ONCE: 4×02 – White Out

Once Upon a Time 4×02: White Out

Score: 10/10 A+

Maii’s thoughts

I’m still not sure if we imagined the episode because it was just soo perfect I have no words for it.. Charming/Anna, Captain Charming, Captain Swan, Frozen Swan, Mama Mayor…Everything was glorious! Bravo Jane Bravo!

Captain Charming / Daddy Charming

So both Charming and Hook’s fathers abandoned them. Were cowards. And yet they became the men they did. Once again we’re shown how compatible these two men are and it’s almost as beautiful to see as CS. These are guys who don’t really have close friends so it’s great to see them grow closer.

(You could argue that Hook has Smee but he’d never trust him, and all of Charming’s friends come from Snow)

Overprotective Charming is the best, he’s not being patriarchal or anything he’s being an overprotective father. He wants to know that his little girl is in good hands and deep down he knows she is.. I mean come on Killian is his BFF but it’s his duty as Emma’s dad to ask the question.. I saw it more as Charming confirming what he already knew, that Killian loves his daughter above all else..

(Also remember back in Tallahassee where he said “I risked my own safety to help you” yep it’s been there the whole time) 

Killian isn’t thinking rationally he just wants to get her out of there and it’s a great parallel to 3×01 where Charming is desperate and Killian calms him down, here it’s the other way around

Then the two of them working together against Bo Beep in Storybrooke was perfect, they just work together so well. They are best friends and act like brothers and this is great because those two kill me.

Emma called him “Dad” to his face and it killed me.. (Also the quip at the beginning about babies shows how much they have in common.)


Honestly? Hook can use a cellphone but Regina can’t? I want to give Regina the benefit of the doubt but come on give me a reason to root for you woman.. I was rooting for you in season 3 and now you’re back to it’s everyone’s fault but my own..

I’m side-eyeing her so much…no matter how much shit your life is you don’t do that to your kid..It’s selfish and abusive just when you think Regina is getting better she goes ten steps back.

Henry deserves much better and she can’t treat him like crap again..

Mama Mayor

She was perfect really… The way she handled things was great once she got the hang of everything..

I hated the “now I know why Regina was evil” comment bc again it’s taking away from Regina’s actual evilness and victim-blaming I know it was meant as a joke but it irked me…

Frozen Swan

Honestly can we keep the frozen characters?? I love them too much to let them go… And Emma needs a friend who isn’t a family member or her boyfriend…

And Elsa is just so perfect for the role.. They are going through the same thing, they are both walls-up kind of people both have let their walls down for people (Anna and Killian) and those people became their anchors.. You guys mentioned Henry and Regina but her real anchor is Killian

“Dark Hollow she lights the candle after see in the shadow go after Killian”

“In Rumple’s vault she gets her magic back and Killian is right there”

“With Frosty he’s right there telling her she can do this” 

Plus Elsa is one of the ONLY OUAT characters who is like “Yeah I saved her but I still hurt her too, so the thanks isn’t all that warranted..” Which is something I love and honestly Georgina is perfect as Elsa..

Because this is a problem the show has (mostly with the villains) that they put someone in danger and then expect thanks when they save the day.. Well if you hadn’t put so and so in danger you wouldn’t have had to save the day.

Their talk says soo much about both of them.. The fact that Emma still doesn’t quite believe she’s the savior and she’s trying to help Elsa and breaks through to her.. Elsa hates the fact that she’s hurt Emma, they both recognize themselves in each other and it’s a pure and beautiful start to what I think will be a fantastic friendship..

As an Emma fan it also makes me happy because part of friendship is bad puns and she’s definitely got that down and it’s great to see. It’s great to see Emma enjoying herself with a friend.

“Aren’t you cold? I’m freezing.”
“It’s never bothered me.”

After all the cold never bothered her anyway…

– –

Charming (And Anna) 

“It’s my grunge shepherd phase!” 

I think it’s totally interesting and makes total sense that Anna knows how to sword fight.. I mean she grew up with basically no interaction with the world locked in their castle.. So obviously she would have learned to do lots of things.. And that just makes this all so great.. (And it answers the question how did Charming know how to sword fight against a dragon when he was a shepherd)

I do agree that Charming’s dad started drinking after he made the deal with Rumple.. It makes perfect sense because it’s a tough decision, it’s an awful decision really. So it would definitely weigh on him.

“He regretted the decision the moment that man took your brother” Is what Ruth tells David in the Shepherd back in season 1…

The situation with his father kills me because it’s such a real situation, I have friends whose fathers were drunks and it just hits home to how real of a character Charming has always been.. The fact that he wasn’t always this hopeful character for me makes it all better.. Because other than Killian and Emma, Charming has always been my favorite and this part of his story kills me and yet I love it..

