Who We Are: Chapter 3

Title: Who We Are

Autor: killianthehero / maiqu20

Raiting: T for now

Word Count:  9,012 (20,226)

Pairing: Bellarke

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Summary: Wrong information and misunderstandings can break even the strongest of couples. Bellamy and Clarke had a relationship back on the ark until one day it all stopped. Now it’s a year later and they are on the ground trying to figure out where they stand with each other, what really happened and how in the world are they going to protect the rest of the 100 from the threats of the earth and the threats from the arc.

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“What did I miss?” Abby said as she came into the room, the Jaha family was over and they were watching an old game.

“Your husband and daughter being obnoxious,” Jaha pointed out.

“Jake play nice,” Abby commented.

“Dad can I leave now? Mom is here and you did say as soon as mom came back I could go,” Clarke said, giving him her best puppy eyes.

“Okay, alright, go! You know I can’t handle the eyes. Say hi to your cadet for me,” Jake told her as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“Thanks daddy, I will!” she said as she left the room.

“Where is she going?” Abby wondered.

“I told her that as soon as you came she could go see the boyfriend,” Jake told her.

“The boyfriend? Is it serious?” Jaha commented.

“Pretty serious, he’s a wonderful guy,” Jake said.

“Have you met him Abby?” Jaha asked.

“No, I haven’t actually,” Abby said.

“But only because you’re conveniently not here whenever he comes by,” Jake pointed out.

“He’s not from Phoenix is he?” Wells asked.

“Nope, he’s from Arcadia, he’s a cadet.” Abby muttered.

“He’s a wonderful guy, and you know what? He loves my daughter and that’s all a father can ask for,” Jake said. He knew why Abby had her reservations about Bellamy, but he knows that if she met him she’d like him and she’d see how much he loved their daughter.

Clarke had barely slept in 2 days, between Jasper and Bellamy she didn’t get a bit of rest. She had been up all night again trying to decipher Bellamy’s actions, and that had led her to walking around camp, where she had stumbled upon Charlotte. Charlotte was a little girl, one of the youngest in camp, that she had seen hanging around Bellamy. He was good with children, so it didn’t surprise her that they gravitated towards him sometimes. She had tried her best to soothe the little girl’s fears but sometimes the nightmares still came, and Clarke knew all about how that was. No sleep meant Clarke had gone through everything that had happened in the dropship in detail. There was something haunting Bellamy and she was going to get to the bottom of things.

“O, have you seen your brother, do you know if he’s back yet?” Clarke asked, as she went outside the dropship and saw Octavia.

“I think he’s still hunting or something.”

“He’s avoiding me, I think. No, I’m pretty sure. He didn’t say a word to me yesterday, then I heard he left to go hunt and they haven’t come back yet.”

“What? I thought you guys had sorted everything out!” Octavia exclaimed.

“I think there’s something he’s withholding. Everything was going well, we were talking and then we might have accidentally started kissing, and then he got all weird,” Clarke told her.

“Wait, go back, you kissed?” Octavia asked, with a huge smile on her face.

“Yes, we kind of fell, one thing led to another, and suddenly we were kissing- is that what you wanted to hear?” Clarke said smiling.

“Yes! That’s progress- it’s great!” Octavia exclaimed, hugging Clarke, who was surprised but hugged back.

“If you say so,” Clarke muttered.

“I do say so. How’s Jasper?” Octavia asked as Finn showed up next to them.

“Have you figured out what the thing they used was?” Finn asked.

“What thing?” Octavia wondered.

“This thing,” Clarke said, taking out the thing that was on Jasper’s wounds and showing it to Octavia. “That’s our other problem. Whatever this stuff is, it had to have had antibiotic properties.”

“Let me take a look, and before you refuse my help, remember who aced botany and earth skills,” Wells said as he came up to them.

“The grounders used it as a poultice, but I’m thinking a tea might be more effective, if we can figure out what it is,” Clarke said directly to Octavia and Finn, completely ignoring Wells.

“I know what it is- it’s seaweed.” Wells told them.
“Well then, there must be a water source nearby,” Clarke said, once again ignoring Wells.

“It would have to have a slow current, lots of rocks, and the water would be more red than green,” Wells explained.

“I know just the place, but it’s a bit far from here,” Finn said.

“Okay then, let’s go. We’ll make a day of it,” Clarke told Finn.

“Hey, I know what this stuff looks like, do you?” Wells pointed out.

“I’ll get some stuff ready,” Octavia said. There was no way she was letting Finn and Clarke go alone on a day with just Wells. That was not in the plans. They went to gather some supplies and they saw Bellamy coming back with Atom, Miller and little Charlotte, along with the rest of his hunting group. She had heard they had been out all night so she was glad he, no they, were back.

“Where do you girls think you are going?” Bellamy asked as he passed his kill to Miller.

“We need to gather seaweed, it will probably be the thing to save Jasper,” Clarke told him.

“Who’s ‘we’?” Bellamy asked, but Clarke ignored his question.

“Are you going out hunt again later?” Clarke wondered.

“That’s the plan, we just had to bring these kills before we went out again. We didn’t get much and then night fell so we had to take cover- came back as soon as we could. But seriously, who is ‘we’?” Bellamy asked again.

“Jaha Jr., Finn, Birdie and I,” Octavia told him.

“That’s it? Wells and Finn?” Bellamy repeated. There was no way the two were enough to take care of his girls.

