be perfect.  After the weeks she’d had his princess deserved the best of the best. He just hoped they managed to pull it off. He was going to need everyone to work together, which meant he would have to talk to his sister.


Monroe and Fox had set out for the art supply store while Miller went to get the rest of the people who would be important for this to work. He entered Monty and Jasper’s tent finding only Monty but knowing the rest were probably on their way.

“Bellamy what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Monty asked as he came in.

“Probably, but a matter has arisen and we needed a place to meet where we could talk,” he responded as Jasper, Raven and Finn came in.

“I tried to get Octavia to come but she said she would find out later sorry,” Jasper muttered, Bellamy sighed upset that things with Octavia were frosty at best.

“Did you say it wasn’t for me?” Bellamy asked.

“I did…still the same reply,” Jasper told him.

So things between Clarke and Octavia weren’t good either? They really needed to fix that.

“Hello, oh fearless leader,” Raven joked. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“I’m not going to dignify that with a response.”

“You just did,” she remarked as Miller and Wells came in.

“That’s all of them boss,” Miller stated.

“Shouldn’t you be in a bed? Somehow I know Clarke hasn’t given the all clear for you to be walking around,” Wells commented and Bellamy rolled his eyes, turning to everyone in the tent, in the loudest whisper he could manage.

“Yes I should be in bed, no Clarke doesn’t know I’m out of bed, yes I know what her reaction will be, no I’m not suicidal. Any more questions?” he asked exasperated as Miller laughed.

“What are we doing here?” Finn asked.

“Finally a reasonable question! Knew I could count on you Collins,” Bellamy said, sitting down on chair Miller brought then looked at Miller. Miller knew it was his cue to speak so he did.

“Lucy created a calendar for us that states how long we’ve been here and replicated, in the best way possible, the calendar we grew up with.”

“That’s good right?” Raven asked.

“Yeah it’s good, this map showed us that we’ve been here a month exactly,” Miller told her.

“It’s really been just a month?” Jasper asked. It had felt like so much longer.

“Yes it’s been a month, and the reason we are gathered here right now in secret is because given the calculations tomorrow should be Clarke’s 18th Birthday,” Bellamy told them.

“We are planning something to celebrate it right?” Monty asked.

“That’s what we’re here for. You’re the closest friends Clarke has, no one outside this tent other than Monroe and Fox know this is happening, we’d like for it to be a surprise. You’re all going to be in charge of something. She’s had a few really rough weeks- she deserves something happy.”

“What do we have to do?” Wells asked. He hated to admit it but as time passed he’d started to see what Clarke saw in this guy. There was no denying this guy truly loved his best friend and wanted to make her happy.

Bellamy explained everyone’s roles and who would be in charge of making sure Clarke remained in the dark. Everyone agreed to his or her respective roles and Miller turned to Bellamy,

“I’m taking you back to your tent before a certain someone realizes you are missing,” Miller said as they walked towards Bellamy’s tent. Just as they were going to go in Clarke came out.

“Where have you been?” she asked in that take no prisoners voice.

“I found him in the dropship, figured I’d bring him back.”

“Thanks Miller, can you go check on things while I talk to Bellamy?” she asked leaving no room for argument. He saluted Bellamy and left. She just turned to him and they went inside the tent.

“Princess,” Bellamy started to say but she put a hand up.

“Don’t! You know how I felt waking up and you weren’t there?” she reprimanded and checked on his stitches. “You’re lucky you didn’t pull your stitches! What were you thinking?”

“Sorry Clarke, I got restless.” Bellamy told her. “I just get tired of being stuck in a bed, and I wanted to walk for a bit I got as far as the dropship. Miller made me come back as soon as he found me, you’ve got them well trained.”

“It’s called loyalty,” Clarke said, smiling a bit before helping him to the bed.

“You know there is a foolproof way to keep me in bed,” Bellamy replied.

“Yes, but that would be a reward and I don’t think you deserve that after your little stunt,” Clarke reminded him and he playfully glared at her.

“Come on Princess!” he exclaimed and she smirked at him.

“No can do. Now I need to check on a few things- don’t you dare get up or you’ll deal with me,” she warned him before walking out of the tent leaving him pouting inside.


Abby and Kane were sitting around in Kane’s apartment, working on their plans.

“How is Sinclair doing?” Abby asked.

“He and Wick are trying to figure out how to do what we want, in the most discrete way possible,” Kane told her.

