Who We Are: Chapter 2

Title: Who We Are

Autor: killianthehero / maiqu20

Raiting: T for now

Word Count: 11,745

Pairing: Bellarke

Read: FF.net AO3 Tumblr

Summary: Wrong information and misunderstandings can break even the strongest of couples. Bellamy and Clarke had a relationship back on the ark until one day it all stopped. Now it’s a year later and they are on the ground trying to figure out where they stand with each other, what really happened and how in the world are they going to protect the rest of the 100 from the threats of the earth and the threats from the arc.

AN: HOLY FUCKBALLS PEOPLE! I did not expect this response I mean shit man.. I got 15 reviews for this chapter (and that was just in ffnet not counting tumblr or ao3) but seriously the same time I got this kind of response was back in 2010 with my glee fic. So um thank you really not to let you guys down and just thank you.

This ep things start; let’s say changing from canon. Some scenes won’t happen (I’ll tell you later which won’t happen) otherwise the whole if I don’t write it in but I mentioned it, it happened still stands. Some scenes might happen in a later episode or an earlier episode. I know what I’m doing. A lot of the scenes do happen like in canon but well you’ll see. And thanks as always to the lovely Kate for beta-ing this!

Okay here we go!

Clarke started putting everything that might be helpful in her pack. They had to be quick, they didn’t know how they would find Jasper, if they found him at all. Plus, keeping her mind occupied kept her thoughts from straying to Bellamy. He hated her, he truly hated her, he had even called her privileged… Clarke had to pull herself together, she couldn’t afford to fall apart now. She heard the door open and Wells came into view.

“There you are,” he said coming up behind her. She wiped the small tear she had, Wells no longer had any right to see her cry. “When my father said they didn’t leave us anything he really meant it. Wait what’s wrong? Clarke, are you okay?”

“You really want to know what’s wrong with me? We lost all connection to the arc, we are not alone here, and the grounders will probably kill us if we don’t get supplies fast. Without supplies we’ll freeze to death when winter comes or maybe we’ll die from starvation, who knows? The man I love, the person I daydreamed about the most while locked up, has apparently gone off the rails and incidentally hates me and I have no idea why. And to top it all off, I don’t know if we’ll find Jasper let alone save him, so no Wells I’m not okay, not even close. But you don’t get to ask me that, you don’t get to act like you care. You threw that away when my father was floated.”


She turned around to tell him off when she noticed the wound on his arm.

“It’s just a scratch,” Wells told her.

“You’re making friends fast,” Clarke remarked, “keep it covered, it could get infected.” That’s when she noticed what he was carrying.

“Nice pack.”

“Yeah, seatbelts and insolation. I also packed part of the parachute- I figured we could use it to carry Jasper.”

“Give that to someone else, you’re not coming along.”

“My ankle is fine.”

“It’s not your ankle Wells, it’s you.”

“You came back for reinforcements I’m going to help,” he told her stubbornly.

“Clarke, he’s right, we need him,” Monty told her, “so far no one else has volunteered.”

“I’m sorry Monty, but you’re not coming either.”

“Jasper is my best friend, of course I’m going.”

“You’re too important. You were raised on farm station and recruited by engineering.”

“Yeah and?” Monty asked.

“Food and communication, what’s up here” she said pointing at his head, “is going to save us all. You figure out how to talk to the arc and I’ll bring Jasper back.” She turned and saw Finn come in.

“Hey are you ready?”

“I’m not going anywhere and neither should you. That spear was thrown with perfect accuracy from 300 ft.”

“So we’re supposed to let Jasper die?” Monty asked.

“That’s not gonna happen,” she said to Monty,  looking  Finn right in the eye. “Spacewalker? What a joke, you think you’re such an adventurer but you’re really just a coward.”

“It’s not an adventure, it’s a suicide mission.” Finn pointed out.

“Build a wall, use the fallen trees, I’ll watch out for her,” Wells retorted.


“What the hell was that?” Bellamy asked Octavia as he took care of her leg.

“I don’t know, the others said it looked like a giant snake. Now can you tell me what the hell is up with you and your attitude towards Clarke?”

“None of your business, god Octavia you could have been killed.”

“She would have been if Jasper hadn’t been there to pull her out.” Clarke said, appearing with Wells behind her.

“Birdie, are you guys leaving? I’m coming too,” Octavia said trying to get up.