“I’ve got an idea, why don’t you go instead of me?” Octavia suggested, receiving incredulous stares from all 3 men while Clarke tried to hold back her smile. Nobody could play Bellamy quite like Octavia did, and she knew exactly what would make him respond. Plus, it would give Clarke and Bellamy some time to talk away from camp.

“I’m serious Bell, if you’re worried about safety why don’t you go with them. I can stay here and take care of Jasper- hell, I think that would be better for me in the long run seeing as I can’t fight or anything,” Octavia said, playing the innocent card. “That way, you’ll know I’m safe at camp and you’ll be able to protect Birdie in case anything happens. Not that she needs protection or anything.”

“Which I don’t,” Clarke pointed out.

“I mean, I’m sure Finn here is more than willing to look after Clarke if you have other plans,” Octavia continued smiling innocently, and she saw the exact moment her brother caved, hook line and sinker.

“Atom!” Bellamy exclaimed as Atom came up to him.

“Yes Bellamy?”

“I won’t be able to go hunting, new plan came up. Take Connor and Miller with you when you go back out there. Murphy stays here- understood?”

“Sure thing Boss,” Atom replied, and left to speak to Miller.

“I’m going to go to the dropship and see if Monty needs my help- have fun,” Octavia commented. “And stay safe,” she said to Bellamy and Clarke, receiving a hug from Clarke where she whispered, “you’re welcome, Birdie.”

Clarke just laughed as Octavia headed towards the dropship. That’s when it hit her- she was going on a long trek with the guy who liked her, her ex-best friend, and her on/off boyfriend. This was going to be fun.

“Can we go now?” Wells asked, not happy about the fact that Bellamy was joining their expedition; did that guy have to be everywhere?

“Lead the way,” Bellamy said, realizing he was going to be alone with Clarke for the first time since their moment in the dropship. He did not think that through, damn it Octavia!


Bellamy was waiting for Clarke in their spot. It was the place where he took her the first time they met; it was in a secluded part of the arc, not many people ever wondered around this area. That’s why it was perfect for them, it gave them the chance to just be Bellamy and Clarke instead of Councilwoman Griffin’s daughter and Cadet Blake.

 It was a special day; they had officially been together for about a year. They had met when she had been 15 for about a month, he had been 19 and had struck up a friendship. It took him a few months to admit he had feelings for her, but it was only after he saw how she reacted to Octavia that they started dating.

Now she was almost 17 while he was 20, and even though they were young he knew there was no one else out there for him. He got pulled out of his thoughts by two hands blocking his eyesight.

“Guess who?” Clarke joked.

“Hello Princess, I’ve missed you,” Bellamy responded.

“I missed you too,” Clarke said, giving him a kiss on the lips. When they parted she said, “Sorry for the lateness, the Jaha family was over at the house watching a game and dad wouldn’t let me leave until mom got back from work.”

“Did your mom know you were coming here? Maybe that’s why she went home so late.”

“Bell,” Clarke said, looking at him with those big bright eyes.

“I’m just saying, she doesn’t like me like at all.”

“It’s just because she doesn’t know you.”

“Clarke, she doesn’t want to know me.”

“Enough about that, I really don’t want to spend our time together talking about my mom.”

“You’re right as always, you know what today is princess?” Bellamy asked.

“Hmm, it’s Tuesday, right?” Clarke joked. She knew perfectly well that a year ago they had officially started this relationship and she was more in love with him than she could have ever imagined. She literally could not picture her life without Bellamy Blake.

“If it’s just a Tuesday then I won’t give you your present,” Bellamy retorted.

“No, give it to me, but first let me give you yours,” Clarke said.

“Okay, ladies first then,” Bellamy said as Clarke got a little box out of her bag and handed it to him.

“I hope, I hope you like it. Dad helped me get in touch with someone that had the equipment and all that so that I could make it. That way no one would see what was printed on it,” Clarke said nervously, as Bellamy opened the box. Inside was a dogtag, on one side it was his name and underneath his name there were two symbols. On the back it had the words I love you no matter what, along with the names Aurora, Octavia and Clarke. Underneath it was another symbol. He’s seen them before in one of Octavia’s books, but he couldn’t quite recall at the moment what they mean.

“The two on the front are the Celtic symbol for Strength and a Celtic heart Knot. The one on the back is the Celtic symbol for family. It’s not much, but I was looking through one of the books with Octavia and these symbols kind of stood out for me,” Clarke explained.  Bellamy was touched at the amount of thought that was put into it. He took it out of the box and put it on, causing a smile to appear on her face.

“It’s beautiful Clarke, thank you.”

“I wanted something to show how I felt. You are the strongest person I know, hence the symbol for strength. I love you more than I could love anyone else so I had to put the heart in as well. Finally, I know how important family is to you so I added the names and the symbol. I added mine as well because you’re part my family, and I like to believe I’m a part of yours.”

“You are a part of my family Clarke, and I love you more than words can say,” Bellamy told her, giving her a kiss on the cheek, “Mine is a bit similar to yours, but I hope you like it- it was O’s idea,” he laughed as he handed her a small jewelry box.

Clarke opened the box to find a silver locket with her name inscribed on the front. She turned it around and saw the initials C + B inscribed on the back with two dates, the day they met and today’s date.