“Do you think it’s the best course of action?” Abby wondered.

“I think that with the problems we’ve got it’s the best alternative. It’s not foolproof but it can work and hopefully we can save most of our people,” Kane explained.

“Okay, that’s one matter done with. We should let the experts deal with that.”

“True, and if there are any advances I’m sure we’ll know,” Kane told her.

“How are we dealing with the other matter at hand?” Abby asked. They needed to create a list of who would be loyal to them and who wouldn’t be. That way everything could go as planned. There was no bringing the ark to the ground if someone disloyal got in the way.

“We have to think about this in a smart way in an intelligent way… We have to be careful who we trust and know they won’t run to Diana or Thelonious,” Kane commented, walking around the apartment.

“We’ve got Jackson on our side and we could probably get favor from parents of the 100,” Abby told him.

“Yes, but watch out for rebel-rousers,” Kane said.

“If you say so,” Abby commented.

“What’s wrong?” Kane asked sitting down next to her.

“If you had told me a few months back I’d be helping your coup d’état… I would have said you were crazy.”

“Well a few months back I’d be doing it for my own gain… So it would be a very different situation,” Kane pointed out.

“You think we can pull it off?”

“I hope so, it’s our best shot,” Kane replied then saw Abby’s look. “It is our best shot Abby, why tried to get Jaha to listen but he didn’t. Neither of us want Diana with any kind of power, you know what would happen if she reached the ground without us right?”

“She’d go after Clarke,” Abby responded.

“Not only because she’s your daughter but she’s Gabe’s granddaughter, and she’s one of the leaders of the 100.”

“It would be like killing three birds with one stone,” Abby muttered.

“We have to protect our people, not just the ones up here but the ones down there as well.”

“I guess I just never thought I’d be back to helping him. It took me so long to finally get rid of what comes with being Gabe’s daughter and now I’m back as if nothing happened.”

“It’s not like if nothing happened, you’re stronger now and you know not everything is black and white,” Kane pointed out. “People respect you of your own merit.”

“You think so?” Abby asked.

“I know so.”


Clarke was working at the dropship when Wells came up to her. His mission was to get her out of the dropship and out of the camp long enough for the rest to get everything ready.

“So I heard your guy got the third degree,” Wells said.

“The idiot got out of bed and was walking around, he could have pulled his stitches.”

“I don’t think you can pull stitches from just walking,” Wells pointed out.

“Maybe, but you know how he is, he would have tried to work or some other stupid things and then he would have pulled them and I was not about to reapply his stitches.”

“Don’t you think you should cut the guy some slack? He’s used to being the first to find out about things, used to helping out, so it must really suck to be stuck in bed all day. Not being able to do anything,” Wells told her and saw the look she was giving him, “What?”

“What is this exactly?”

“What are you referring to?” Wells asked.

“You defending Bellamy. It’s weird.”

“I figured someone had to do it. Plus I remember you saying you wanted us to get along,” Wells said, letting out a small breathe of relief that she hadn’t caught on to anything else.

“I take it back,” Clarke pouted sounding like a little kid. “You’re my best friend, you know that means you’re supposed to be on my side.”

“I’m always on your side Clarke.”

“Then why are you defending him?”

“I am on your side, but I’m also your best friend as you pointed out, that means it’s my job to tell you when you’re not exactly making the best decisions, right?” he said posing the last one as a question.

“I don’t want to talk about that here,” Clarke muttered, looking at where Fox and Monroe were talking.

“That’s alright, we can go get some seaweed and talk on the way,” Wells mentioned.

“We do need some seaweed, but I don’t know about going out,” she said a bit nervous. She hadn’t gone outside the camp since everything had happened.

“Clarke, you’re with me, nothing will happen to you, trust me. You’ve got your knife and I’ve got my own. And you’ll be able to talk more freely.”

“Okay, let me get my pack,” she muttered and when Clarke’s back was turned Wells gave a Fox a thumbs up and she sneaked out of the Dropship.

“Are we ready to go?” Clarke asked, and Monroe came up to them.

“Yeah, we’re ready to go.” Wells replied, grabbing his own pack.

“We’ll handle things here- don’t worry. And I’ll keep an eye out for Bellamy,” Monroe told her.

“Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid- we’ll be back as soon as we can.”

“Clarke calm down, take a breather. Bellamy is in good hands; you deserve to relax a bit… Go get the seaweed with Wells- it’s a nice break from everything.”