“No way!” Bellamy exclaimed.

“He’s right, it’s better if you stay here, if you come you could get even more hurt and no one wants that.”

“As if you care,” Bellamy muttered, but Clarke ignored him.

“Clarke, you can’t go alone!” Octavia exclaimed.

“She’s not alone,” Wells said.

“Well excuse me if you don’t exactly fill me with confidence for my best friend’s safety. She doesn’t trust you, therefore I don’t trust you,” Octavia told him.

“We’re not going alone, Bellamy is coming with us.” Clarke told her.

“Oh really?” Bellamy asked mockingly, ignoring the fact that he was going to offer to go. His head might hate her but his heart still hadn’t grasped the concept. It had been easier to ignore when he wasn’t interacting with her.

“Clarke, what are you doing?” Wells asked, and Bellamy could tell he didn’t agree with her. Guess there was trouble in phoenix paradise, he wondered what the younger Jaha had done to endure her wrath.

“I hear you have a gun?” She asked and he showed it to her, pulling it out from where it was hidden beneath his shirt. “Good, follow me.”

“Why in the world would I do that?”

“Because you want them to follow you,” Clarke whispered nodding towards the 100. “And right now they are thinking only one of us is scared,” she said as she walked off. He bit back a smile at how smart she was and turned to one of his lackeys, “Murphy come with me-” Bellamy started to say, but was interrupted by Clarke.

“I think I rather you take Atom, he’s better for what we need.”

“Atom needs to stay with Octavia. Make sure she doesn’t leave camp,” Bellamy told her.

“I don’t need a babysitter.” Octavia interjected.

“Octavia, why don’t you go help out Monty, I’m sure he could use the help. And please stay in camp, we don’t know what other dangers are out there at the moment and we don’t want you getting hurt worse, or hurting your leg more. It’s better if you lay low for now- doctor’s orders.”

“All right, I’ll stay and go help Monty,” she said, walking away. Bellamy turned and glared at her, she couldn’t be undermining his authority.

“Don’t look at me like that, you know better than anyone how Octavia is. If you leave her locked up she’s going to want to escape. Guess Atom doesn’t need to look after her now, Monty can do it.”

“Change of plans. Murphy you stay, Atom come with me,” Bellamy barked out, he really hated when she had a point.

“Those guys aren’t just bullies Clarke, they are dangerous criminals,” Wells warned her as they set on the path to where they last saw Jasper.

“I’m counting on it,” she said, looking at him straight in the eye, “besides, I’m the one that knows Bellamy, and no matter what it might seem like right now, I know he’d never let anything happen to me.”

“If you say so,” Wells said as Clarke took the lead.

“So why are we going with them?” Atom asked.

“If anything happened to her, Octavia would never forgive me.”

“So that’s the only reason?” Atom asked curiously. He had seen the longing looks that Bellamy sent Clarke when he thought she wasn’t looking, not to mention the way she looked at him. That didn’t seem like it had anything to do with Octavia.

“Are you questioning me Atom?” Bellamy asked.

“Of course not Bellamy. You know why she’s here right?”

“No, but I figure you’re about to tell me,” Bellamy said trying to make it sound like he wasn’t curious about it. It’s why he liked Atom and chose him out of the 100, he knew why everyone was locked up and you never knew what you could do with that sort of information.

“Only if you want to know,” Atom said as kept on walking before Bellamy’s hand stopped him.

“I want to know, I need to know.” Bellamy muttered.


“Treason?” Bellamy repeated incredulously. Of all the things she could have done, that one was the one that sounded the least like the Clarke he knew, or thought he knew anyway.

“I don’t know the reason behind the treason. just that her father was floated and she was locked up. Apparently Wells was the one who gave him up.”

“He was floated?” Bellamy asked, not caring how curious he sounded. Jake Griffin was floated? Why hadn’t he heard anything about that? One would think that was big news. If Wells was the reason her father was dead that would explain her animosity towards him.

“Yeah, he was the head engineer but I figure you knew that already. Now that I think about it, he probably found out about the ark’s problem with survival and they floated him to shut him up.”

“How long ago was this?” Bellamy asked.

“About a year I think. I feel bad for her you know? She sees her father get floated and then she gets locked up with no human interaction until now.”

“What do you mean?” Bellamy wondered.