“Bell…this is…it’s wonderful,” Clarke said, overwhelmed by everything. It was one of the most beautiful things she had ever received.

“Open it,” Bellamy told her, and so she did. Inside there were two pictures, on one side it was her parents and on the other it was a recent picture of him and Octavia. It was the only copy of the photo that existed but he wanted Clarke to have it.

“How did you get these?” Clarke asked.

“Your father helped me out with getting a copy of one of their pictures and the other one is a bit more recent- like I said it was O’s idea. My mom took the picture and gave it to me for this,” Bellamy explained.

“Put it on me?” She asked, and then he opened the clasp on the necklace and put it around her neck. “How do I look?”

“Breathtaking,” Bellamy responded truthfully.

“I’ll never take it off,” she said as she leaned in to kiss him one more time.

They were all walking in silence. Finn was leading the way, with Wells and Clarke behind him and Bellamy bringing up the rear.

“You know you should really rethink this whole hating me thing. It’s not just the grounders, we’re surrounded by criminals. We need each other; we’re gonna be friends again,” Wells told her.

“You got my dad killed, it’s not possible,” Clarke responded.

“This is earth Clarke, anything is possible,” Wells said.

“Not everything,” Bellamy retorted, “for your information Jaha, Clarke has got Octavia, Monty, Jasper, Spacewalker here and myself- she doesn’t need you.”

“Why don’t you mind your own business,” Wells mentioned.

“Bell, don’t, it’s not worth it,” Clarke interjected before Bellamy could say anything.

“Whatever you say princess,” Bellamy said.

“Which reminds me… you and I need to talk- privately,” Clarke said, looking at Finn and Wells. Bellamy looked a bit worried, which was understandable; whenever someone said they needed to talk it could never end well. Plus, Bellamy knew Clarke better than anyone and she didn’t throw those words around lightly.

“We’ll head forward- why don’t you guys catch up with us later, we’re not that far from the lake I think,” Finn said, grabbing Wells and walking away from Bellamy and Clarke. For once Bellamy was glad Spacewalker had come with them because otherwise he wasn’t so sure Wells would have left.

“I thought this needed to be done fast so we could go save Jasper,” Bellamy wondered.

“Wells knows what it looks like- I’m sure they can start gathering it without us.”

“Okay then,” Bellamy said. He should have predicted this would happen the moment Octavia suggested he come on this trip.
“What’s up with you?”

“I have no idea what you mean princess,” Bellamy said.

“I mean you kiss me, you defend me, but then you don’t want to be together. “

“I want to, you have no idea how much I want to.” Bellamy whispered.

“Then what is the problem?” Clarke asked, standing in front of him.

“I’m not the man you think I am.” Bellamy mentioned, walking away from her.

“There’s that phrase again- what do you mean? What could you have done that I haven’t done or that Octavia hasn’t done or anyone else down here for that matter?” Clarke asked, as she grabbed on to his arm and made him look at her.

“I killed him!” Bellamy exclaimed, no longer being able to keep it in.

“Killed who?” Clarke asked as they both sat down on the ground.

“I killed Jaha,” Bellamy muttered.  “Shumway said they were going to send Octavia to the ground and I couldn’t let her go alone to a possibly radioactive planet. He said all I had to do was kill the Chancellor and he gave me the gun. It was either shoot Jaha or be alone up there while my sister came down. That’s why I can’t have you with me- because when they come down they will kill me, and I can’t have you going down for my mistakes.”

“Did you want to kill him? Did you make sure he was dead?” Clarke asked, sounding a lot more composed than she felt. At least she finally knew the reason for why he acted so strange sometimes. She figured the last year wasn’t easy, and ending it all with the idea that the only way to protect Octavia was to take a life- it must not have been very pleasant.

“No, of course not, I hated the guy but I didn’t want him dead. I just shot him once- he was still alive when I left him there.”

“See, you didn’t take any pleasure in the killing, and who knows, maybe he’s not dead?” Clarke told him.

“How do you figure?” Bellamy asked, confused. She didn’t seem to hate him, and that freaked him out a bit. All the scenarios that had played in his head ended with Clarke hating him.

“It was one bullet and he didn’t automatically die, so maybe you didn’t hit any major arteries. Maybe they found him in time and took him to my mom. We don’t know anything. All I know is that you were thinking of Octavia. That doesn’t make you shooting him right, but you were practically forced to do it.”

“I don’t think they’ll see it that way,” he said, thinking of the council back on the ark.

“Well then, we’ll make them see it,” Clarke responded.

“Why don’t you hate me?” Bellamy wondered.

“Because, I love you too much to hate you. I understand why you did what you did, and I understand why you pushed me away. Here’s the deal Bell- I love you, and I’m not going to stop loving you because of this.  And like I said in the dropship, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re not good enough for me. I know that you are more than good enough for me and there’s no way I would ever consider anyone else.”

“I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you in my life,” Bellamy said.

“You crashed into me and turned my entire life upside down,” Clarke responded.

“I love you, my brave princess, and nothing will keep me from you ever again- that’s a promise,” Bellamy said, putting his hands on her face and giving her a small kiss, which she responded to just as lovingly.

“Does this mean you’re going to stop being an idiot?” Clarke wondered cheekily.

“It means I’m going to try my best,” Bellamy responded, “let’s go- they are probably lost without you.” She laughed at his comment, and Bellamy remembered just much he had missed her laugh. He put his arm around her as they kept walking towards the river.