“She’s got a point, and you know they are more than capable of handling things,” Wells pointed out.

“Okay, alright, I’m going…” Clarke commented as she left the dropship with Wells. When she was sure they were gone Monroe went up to the next floor and gave the signal to Monty.


Abby was working at Med Station when she heard the sound of someone coming inside.

“Jackson what is it?” Abby asked turning around, being faced with Diana instead of Jackson. “You’re not Jackson.”

“No, I am not,” Diana stated.

“What are you doing here Diana?” Abby asked.

“Just came to visit an old friend.”

“We have never in our lives been friends, we are barely acquaintances,” Abby pointed out. “Why are you really here?”

“Just wanted to make sure there were no bad feelings between us regarding the council seat.”

“There are no feelings at all, I’m focused on saving as many people as we can,” Abby said.

“I’d heard that you had gotten mad at Thelonious because of it,” Diana said.

“Well maybe you heard wrong, Thelonious and I haven’t spoken about that matter,” Abby told her, and it was true, mostly. They haven’t really spoken much at all.

“Kane doesn’t approve of my spot in the council,” Diana mentioned.

“I don’t understand how that is relevant?” Abby asked.

“I’m just wondering if you knew why he disliked me so much.”

“The only person that knows what is going on inside Kane’s mind is Kane himself.”

“Is that so?” Diana asked, walking around the room, circling it like a vulture.

“I don’t know why you would think I have any pull on Marcus Kane,” Abby commented as she tried to tidy-up her station.

“You two are close, if anyone can figure out what’s going on it would be you.”

“What are you implying Diana?”

“I’m just saying there’s talk of the two of you spending a lot of time together.”

“We’ve been friends forever, if you had done your research right you’d know that,” Abby pointed out

“So you admit to being friends with Kane?”

“I have literally nothing to hide in that aspect, we grew up together. We’ve been friends for a long time. Yes we’ve had our disagreements, but I figured our good moments outweighed the bad.”

“Interesting concept.”

“What are you getting that?” Abby asked.

“You claim to be friends with him, that the good outweighs the bad, and yet you deny that you can change his mind.”

“Like I said, the only person who can change his mind is himself, and I’m starting to see where this is going, so no Diana, I won’t make him change his mind about you.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really. If Marcus doesn’t like you there’s a reason for that.  Now if you don’t mind I have work to do.”

“Be careful of who you choose as your allies Abigail,” Diana said as she left the Medical Bay. Abby just sat down on one of the chairs and put her head in her hands. Things were getting more and more dangerous as time went on.


“I think we’re far enough that we can talk freely,” Wells told her. They had been walking in silence since they left the camp. He knew his best friend; he knew she was just trying to delay everything.

“I noticed,” Clarke responded.

“Why don’t we start with something easy. How are things with Octavia?” Wells asked, starting with an easier talk.

“Do we have to?” Clarke muttered, making a face.

“Do you want to talk about Bellamy instead or about the kidnapping?” Wells retorted.

“Octavia is a good subject to start.”

“How are you two doing?” Wells wondered.

“I haven’t actually talked to her other than a few words here and there… I just really don’t want to say something I’ll regret and I know I’ll say something if we do.”

“So you’re pissed at her?” Wells conjectured.

“Yes! I don’t get it- I’ve been going over in my head and I still don’t understand it!” Clarke said as she started walking ahead with Wells following behind…”I hate myself for thinking this but I can’t help it. The thought won’t leave my head.”

“What thought?”

“I blame her and I hate myself for it,” Clarke admitted. “She’s my best friend and I love her but there’s some part of me that’s blaming her and I want that to go away.”

“It’s a normal reaction,” Wells stated trying to find the right words to say.

“It’s not normal to blame my best friend for something out of her control… But Bellamy was dying, he was dying and I had to do it. I don’t regret it, I did what I had to do and for her to defend the grounder… I don’t even have words okay,” Clarke stopped dead in front of the lake.

“Clarke,” Wells asked, standing behind her. She turned around and he could see the unshed tears.

“Come here,” he said, opening his arms and letting her fully cry…

“He took the ground from under me…I was going along fine and suddenly this happened and I feel like something broke. I’m scared Wells,” she cried and Wells sat both of them on the ground as he tried to comfort her.

“Have you talked about this with Bellamy?”

“I don’t want to burden him,” she said wiping her tears.

“I think that’s part of being in a relationship Clarke, you would want him to open to you right?”