“She was in solitary dude, and from what I heard, I think she got visited like one or twice in the entire time she was in lock up,” Atom said as he walked away to catch up with Wells and Clarke. Clarke was locked up for a year? She was the mysterious person in solitary? Something wasn’t adding up.

“Cadet Blake.”

“Lieutenant Shumway, you asked to see me sir?” Bellamy asked. He just wanted to go see if Clarke was at their spot today, she hadn’t been there yesterday and he’s worried something might have happened to her.

“You were asking about solitary right cadet?” Shumway asked, getting right to the point.

“It just surprised me that it was suddenly off limits sir.”

“Oh right, that was one of your assignments wasn’t it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well someone is now in solitary so we don’t need you checking up on it, you’ve been reassigned, this is your new assignment,” Shumway said, handing him a piece of paper with his new instructions. New assignment? What was going on?

“Can I ask why sir?”

“No, you cannot. Let’s just say if I hear word of you even being near that door I’ll make sure you float, is that understood.”

“Yes sir.”


“Hey Monty!” Octavia greeted as she went up the latch.

“They left you here too?” Monty asked.

“Congrats Monty, you’re my babysitter for today,” Octavia joked.

“Your brother allowed that?” Monty asked. He hadn’t really had one-on-one time with the older Blake, but he knew he had a lot of minions he probably trusted to take care of Octavia over Monty.

“He wanted Atom to watch over me but Clarke mentioned she’d rather Atom go with them instead of Murphy.”

“I don’t blame her,” Monty said. Murphy was a bit on the psychotic side and frankly, he scared the crap out of Monty.

“Well Birdie and I made a deal. I stay out of trouble here with you and Bellamy wouldn’t sick his goon on me,” Octavia pointed out.

“Why do I feel like that’s something you’ve done before,” Monty wondered.

“What thing?” Octavia asked.

“The whole, he has a plan and you guys come up with a counter plan?”

“Once or twice,” Octavia said innocently, “what can I say, he always caves to his girls… or well he used to.”

“Are you okay?” Monty asked as he noticed her demeanor change.

“I know he seems and acts like a total douchebag, but I promise my brother is not like that. He can be the sweetest guy in the world, and when he smiles it lights up his entire face. His laugh makes others laugh too because it’s so infectious. He spent his entire life putting me first and suddenly he met Clarke and I wasn’t the only girl in his life anymore, but I didn’t care because he was happy,” Octavia muttered, trying not to get too emotional. Monty just gave her hand a light squeeze and in return got a small smile.

“My point,” she continued, “was that I know he acts like a bad guy but he’s not, I just want to know what happened to turn him into this.”

“Maybe something happened in the last year, it sounds like he lost everything and now he’s free from the restraints of the ark. He has you and he has Clarke. Back being on the ground probably makes him feel invincible.”

“That’s what worries me,” Octavia admitted.

“How did they meet exactly? Clarke and your brother? They didn’t really run in the same circles?” Monty asked curiously. He couldn’t imagine Bellamy and Clarke as a couple but from what Octavia had said they seemed like a good one.

“They ran into each other, literally,” Octavia said as she set out to tell Monty the story of how Bellamy and Clarke met for the first time.


“Hey hold up, what’s the rush?” Bellamy asked, coming up next to Wells and Clarke. “The guy was speared through the heart.”

“Put the gun away Bellamy,” Wells said, coming up to Bellamy, but Atom got in-between them.

“Jasper screamed when they moved him, if the spear struck his heart he’d have died instantly. that doesn’t mean we have time to lose.” Clarke said, turning around to face Bellamy.

“You could take your wristband off and we’d be good to go,” Bellamy said pointing at her hand.

“The only way the Ark is going to think I’m dead is if I’m dead. You want me to take it off, you’re going to have to do it yourself. You can’t, can you?” Clarke asked, getting close to Bellamy. Some might call it reckless, maybe even dangerous, but she knew that no matter how he felt about her right now, he could never hurt her.

“Brave, Princess,” Bellamy muttered. Clarke had really grown up and become more sure of herself in the past year. Honestly it made her sexier than she had ever been and he hated that.

“Why don’t you get your own nickname,” Finn said appearing from the trees. “You call this a rescue party? We’ve got to split up, cover more ground. Clarke, come with me.”

“Haven’t you heard, spacewalker? That is my nickname,” Bellamy mocked as they walked away. If Finn thought he could come down here and starting calling Clarke princess he had another think coming.