“We shouldn’t have left them behind,” Wells commented after a few minutes of silence. Finn had told him he should let the issue of Clarke hating him go, but he knew Clarke and he wasn’t about to give up.

“Are you kidding me? You do realize what she said right?” Finn asked.

“She said they needed to talk,” Wells answered.

“Exactly- and that is one of the scariest things a woman can tell a man. Do you really want to get in the middle of that?” Finn wondered. He didn’t like Bellamy at all but he wouldn’t wish that on his greatest enemy. He had a feeling Clarke could be pretty scary when she was angry so Finn was not going to be the one to make her angry.

“He doesn’t deserve her,” Wells said.

“I’m pretty sure that’s not up to you to decide,” Finn told him.

“Is this lake still far?” Wells asked.

“I’d say it’s right in front of our face,” Finn said as they reached the lake, “so where is this seaweed?”

“It’s right there,” Wells said, pointing to the blobs of red in the middle of the water where there lived some kind of sea snake. “That thing that bit Octavia- how big was it?”

“It was big man, we need to find a way to get it. Maybe we could rig this into some kind of a net and find something to lower into the water,” Finn said, talking about his bag.

“Like what exactly?” Wells asked.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think we should go in there,” Finn mentioned.

As they were trying to think of a way to safely get the seaweed, Bellamy and Clarke arrived.

“Where’s the seaweed?” Clarke asked.

“It’s right there, but we’re trying to figure out a way to rig this into a net so we can get it,” Finn told them, noticing how they had returned closer than when he and Wells left them. Clarke just walked into the water and grabbed the seaweed, earning a proud smirk from Bellamy.

“Or we could just do that,” Finn said as Clarke came back with the seaweed. Then they heard it, a flock of birds coming towards them, and they ducked right in time.

“What do you say we get out of here?” Bellamy commented.

“Good idea,” Finn said as Clarke put all the seaweed inside of his bag. Then a horn sounded.

“Grounders?” Clarke wondered.

“It could be a war cry,” Wells pointed out.

“Or a warning,” Finn said as they heard the horn again. Suddenly they saw the sky turn yellow and what seemed like yellow fog was coming towards them.

“What is that?” Finn asked.

“Run!” Clarke screamed, holding on to Bellamy’s hand as they started running for their life.

“Where do we go?” Bellamy screamed over the sounds the fog was making.

“We found an old automobile, we can probably stay there until it passes- this way,” Finn exclaimed, leading the way. They managed to get into the car just in time for the fog to pass over them. They tried to seal it to the best of their ability using whatever they could find, but they had to be quick.


Monty and Octavia were taking care of Jasper when they noticed everyone start to come inside and close the doors.
“What’s going on?” Monty asked.

“The air got thick, everyone’s skin started burning,” A girl, Octavia thinks her name is Lisa, told them. Clarke and Bellamy were out there, were they okay?

“Monty! My brother and Clarke are out there!” Octavia exclaimed.

“I’m sure they found someplace to hide, they are both really smart and resourceful people,” Monty told, her trying to calm her down.

“I couldn’t handle it if something bad happened to them,” Octavia said.

“Octavia don’t worry, they’ll be fine, we’ll all be fine,” Monty told her, but she wasn’t sure if he was saying it to convince her or to convince himself. Either way she hoped this passed quickly. She couldn’t handle not knowing what was going on and if her family was okay or not.


“It’s still out there,” Finn told them.

“We should just make a run for it, Jasper can’t wait much longer,” Clarke said.

“Us dying in a cloud of acid fog isn’t going to help Jasper,” Finn responded as he started looking through the old car.

“Plus, there’s no way I’m letting you go out there while that fog is out there. You would probably die and I couldn’t handle that,” Bellamy said and she went to sit by him and put her head on his shoulder. Finn continued digging through the car and he suddenly hit the jackpot. He got the bottle out and showed it to them.

“Is that-?” Clarke started to ask.

“Booze,” Finn responded, taking a seat on the only spot available, the other side of Clarke. Wells was stuck sitting in front of Finn.

“Finally something good,” Bellamy muttered as Finn tried to open the bottle.

“Careful, Finn, it could be..,” Clarke said but got interrupted again.

“Whisky, I think. Much better than the Moonshine on Agro Station,” Finn pointed out.

“Let me see that,” Bellamy insisted as Finn passed him the bottle and he took a sip. “Damn that’s good,” he said, passing it back to Finn, who offered some to Wells.

“That’s toxic.”

“This is earth, everything is toxic. Plus it’s a time-honored rite of passage,” Finn told him.

“We’ll pass.” Wells said.

“Speak for yourself. Far be it for me to stand in the way of tradition,” Clarke said, taking the bottle from Finn and taking a chug. It was kind of disgusting, but at least she tried it.

“Enjoying yourself princess?” Bellamy smirked.

“Shut up,” Clarke muttered, going back to lying on his shoulder.


They were lying on the floor of their spot, breathing in each other’s air, basking in the afterglow.

“We should probably get dressed,” Clarke said.

“Yeah,” Bellamy responded as he kept kissing her neck.

“I’m serious, if I don’t get back soon my mom will probably send out a search party.”

“That’s true, but do you want to get up?” Bellamy retorted.

“I kind of want to stay here forever.”