“Yeah,” Clarke muttered. “Let’s get the seaweed.”

“We’re still going to talk about this,” Wells stated.


Everything was looking great; Monty was preparing a special blend of his moonshine, Fox and Monroe had gotten a few things from the Art Supply Store to decorate, and Bellamy thought it was wonderful. Of course he wasn’t really allowed to do anything other than give out orders, but he was still enjoying himself. He sincerely hoped Clarke liked it. There was something he still had to do and he was dreading it but it had to be done. He walked over to Octavia and Clarke’s tent and went inside- luckily she was alone.

“You know there’s such a thing as knocking.”

“It’s a tent,” Bellamy said pointing out the obvious.

“Still, you could knock,” Octavia retorted.

“I’ll keep that in mind next time, we need to talk.”

“Do we really?” Octavia asked. She knew they probably had to but they were both too prideful to take the first step. Bellamy rolled his eyes but went to sit next to you.

“Yeah really,” Bellamy said.

“Is there anything to talk about?” Octavia said looking at her hands.

“Yes… I umm… I didn’t… I didn’t mean what I said.”

“You mean the whole how your life ended the day I was born? That thing?”

“I have no excuse not really… The only thing I need you to understand is the state I was in.  There’s no one in this world that matters more to me than you and Clarke and you were both gone. I didn’t know where you were; we found blood and we didn’t know to whom it belonged to. We didn’t know if you were alive, hurt, or worst of all dead,” he admitted softly, and Octavia looked up at him for the first time since he had come inside the tent.

“Bell,” she started, but he looked at her like let me finish.

“They were killing us left and right, they were rounding us up and then we found you. We finally found you and you were seemingly unscathed but Clarke was nowhere to be found. Not even you knew where she was. Then the next thing I know you were defending that fucking grounder. I snapped. It’s no excuse, but I just snapped. I took out all my frustration on you and you didn’t deserve that.”

“It wasn’t just on you, it was on me too,” Octavia confessed and Bellamy looked at her. “I wanted to look for Clarke but I was just thinking of myself at that moment. I wanted to find her and I didn’t think of what our disappearance was doing to you.”

“She’s your best friend, that was understandable. I still shouldn’t have said what I said,” Bellamy admitted.

“I wasn’t fair to her… I was thinking only of my experiences during the kidnaping and I hadn’t considered that she had gone through something different. I don’t care about the grounder Bell… I cared about what it was doing to the people I love. I didn’t want you to have that weight on your conscience.”

“O, I’m going to tell you what I told Clarke. Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things.”

“You really believe that?”

“I do… This place is kill or be killed O. Sometimes getting our hands dirty is a necessary evil.”

“I wish it wasn’t that way.”

“We all do. Once again, I’m sorry for the things I said…I told you my life ended the day you were born when the truth is, it didn’t start until then,” Bellamy stated.

“I forgive you big brother, if you forgive me for my part in everything,” Octavia said, pulling Bellamy in for a hug, careful not to pull his stitches.

“I’ll always forgive you O. I love you,” he said, returning the hug and giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

“Do you think she’ll forgive me too?”

“After you two talk she will… She loves you, now come out here and help us plan this thing,” he said, getting up and heading toward the tent’s exit.

“Of course, someone has to make sure you guys don’t mess up too much,” she laughed as they both exited the tent. There was still work to be done.


“We’ve got enough seaweed don’t you think?” Wells asked.

“I guess,” she said, getting out of the water and sitting down on the floor.

“We’ve got to continue our talk,” Wells told her.

“I know, but it’s not easy.”

“It’s not supposed to be easy, but talking is good and I know you think you always have to be strong but you don’t.”

“I don’t want to cry anymore,” Clarke said.

“Crying is cathartic, it’s good for your soul… Now can you tell me why you’re overprotecting your guy?”

“He scared me Wells,” she finally admitted.

“He’s okay Clarke, he scared all of us but he’s okay, he’s alive you’ve got to loosen the reins a bit.”

“I don’t mean because of the almost dying- although that’s part of it.”

“What do you mean then?” Wells wondered. If it wasn’t Bellamy almost dying then what scared her so much?

“My feelings scared me, my actions scared me, and the part that scares me the most is that I don’t regret them,” Clarke responded.

“You did what you needed to do to save Bellamy.”