He’s basically the poster boy for “Never Give Up” in the show and knowing how affected he was by his father and later by Anna just fills me with joy. And honestly it shows me how similar he and Emma are.

(That scene with him fighting the guards and Bo Beep was just perfect okay)

Captain Swan

(Everything about them killed me..and yes I say that a lot but it’s true and I’m getting emotional just writing this down)

First scene:

“It’s what I would do.”

Killian Jones is everything and he’s not ashamed of being a pirate and this is reminding us this man is a master strategist and considering what happens in the ep seeing him loose his cool like that it was just wow.

Also I find it absolutely adorable that Killian considers dates all those times he was with Emma fighting monsters and dealing with a new crisis. Not only he tells her he loves spending time with her and doesn’t care about the drama but he wants more of them.He doesn’t ask for much. He settles with what she can give him and he’s okay with that because no matter what they are doing, whether if it’s fighting monsters or having a heart-felted talk outside granny’s. What matters to him is that they are together and I’m pretty sure she sees it and appreciates it a lot

Now for the emotional stuff:

Adam and Eddy have said 4A’s theme is “You don’t give up on the people you love” and throughout the episode we had not only Killian saying over and over “I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up” it ends with Charming saying “Our family doesn’t like to give up” and then the camera pans to Captain Swan cuddling and Killian looking at Emma with so much love in his eyes.. (Subtle they are not) 

He desperately grabs the walkie because he needs to hear her voice..You know what hurts even more than his face when he was trying to get her out? He thought he was going to loose her the same way he lost Liam and Milah..and the difference is that they died in his arms, here he would be completely helpless to save Emma and she would die alone.. The first person he’s cared about in 300 years and he couldn’t help her.

I don’t know if you guys know this because I know you hate spoilers but back in 3×12 there was a hug that was filmed but never quite made the cut.. It wasn’t in the script apparently but that was always in our minds… This is the first time we can say we’re happy it was cut.. because this hug? This hug is EVERYTHING.. There are no words but it says a lot. Charming in a way pushes her up into Hook’s arms and Hook closes his eyes in relief as he tries to soothe her by stroking her hair. She keeps her eyes closed and soaks in the fact that he’s got her, that she’s safe. She cradles his head like her dad always does to her when they hug and then there’s his little smile as he lowers his mouth to her shoulder. She starts to fall and reaches for the ice because she’s so used to saving herself but Hook is like I’ve got you this time. I’m never letting you to, telling her it’s okay to trust him, to trust that he’ll save her when she can’t save herself. He carries her off and she snuggles into him.

The first shot of the loft then the light comes back is wonderful because it has Emma holding both of Killian and Henry’s hands..She was still trying to warm up, both Killian and Henry were holding her hands.  Her boys….her TRUE LOVES…were on either side of her holding her hands and just being there for her. Also it has her father and her new friend behind her.. As an Emma fan this means a lot because she was a lost girl who had no one that cared for her and now she’s got an entire support system.

Her hand is on his head and he carries her out, he carries her home.. There’s hugging and hand-holding and forehead kisses and cuddling and it’s so beautiful. Her thumb strokes his sleeve just before he brushes her shoulder. She’s not looking at him, but she’s seeking comfort from him and comforting him at the same time. It’s so small and barely noticeable but it’s there and he responds. All this while staring at her, happy because she’s going to be okay and she’s in his arms when a few hours back he was worried he was going to loose her, that she was gonna die.

This is so important because when they are cuddling and they focus on the hands SHE’S the one that intertwines their fingers together. She’s the one initiating the contact and it’s beautiful because you see her walls are down with him.

Also: Gold called Emma Hook’s girlfriend and that made us extremely happy

Final Thoughts: 

I just laugh because this episode just shut up all the haters arguments against Killian and CS

“He just cares about getting into her pants!” -> “I wouldn’t risk my life for someone I see as loot.” 

“He makes all the decisions he’s a misogynist!” -> “Whatever we become it’s up to her as much as me.” 

“Emma doesn’t care about him!” -> He’s the first person she calls to check out the situation, she hugs him after getting out of the ice, she is the one that doesn’t back away, she leans into him back at the loft, she intertwines their hands together

Also it shut up all the charmings haters that said that they can’t handle things on their own.. they managed to solve this without Regina or Rumple…

*The Necklace was important and it was given a lot of attention in this episode could it hide a clue as to where Anna is? And even a crazier idea…Is she trapped inside the necklace?

*Joan, Sandwiches, It never bothered me = Frozen Call-outs

*Rumple knows a lot more than he is saying

*Great to see Elizabeth Mitchell back on my TV

*How dead are we from that episode? I know I haven’t recovered yet!


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