“If only it were that easy,” Bellamy said sighing. While this spot helped them forget who they were for a little while, they still had the responsibilities of the outside world weighing on them.

“If it were that easy we’d get bored probably,” Clarke said, putting her underwear back on.

“I would never get bored of spending time with you. The sex is also great,” Bellamy joked.

“You know that from this one time?” Clarke responded.

“I just needed this one time, as you call it, to know it will always be great, it’s you after all. Plus your sex hair is fantastic,” Bellamy said, picking up her shirt and putting it out of her reach.

“You’re an ass,” Clarke said, playfully slapping him as she took back her shirt.

“I’m your ass,” Bellamy answered as he started putting the rest of his clothes back on.

“Yes you are- god we are cheesy today, aren’t we?” Clarke remarked as she finished putting her clothes on.

“Hey- I think you’re allowed to be cheesy on your first year anniversary,” Bellamy pointed out.

“True…see you in two days’ time?” Clarke asked.

“See you in two days’ time, same time, same place,” Bellamy replied, giving her a light kiss on the lips, “I love you, Clarke Griffin.”

“And I love you, Bellamy Blake,” she said as she headed out the door, not knowing that this was going to be the last time she saw him for a very long time.


“You know, technically I’m the only one of age to be drinking this,” Bellamy commented.

“That’s right- how old are you actually?” Finn wondered.

“About twenty-two years of age, had a birthday around 4 months ago I think,” Bellamy told him, handing the bottle back to Clarke. They had been passing the bottle between Clarke, Spacewalker and himself the entire time they had been down there. The younger Jaha still refused to drink. The days on the ark this past year were just days that passed so Bellamy had lost track with the way the days blurred together.

“It’s been hours…Jasper,” Clarke trailed off.

“Is in good hands,” Finn told her.

“Octavia will take care of him, you know she can,” Bellamy told, her trying to soothe her worries.

“While we are on the subject, why does everything think me wanting Jasper to not die is such a bad thing? Like I’m such a downer?” Clarke started, and Bellamy could tell just how drunk she was getting by those words alone.

“It’s not a bad thing, it’s what makes you, well, you. You try to save everyone,” Bellamy told her.

“You gave us an ultimatum about Jasper,” Clarke pointed out.

“Well yeah, but it’s not because I don’t think he should live, it’s because he’s bringing down morale. You focus on Jasper- I need to focus on everyone else. Also because I mean the kid was in pain the last time I saw him, but I trust you can save him,” Bellamy explained.

“Maybe, but seriously- I’m not a downer. I can be fun,” she said pointing at herself and Bellamy was trying really hard not to laugh at how cute she was acting because of the seriousness of the situation.

“Yeah, you think I’m fun right?” she asked Finn who kind of looked at Bellamy, who just nodded and then he looked at Clarke.

“Oh yeah, among other things,” Finn replied.

“You think I’m fun, right Bell?” Clarke asked, turning her head around to face him.

“I don’t think Princess, I know you’re fun,” Bellamy said moving his eyebrows up and down causing her to laugh.

“You’re fun,” Wells stated outright, “remember that time-” he started before Clarke interrupted him.

“Remember that time you betrayed me and had my father executed, yeah I remember,” Clarke said, and Bellamy just hugged her to him and gave her a kiss on the top of her head while glaring at Wells. Seriously, his princess had been having fun in a way- why did he have to screw it up?

“So where were we…oh right fun,” Clarke muttered but then turned to Wells. “But since you brought it up and I didn’t because I don’t want to talk about it- what were you thinking?” Clarke asked, her voice cracking up, which made Bellamy hurt on her behalf. He hated to see Clarke cry. It was up there with Octavia crying as one of the worst feelings in the world, but she needed this. She needed to let it out- after all, it was supposedly cathartic.

“I made a mistake Clarke,” Wells said and Bellamy just wanted to punch him again.Seriously, that’s all he could say. This was not going to be pretty.

“’I made a mistake Clarke’- that’s not good enough,” Clarke said, with unshed tears in her eyes. Seriously, her father died. The man who was everything to her was killed thanks to him and all he can say is that he made a mistake? Fuck that. “You know? I bet you couldn’t wait to run to daddy, tell him everything. So he’d finally believe you were the perfect son he always wanted.”

“What do you want me to say?” Wells shouted. Bellamy knew that she could handle it but if Wells raised his voice to her again they were going to have a problem. Looking at Finn, Bellamy knew the Spacewalker would agree with him.

“I want an explanation,” Clarke pleaded, and everything was silent until about a minute later when Wells spoke again.

“I can’t give you one. I thought I could trust him.”

“Well I thought I could trust my best friend. Guess we were both wrong.” She said going deeper into Bellamy’s arms.

“I’m still your friend,” Wells said.

“No, if you were my friend you’d walk out into that fog and never come back,” she whispered, earning a look from Finn who couldn’t believe she’d said that. Bellamy knew how she got when she was hurt and right now she was hurt and drunk, which wasn’t always a good combination.

“Why don’t we take it easy,” Finn said, trying to ease the tension. Wells had taken the bottle and was chugging it so he ignored him.

“I don’t know how to take it easy,” Clarke bit out.

“Hey Princess, why don’t you sleep for a while- I’ll wake you when it’s time to go.” Bellamy told her. It would help her sleep off the drinking and make her more rested. He doubted she had gotten a lot of rest recently.

“You’ll protect me?” Clarke asked.