“Exactly, it was to save Bellamy. I don’t think I would have gone to those lengths with anyone else, maybe not even you or Octavia,” she professed. “I knew I loved him. I’ve always known it. Ever since we met, deep down I knew there would never be anyone else for me. I wouldn’t survive loosing him.”

“You survived it before didn’t you?” Wells asked, trying to play devil’s advocate.

“That was different. I mean yeah I did think I had lost him forever, and that I was never going to see him again, but at least I knew he was still alive,” Clarke stated, blown away by her own words. The situations differed in that she knew Bellamy was still alive while she was locked up, if she never saw him again at least he wasn’t sharing her fate.

“That makes sense,” Wells supplemented.

“I can’t lose him Wells, and it’s just hit me how easy it would be for me to, in this new world,” Clarke stated and got up and started pacing in a circle while playing with her hands. “We saw it with Patrick, Atom, Charlotte… People here can die easier but I never put him in that category you know? He was first in his class when he was a Cadet, you’ve seen his accuracy with a weapon, he’s strong and he’s intelligent. He’s smart enough to know when to go and when to fall back; he’s a natural born leader.”

“So are you Clarke,” Wells said, wondering where she was going with this.

“He protected Octavia for 15 years, and he’s great at hunting, if anyone can survive this new world it would be him,” she continued as if she hadn’t heard him.

“But?” Wells asked.

“He’s still fragile Wells…All his attributes won’t mean a thing if grounders attack from behind, if he gets caught in an acid fog. The elements can take him from me; the grounders can take him from me. It was completely naïve of me and I guess my mind had him in a category all to himself. I never thought about it, it literally didn’t cross my mind that the things that kill us, they can also kill him. They almost did.”

“They can also kill you, or me, they could kill Octavia, Jasper, Monty or Raven. They can take Miller or Monroe. Fox or Finn could be next. They could take all of us, any of us. That’s no reason to stop living,” Wells retorted. “I know you’re scared, we’re all scared, and you have got more reason than most to be scared, but you can’t let it defeat you.”

“What if it already has?” Clarke said putting her fears into words. She didn’t want to be defeated by the unknown but her doubts kept nagging at her.

“It hasn’t defeated you, it has made you stronger,” Wells said standing in front of her and stopping her pacing around.

“I don’t feel stronger.”

“You’re experiencing a moment of doubt, it happens to all of us, and after all you’ve been through the last couple of days, well let’s say it would be weirder if you didn’t react to it.”

“So you think the breakdown was necessary?”

“It was a necessary evil, you are strong enough to overcome this on your own but here’s the kicker, you don’t have to. You’ve got a man out there who would move heaven and earth for you. All he wants is to share the burden with you, so let him. He knows his limits, he won’t do anything too crazy that will cause him to pull his stitches.”

“Bellamy sometimes lives for the crazy antics or crazy plans, remember?” she responded.

“Yes, but he also lives for you. He knows what getting more hurt would do to you. He knows that it’s better to just lay low and heal faster rather than get more hurt and take longer to heal. As long as he’s with you he’s got a good head on his shoulders.”

“As long as he’s with me?” she joked.

“Do you remember the early days? It was pure chaos. You calm him down and he lets you let loose. Without you he’s a bit punch first ask questions later and without him you’re very high strung,” he said the last part with a smirk.

“Hey!” she exclaimed, playfully hitting him.

“If for some reason you can’t share something with Bellamy, there’s still me you know? And you might be in a fight right now, but there’s always Octavia. Then there’s Jasper and Miller who are pretty loyal to you. The same goes for Monty, Fox, Finn and Monroe. You could even talk to Raven and she’d be willing to share the load you know? We’re a team Clarke. One for all, and all for one.”

“You’re a total dork,” she said through her tears, though at least they were happy tears this time. Wells put his arm around her and laughed.

“Yeah, but you like me anyway.”

“I do, god knows why but I do. You’re a good guy, Jaha.”
“I like you too and same to you, Griffin, now let’s get back to camp shall we?”

“We shall,” she said smiling, feeling a lot lighter than when she left camp a few hours ago.


Everything was basically done, and it looked amazing. There were just a few things to be done; one of those was waiting for the guest of honor to come back. It was almost time, they couldn’t really tell time because there weren’t many watches but their time on the ground taught them to read it by the changes in the sky. It was getting late, Clarke and Wells were supposed to be back with a few minutes to spare before midnight. That’s if all went well, and for all their sakes, Monty hoped they did.