“I’ll protect you. Now go to sleep, you’ll feel better when you wake up,” Bellamy muttered, giving her a kiss on the head and humming a lullaby he used to sing for Octavia. In a few minutes Clarke was sound asleep. Without moving Clarke he turned to see the boys.

“Either of you make any comment or do anything to wake her up you’ll have to deal with me- understood?” Bellamy whisper-threatened. Finn nodded, knowing Bellamy meant every word and went to sleep himself.


  Jasper’s moans of pain were echoing throughout the dropship. No one was able to sleep because of them. The most annoyed of them all was Murphy.

“That’s it, I’m ending this,” he said, getting up.

“Bellamy gave him till tomorrow,” Lisa recalled.

“Well Bellamy isn’t here is he? The kid’s dying anyway- I’m just getting it over with,” Murphy muttered and Monty quickly went up the stairs. He had to protect his best friend.

“Murphy is going to kill Jasper!” he exclaimed, and Murphy was almost there when Octavia kicked him down.

They managed to close the latch but they still needed something that would hold. Monty sat on top up it while Octavia looked for something strong enough to leave the latch closed no matter what. She finally got a silver pole and the managed to lock things up. They could hear Murphy’s screams but they were safe- for now.

“You can go to sleep, I’ll take first watch.” Monty told her when he saw how tired she was.

“Okay I’ll do that, sounds like a good plan,” Octavia said as she lay down next to Jasper.


She was running late- she needed to pick something up from her room and then she could go meet Bellamy. She found it quickly and was going to leave to find him when she walked into the leaving room and saw her dad was making the video. He was really going to do it; he was going to disobey the council.

“You’re gonna disobey the council?” Clarke asked, “Dad I know, I heard you and mom.”

“Okay, you know. I’ve been thinking about this a long time. The people have a right to know. Your mother doesn’t understand,” Jake said, starting his rant before Clarke interrupted him.

“What’s the plan?” she asked.

“You don’t need to know the plan.”

“Well you’re making a video, so what- you’re gonna break into the communications mainframe?” Clarke replied, and then saw her father’s expression, “making you either suicidal or incredibly dumb.”

“Wow, you are picking a fine moment to start behaving like a typical teenager. I expected this when you started dating Bellamy- not now, not over this,” Jake commented.

“I’m going to help you,” Clarke stated. It was settled, she needed to help her dad and no one was going to change her mind.

“No, Clarke you’re not!” Jake said, getting up from his chair. He couldn’t let Clarke get involved in this.

“But I can!” Clarke exclaimed.

“Absolutely not!” Jake exclaimed as he went over to hug her, “you get that stubborn streak from your mother. Now get out of here- don’t you have a standing date to go to,” Jake reminded her. He was glad she was with Bellamy- he would protect her, keep her sane, when they arrested him. Because he wasn’t an idiot- he knew he would most likely get floated for this.

“Yeah- I was just leaving when I saw you taping the video.”

“Go- don’t leave him waiting longer,” Jake said, giving her a kiss on her head. When she went to open the door to leave the guards burst in.

“Jake Griffin you’re under arrest for treason,” one of the guards said as they took a hold of Jake. Two guards, Shumway and another, headed for Clarke.

“Keep your hands off my daughter,” Jake called out as Clarke got free and hugged him.

“I’ll warn them,” Clarke muttered, but Jake started telling her not to do that as they took him away.

“What do we do with her sir?” one of the guards asked Shumway.

“Arrest her,” Shumway said as they led Clarke outside her home.

Clarke woke up before any of them and she noticed Bellamy had fallen asleep holding on to her.  It was her favorite way to wake up. She had only woken up with Bellamy once before, but she loved it all the same. Her head was buzzing a bit, she really hated drinking, and she guessed drinking on a basically empty stomach wasn’t good.

“Bell, wake up,” she said.

“I fell asleep? I’m sorry princess,” Bellamy whispered.

“Hey, don’t worry, you were probably exhausted- you deserved some sleep. I’m going to check if it’s safe,” she said; as she was the most awake considering Wells and Finn were barely conscious. She knew it would take about a minute for Bellamy’s senses to kick in and they had no time to waste. She opened the door and the air was clear- no sign of the mysterious fog.  Good.

“The fog’s cleared- come on,” she said, getting out of the car and waiting for them to get out as well, “let’s go! Jasper’s waiting!”

“Right behind you,” Bellamy muttered, going up to her and holding her hand as they walked back

They walked in silence for a while, Bellamy and Clarke taking up the front while Finn questioned Wells in the back. He was curious about why Wells would do such a thing; he didn’t seem like the type to be a snitch. Especially considering he knew the rules better than anyone, which means he knew the consequences better than anyone as well. He gave Finn a very cryptic answer that made him wonder about who truly turned in Jake Griffin.

“So last night was not my finest moment huh?” Clarke said.

“Are you feeling better?” Bellamy wondered.

“I am- I think I just needed to let it all out.”

“I hear it’s supposed to be cathartic,” Bellamy pointed out.

“I think it was a bit. I think you might feel better with some of that as well,” Clarke declared.

“Screaming at Wells? Nahh… I think I’ll leave that to you,” Bellamy said, putting an arm around her as they walked.

“You know what I mean.”

“Can we talk about this later?” Bellamy asked.

“Of course,” Clarke responded, giving him a small kiss on the cheek just as Wells walked past them.

“What crawled up his ass and died?” Bellamy commented, but before Finn could answer, “the question was rhetorical Spacewalker.”

“So we got trapped in an old car by toxic fog? Last night was pretty… what’s the word? Fun,” Finn joked.

“It was irresponsible- we should have left the moment the fog cleared,” Clarke reminded them.

“Even if the fog cleared, there’s no way we could have made it through the woods at night,” Bellamy pointed out.

“You were kind of rough on Wells,” Finn told her, earning a glare from Bellamy.

“Hardly,” Clarke responded.

“He’s a pretty straight up guy, and he loves you, you know that right? But every time your dad comes up he won’t give you a straight answer. Makes me think he’s hiding something,” Finn said.

“What are you getting at Spacewalker? Bellamy asked.

“Just say what you want to say Finn,” Clarke told him.

“How sure are you that Wells was the one to turn in your dad?” Finn asked.

“100%, he was the only one I told,” Clarke answered.

“You didn’t even tell this guy?” Finn wondered, pointing at Bellamy.

“This guy has a name you know,” Bellamy retorted.

“I got arrested before I could tell him.”

“Okay, maybe he was the only one you told, but was he the only one who knew?” Finn asked one more time, leaving both Bellamy and Clarke stunned. Clarke was saved from answering by a nearby scream. They ran over to where the scream was and realized the scream was coming from Charlotte.

“Charlotte, are you okay?” Bellamy asked her but she just pointed forward.  That’s when they saw it, or rather him. Atom was lying on the ground with welts and bruises all over his body; he hadn’t been able to find shelter during the fog. Bellamy ran up to Atom and sat down next to him.

Bellamy didn’t know what to do. Atom was one of his friends, one of the only people of his minions he could consider a friend and he was asking him to kill him. Bellamy wasn’t sure he could do it. Charlotte had gotten closer, and she took the knife Bellamy had given her during the night in the cave when they had gotten stuck there because night had fallen, and put it in his hand.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said, repeating the same words he had said to her. Bellamy turned to look at her and then looked back to see Clarke with Wells and Finn looking on.

“Spacewalker, take Charlotte with you and go back to camp,” Bellamy ordered as Finn came closer and took Charlotte away.

“Come on Charlotte, let’s go back,” he said as he and Wells left with Charlotte.

Bellamy kept looking at Atom, and now he had a way to kill him, something Atom was still begging for but he still couldn’t do it. Clarke went up to him and kneeled on Atom’s other side. She looked at Atom and then nodded no to Bellamy; there was no way to save him. He truly was a lost cause. Bellamy had called Jasper a lost cause a few days ago but the truth was that there was still a way to save him, there was no way to save Atom.

“Okay, I’m going to help you alright,” Clarke whispered to Atom, humming as she put her hand through his hair. Without looking at Bellamy, and without looking away from Atom, she took the knife from Bellamy’s hand. She kept humming as the knife went inside his neck and Atom bled out, finally dying, finally at peace. Bellamy already knew Clarke was wonderful, but he had never imagined how incredibly strong she was. She always called him the strong one but the truth was that his strength came from her. She knew he couldn’t kill Atom, as much as he wanted to end his friend’s sufferings, he couldn’t be the one to metaphorically pull that trigger. She helped him in his strong moments and in his weak ones as well. He was never letting her go again- if she wanted him around, she’d have him. Body and soul, as she always had.

He was waiting for her. It had been over an hour, but he was still waiting for her. Clarke wasn’t normally this late? Maybe something had happened with her mother, or maybe her father?

Bellamy kept pacing around their spot until he realized the time. She wasn’t coming, at least not today. He would be back tomorrow and hoped she would be there. Probably with some explanation about how Jackson had kept her at work later than normal, or a story about how her mother had acted about something or another.

They had parted on good terms, hell on perfect terms, so he couldn’t have done something wrong in the time between. He didn’t know why, but he had a really bad feeling that his troubles were about to start. If he had listened to his gut and to what his mind were telling him, maybe he would have realized it sooner, but as for now there was no reason for him to believe that there was anything wrong.

He picked up his stuff and left the spot, not knowing that the last time he saw Clarke was the last time he would see the girl he loved in a very long time. There would be no more meetings in their spot.

Wells and Finn had alerted the hunting group and Miller and Co. had helped with bringing Atom’s body back to camp. They finally made it back to camp after what seemed like a lifetime.

“We’ve got to get to Jasper,” Clarke said, and turned to Finn “I’ll need boiled water to make the medicine.”

“Get Clarke whatever she needs,” Bellamy told Connor who nodded, not wanting to get on his bad side.

“I’m going to get his grave dug up,” Wells said, and Bellamy could only nod, another kid dead.

“It’s about time! They were going to kill Jasper,” Octavia told them, coming up to them, “did you get the medicine?”

“Yes I got it, let’s go,” Clarke replied.

“What happened?” Octavia wondered.

“Atom got stuck outside during the fog; he didn’t make it,” Clarke explained, and Octavia felt awful. She hadn’t had a lot of interaction with Atom, but he had been one of the few decent people on the ground. Plus she knew he was Bellamy’s friend.

“I’m sorry Bell,” she said, but all she got in return was a nod from her brother. She then followed Clarke inside of the dropship.

“Did we loose anyone here?” Bellamy asked Murphy.