“Is the Moonshine ready?” Miller asked, coming into the tent with Octavia.

“Moonshine is completely ready to go, it’s time to party,” Monty replied.

“Perfect. I’ll go tell the bossman that food and refreshments are a go,” Miller replied, giving the boys a thumbs up before going to look for Bellamy.
“How is everything else looking?” Monty asked Octavia, knowing she had been doing the rounds with Miller.

“The decorations, or well what passes for decorations, are up and they look beautiful. The food and refreshments as you know are a go; Bellamy didn’t tell me what his gift was, no matter how much I asked. Things got squared away so that our guest from upstairs won’t cause any trouble; Raven said everything is set to go in the communications tent. We are just waiting for the go ahead so things can start,” Octavia told them.

“Awesome, I can’t wait to see Clarke’s face when she sees all this,” Monty said.

“It’s going to be great; she’ll have a lot of fun- we’ll all have a lot of fun,” Jasper responded.

“Okay, I’ll go see if Raven needs anything and you two can stop pretending like you don’t want to be alone,” he commented cheekily, smirking as he left the tent.

“He’s subtle,” Octavia laughed.

“Yes, Monty is the King of Subtlety,” Jasper joked.

“I fixed things with Bellamy,” Octavia muttered.

“I noticed, how to you feel?” Jasper asked.

“Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, you were right, it was what I needed to do.” Octavia admitted, it had felt really good to be back in speaking terms with her brother.

“I told you it would make you feel better, and honestly this helps all of us because it means Bellamy is less on edge,” Jasper teased.

“That is true, now comes the hard part- getting Clarke to forgive me.  I have no idea how I’m going to get a minute alone with her tonight,” she said, sitting down on Jasper’s sleeping bag.

“She’ll forgive you, she loves you, and I guarantee you she’s missed you as much as you’ve missed her,” Jasper said, sitting down next to her.

“The hard part will be getting a minute alone to talk while the party in her honor is going on,” Octavia responded.

“You know, one of my duties in this shindig is to wait outside about a mile ahead for Wells and Clarke, then walk inside with them,” Jasper pointed out.

“Yeah so?” Octavia asked, wondering how it was relevant.

“You could take my place, you know? You could go out there and talk for a few moments with Clarke before coming in, because I assure you, she probably won’t have any free time once she steps through those gates.”

“You really think that can work?” Octavia wondered.

“You never know if you don’t try, of course if you’re going to do it go tell Bellamy about the change in plans,” Jasper told her. “I really don’t want him getting mad at me for not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Which totally could happen considering how serious Bellamy had taken the planning of this thing. You would think he had been planning it for weeks instead of hours.”

“Yes, because we don’t want that do we?” she asked, smirking before giving him a kiss on the cheek and walking out to find her brother. She was pretty sure he would approve of the idea; after all it was in his best interest that Octavia and Clarke reconcile.


He couldn’t believe this was his life. How was this his life actually? On one side he was glad to be trusted enough to do this, on the other he couldn’t believe he was doing it. When Wick got chosen as Sinclair’s apprentice a few years back he had no idea it would come to this. No one was more shocked than himself, but here he was trying to find the most discrete way to get to Gabriel Olivier’s place. He had only been there once before with a friend of his that needed a favor but the guy still scared him.

He’d grown up reading about the old mafia bosses and Olivier was the closest they had to one. And yet his daughter could not be more different- that was the strange thing about families, or so he guessed. When he finally arrived at the destination he knocked the way Kane told him to knock and a minute later the door opened. He definitely felt like a character in some novel, it was kind of cool.

“You’re Wick right? You’re the one helping Sinclair,” Gabriel said as a form of greeting.

“Yes sir, that’s me.”

“Tell me, can we trust you? Are you going to talk about this to others?” Gabriel asked.

“Nope. As I told Councilman Kane and Sinclair, I am fully on board with y’all ‘s plan and I am going to keep my mouth shut.”

“What do you think of Councilwoman Sydney?”

“I can’t believe my mom voted for her,” Wick responded, earning an eyebrow raise from Gabriel. “Which was probably not what you expected to hear right?”

“No it was not,” Gabriel admitted.

“Honestly, before all this happened I didn’t have much of an opinion about her? Like I know I should but I just didn’t? I knew the basics about her but never paid her much attention. I will say that her attitude pissed me off at times but that’s about the extent of my feelings towards her before this.”

“And now?” Gabriel wondered.

“I kind of hate her guts and can’t believe someone can be so fake. I mean she’s willing to kill a lot of people and that just freaks me out man. The whole two-faced thing is a bit psychotic considering she might be smiling at you and yet plotting your death at the same time. And not in the I can kill you with my brain sort of way but in the I’m actually planning to kill you way. How messed up is that?” Wick said finishing his rant, and Gabriel smiled. Yeah, this guy could definitely be fun to have around.

“Take a seat please we’ve got a lot to discuss, especially since you’re going to be the intermediary between myself and the rest of the group,” Gabriel said, taking a seat at the table.

“Wait- does that mean I’m in?” Wick wondered, but still sat down in front of Gabriel.

“Yes, I think they made a good choice in picking you as the go between,” Gabriel said smirking; when his daughter and Marcus put their minds together they could make some really good choices.

“Huh, awesome…So I’m guessing you want to know updates right?” Wick wondered.

“That is what you are here for. You tell me what’s new on your side of things and I’ll relay information from my own side of things,” Gabriel explained.

“Sinclair and I are working for a way to bring down the Ark with as few casualties as possible. We’ve researched it a lot and there’s no way for everyone to get down there unscathed, but we want to save as most people as possible.”

“Has there been any progress?”

“We’re on a good path, if you continue like this in a few days we should have more concrete results.”

“That sounds promising at least.”

“Yeah, and Councilman Kane and Doctor Griffin are working on a list of possible allies,” Wick told him. Gabriel smiled, grabbed a list from the drawer and handed it to Wick.

“This is a list of the people I am certain are loyal to Diana. I’m sure it can be of some help,” Gabriel stated.

“Yeah, that’s great. I’ll give it to them or rather to Sinclair and Sinclair will give it to them,” Wick responded.

“As for the rest, here’s what my men learned so far…” Gabriel said, telling Wick everything his men had gathered so far. He passed him a notebook to give to Abby that contained specifics of things heard among the members of the Ark. It used to be one of Abby’s notebooks when she was younger so if anyone saw it they wouldn’t wonder about it. Wick noted everything down and said goodbye to Gabriel. For it being his first official meeting with a mob boss, he thinks that went pretty well. Now it was time to get back to work.


Clarke and Wells were almost back at camp. She had liked spending the day with Wells, letting out all her emotions and not worrying about much else, but she missed Bellamy. She would be glad to be back at camp and seeing how things had fared in their absence.

“You can’t tell I was crying right?” Clarke asked.

“Nope not really, not unless the person knows you really well,” Wells told her.

“Great, so he’ll probably notice it?” Clarke wondered.

“Maybe, maybe not…In any case there’s nothing wrong with crying.”

“I guess you’re right,” Clarke stated, and then they saw Octavia coming towards them.

“Octavia?” Wells asked. What was she doing here, had the plans changed? Had something happened?

“Hey guys, I heard one of the guys at the gate talk about how you were getting close and I wanted to see if I could talk to Clarke before you go inside and have to deal with whatever crisis might arise?” Octavia asked.

“What’s up?” Clarke asked.

“I’m sorry!” Octavia exclaimed.

“I’m confused,” Clarke said.

“I have been a shitty friend and I didn’t take your feelings or anyone else’s feelings into account when I said the things I said,” Octavia said playing with her hands. “I should have listened to you guys but I didn’t want you guys to have the burden of what you were doing on your conscience. I just wanted things to be okay and not have to deal with any grounders.”

“O…” Clarke muttered hugging the younger girl, “I wasn’t exactly a model friend either. I said things I should not have said and I have not exactly been the most mature version of myself in the last couple days.”

“I don’t think either of us were in any way mature this past few days,” Octavia pointed out.

“Yeah, you guys weren’t mature at all,” Wells pointed out and both girls glared at him.

“Can you forgive me for being blind and not realizing the things I was saying were not exactly coming out the way I intended for them?” Octavia asked.

“Only if you can forgive me for being a stubborn bitch and not sucking up my pride and talking to you sooner,” Clarke responded.

“Done and done,” Octavia said, smiling.

“Done and done,” Clarke replied, putting an arm around her best friend. Sure they were going to have to talk later more in depth, but things were looking up.

“I missed you, Birdie.”

“I missed you too, O.”

“I have so much to tell you, but let’s go back to camp. I’m sure they are dying without you; I know Bell has been insufferable,” Octavia remarked, only bending the truth a little bit. She gave Wells a thumbs up behind Clarke’s back and Wells laughed. It was good to know Octavia was in on everything.  Bellamy greeted them at the closed gates to the camp.