“Jasper?” Bellamy asked.

“Still breathing- barely. I tried to take him out but your psycho little sister-” he started to say before Bellamy grabbed him. He had a long day and the last thing he needed was some asshole insulting his little sister.

“My what? MY WHAT?” Bellamy exclaimed, pissed off.

“Your little sister,” Murphy responded, and Bellamy let him go.

“Yeah that’s right, my little sister. Anything else you want to say about her?”

“Nothing, sorry,” Murphy muttered, and then Bellamy walked away. Murphy threw his knife at the tree and finally got it stuck there.

Sadly he didn’t back to get it and someone else got to it first. Charlotte got the knife out of the tree and she knew she had to slay her demon to make her nightmares go away.


They were on the second floor of the dropship. Finn was stirring the tea as Clarke gave it to Jasper, while Octavia held his head up. Monty was just watching it all happen.

“We’re going to have to get used to people dying- aren’t we?” she asked.

“O,” Clarke muttered, but no other words came out.

“But not you, you hear me? You’re not allowed to die,” Octavia muttered to Jasper, and they all turned to look at her for various reasons. Clarke wanted to know what Octavia’s feelings toward Jasper were. She seemed very protective over him and it reminded her of the way Bellamy sometimes acted towards Clarke. She left Jasper in Octavia’s capable hands and went to have a conversation she was dreading. She found Wells as he was coming back to camp after digging Atom’s grave.

“I know I probably don’t deserve it, but I need to know the truth. It was my mom, wasn’t it? She’s the one who told your dad,” she said, connecting all the dots. His expression basically confirmed what she feared; her mother sent her father to die.

“I didn’t want to believe it but I couldn’t, I blamed you because my father’s dead and it’s my mother’s fault, isn’t it?” When he didn’t answer her, she pleaded with him, “Wells please.”

“I knew how you’d feel. I wanted to…” Wells said trying to find the words.

“To protect me,” she said finishing her thought, “so you let me hate you.”

“What are friends for,” Wells muttered.

“How can you forgive me?” Clarke asked.

“It’s already done,” Wells said, pulling her into a hug.

They went back to the dropship with the rest of them to wait for Jasper to wake up.

“Everything okay?” Octavia asked, as she saw both of them come up.

“Everything is ok, don’t worry O,” Clarke said sitting down next to her, just as Wells sat down next to Clarke. Things felt right again, she had her two best friends back, and she had the man she loved back. Now she just needed Jasper to be okay.

“Here, try this,” Finn said, handing the bottle of whiskey to Monty.

“Smooth,” Monty muttered, passing the bottle to Octavia.

“Disgusting- love it,” Octavia commented, passing it to Clarke

“Yep, that was my exact reaction as well,” Clarke commented, but she still took another shot of it before passing it back to Finn. Before Finn could take a sip they heard a voice they were happy to hear again.

“Can I get a hit of that?” Jasper croaked, and they all got closer to him. Finn grabbed a bottle filled with the seaweed tea and gave it to Jasper.

“Let’s start with the soft stuff,” Finn joked, and then more seriously said, “welcome back buddy.” Monty grabbed a hold of Jasper’s hands and gave him a squeeze- his best friend was back.

“Was that a dream or did I get speared?” Jasper asked.

“You’ll have a very impressive scar to prove it,” Clarke responded and Jasper turned to her and gave her that big smile of his.

“My savior.”
“Thank you for not dying, I’m not sure I could have handled that today,” Clarke whispered.

“I’ll try not to die again tomorrow too if that’s cool,” He replied, earning a laugh from Octavia, causing him to look at her. “Oh hello!” he said excitedly.

Everything was going to work out- Clarke was sure of it. While the rest went to sleep in the dropship after the long day they had, Clarke knew that as much as adored that group of people she wouldn’t find peace there. Jasper surviving helped, but it didn’t erase the fact that she had to kill someone today, or that she had learned the reason she lost her father was because of her mother. Her feet took her to the biggest tent in the ground and she saw him come out as if he sensed her presence.

“How’s Jasper?” he wondered.

“He’s going to be just fine, he’s okay,” she responded, but she couldn’t contain the tears any longer.

“Hey come here,” he said, leading her inside his tent, “what’s wrong?”

“She did it, she killed him. How could she do it?” Clarke muttered, and that’s all Bellamy needed to hear. So Abby Griffin had been the one to snitch on her husband and Clarke had just found out. His poor princess.

“What can I do? What do you need?” he asked.

“I just didn’t want to be alone,” she replied.

“You never have to be alone- as long as I’m here you will never be alone.”

“Can I stay here tonight?” she asked.

“Of course,” he said as he led her to his makeshift bed, got underneath the covers.  They fell asleep breathing in each other. Bellamy went to sleep with Clarke in his arms, as it should always be.

AN: That’s chapter 3, it was emotional I know, and yes at parts it was cheesy but I couldn’t help myself. I knew that since I showed you their first meeting last chapter I would show you their last ark meeting in this chapter. Plus tied together with their reconnecting I think it was fitting.

If it wasn’t clear, no Wells is not dead; the whole Charlotte parts stayed the same except they happened in different moments, (aka the Charlotte/Bellamy talk happened before her talk with Clarke) and the fact that who she killed wasn’t Wells.

Remember to leave a review if you liked it, or didn’t like it, that’s fair too! Any questions my tumblr is open for business!


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