“What is it? What are you doing up?” Clarke asked. Sure she’d said she’d loosen the reins, but not completely.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Bellamy retorted, going to stand behind her placing a blindfold on her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Clarke inquired. What was Bellamy up to now?

“Just trust me on this,” he whispered into her ear. He intertwined one of their hands and guided her inside the camp. Then he took the blindfold off and she looked around the camp seeing how everyone was looking at them. The camp was completely decorated and it looked beautiful.

“What is this?” she asked softly and Bellamy looked at the sky, perfect timing. He looked at Raven who gave him a thumbs up and he signaled the rest of their group. That’s when she noticed Monroe, Fox, Miller, Finn and Jasper standing by Raven. They started counting down from 10 to 1. When they reached one Bellamy turned to Clarke and said.

“Happy Birthday, Princess.”

“What?” Clarke asked. It couldn’t be her birthday already could it?
“This morning when I went out exploring I might have been gone a bit longer than you thought. I got as far as the dropship when Miller caught me.  Just as he was about to get me to go back Monroe came in with the calendar.

“The calendar I asked Lucy to make,” Clarke added.

“Exactly- and I figured out that it was going to be your birthday tomorrow, well technically today now.”

“So you planned all this?”

“I wanted you to have a good memory of your 18th birthday, you’re an adult now, Princess.”

“I never thought I’d live past my 18th,” she admitted.

“I know- which is why this was so important. I would love to take all the credit for this, but I mostly just oversaw everything,” Bellamy said as they walked toward their friends.

“Monroe, Fox, and Octavia helped with making sure everything looked great. Miller and Finn were on food duty; Raven was in charge of electronics and figuring out the exact time of when Midnight would come. Monty and Jasper were in charge of the moonshine.” Bellamy explained as everyone came up and hugged Clarke and wished her a happy birthday.

“I was in charge of keeping you away from camp,” Wells said, coming up and hugging her. “Happy birthday Clarke.”

“Thanks, Wells.”

“This is incredible- I can’t even believe it,” Clarke said in awe of everything.
“Believe it, we thought a nice meal by the fire would be a great way to start this celebration so what do you say? It’s our best kill yet,” Bellamy told her as they took their spot in front of the bonfire.

“I would love to,” Clarke replied as Monty came up to them with two cups filled with Moonshine.

“What better way to accompany it than with our very own brand of moonshine?” Monty joked, handing them their cups.

Clarke laughed as she looked around to see everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. This was truly fantastic and she would never forget it. She kissed Bellamy while they were waiting for their food and then they cuddled in front of the fire. It was the first time in a long time she felt happy. Like she didn’t have the weight of the world on her shoulders. Maybe things would change later on but at least she would have this moment and that was worth everything.


It had been a very long day, very fun but very long. Clarke was tired, but happy. Even though things were better with Octavia she still decided to sleep in Bellamy’s’ tent. Plus he said he had something to show her and she was endlessly curious.  The party had been fun, the eating, drinking, dancing, and everyone just enjoying themselves was great.  Now it was time to go to bed and she just wanted Bellamy to come inside so they go to sleep, among other things. Bellamy walked inside the tent to find her lying on the bed; he went over and laid down next to her.


“Hi,” she smiled.

“Happy Birthday,” he murmured.

“You said that already,” she replied.

“Yeah, but I can finally give you your gift away from prying eyes,” Bellamy stated, sitting up in the bed

“Present? You mean there’s more than the party?” she asked.

“Well, I needed to do something while everyone went around working hard you know?” he joked as he handed her a small box with a ribbon.  She sat up and opened the box, revealing a beautiful handmade leather bracelet. “Among the things that were brought over from the Art Supply Store there was a bit of leather. I used my knife and a few other things that I found in the things brought over to create this. Do you like it?”

“Like it? It’s beautiful,” Clarke responded completely in awe of the gift. “Put it on me?”

“I figured it was something simple yet I knew you’d like it,” Bellamy told her as he tied the bracelet on her wrist.

“I love it- thanks Bell,” Clarke said, giving him a passionate kiss, which he eagerly reciprocated. They once again laid back on their makeshift bed and started kissing every inch of each other. Clothes came off and both of them poured all the love they had into those kisses. They were together, in love and that’s all that mattered.


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