“Smooth,” Atom muttered, but all he received in return was a glare from Bellamy.

“Let’s just go.”


They walked a few paces behind Clarke and Finn, and Bellamy couldn’t help but look at the way Wells was looking at them. Then it hit him- Wells loved Clarke. He can’t believe he hadn’t seen it before. Of course- that’s why he had come down here.

“Guess we’ve got more in common than meets the eye huh,” Bellamy said.

“We’ve got nothing in common,” Wells bit out.

“No? We both came down here to protect someone we loved,” Bellamy told him, “your secret is safe with me, Jaha. Of course for you it’s worse with Finn around, Clarke doesn’t even see you. It’s like you’re not even here.”

“You’d know all about loving Clarke, wouldn’t you.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Bellamy stated.

“Sure you don’t. You’re the guy she was seeing back in the Ark before everything happened. The guy I never met but I heard so much about. Well guess what? Now I’ve met you and I honestly cannot believe Jake liked you more than he liked me,” Wells said, walking away from Bellamy and catching up to Atom, leaving Bellamy reeling with what he said. He knew Jake Griffin respected him, but liking him more than his daughter’s best friend? Clarke had talked about him?

Everything was jumbled in his head. First there was Clarke’s attitude towards him. He couldn’t see any guilt, and surely if she had been the one to blame for his mother getting floated, there would have been some guilt there right? At least some guilt for Octavia’s sake. Then Atom’s comments about her being the one that was locked up in solitary and if that was true then the timing didn’t add up with that he thought he knew. Now that he thought about it, the day Shumway had changed assignments on him had been a day after Clarke stopped showing up. Finally, Wells comments about his relationship with Clarke and about Jake had left him wondering about a lot of things. He had no idea what all this meant, but he was going to find out. If this somehow meant Clarke wasn’t guilty he would have a lot of atoning to do.


“He might not be my real brother but he’s always been there,” Monty said as he toyed around with Octavia’s wristband. “Every memory I have, there’s Jasper. I should be out there,” he muttered.

“You’re not gonna cry are you?” Octavia joked.

“Shut up, you sure you should be doing this, your brother won’t like it, he won’t approve of us contacting the ark.”

“He’s not my keeper, let’s just do this,” Octavia told him and Monty got to work on removing the wristband, sadly it still died.

“If we can’t even take it off how do you expect to turn it into a radio?” Octavia wondered.

“I still need to try you know? For my family and all the ones left up there,” Monty said.

“Yeah I know. I mean my family is all down here but I understand.”

“You mean your brother?” he asked.

“And Clarke… you know that think you said about Jasper?” Octavia asked and when Monty nodded she went on, “Clarke isn’t my sister by blood but even if she and Bell never got back together she’s still always be my sister. She’s my birdie.”

“Can I ask? Why Birdie?” Monty questioned. He had wondered about the nickname since he had first heard and he figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“The nickname?” Octavia asked.


“You know what a Griffin is right?”

“The mythological creature that is half eagle, half-lion?”

“Well one of the first times I met Clarke she brought me an old mythological creatures book, so I wouldn’t get bored when I was home alone. Well, I was looking through it and found a picture of a Griffin and I remember seeing it and immediately thinking of her. So I turned to where she was laying in my brother’s arms and just flat out asked if she liked lions or eagles better.”

“That must have been strange for her.”

“It was a bit, and I remember responding that it was good because I don’t think I could come up with a nickname that had anything to do with lions. Clarke laughed and my brother looked so adorably confused, so I showed him the picture of the Griffin. He laughed and said it was fitting. That’s when I said I was going to call her Birdie from now on. Clarke was smiling so much so I took that as a good sign. I’ve called her Birdie ever since,” Octavia said smiling getting lost in the memory until Monty pulled her out of it.

“It’s a good feeling isn’t it, like you know no matter how much shitty things you pull, your best friend is still there with you.”

“Jasper will be okay, they’ll find him and Clarke will save him. He’d understand why you stayed.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. Plus I know Clarke.”

“She’s your Jasper.”

“Yes she is, I owe a lot to her you know? She even saved us once.”

“What happened?” Monty asked.

“It was about 3 months before everything went to hell.”

“Went to hell?”

“When Clarke got arrested and then a month later I was found out,” she explained.

“Oh right go on.”

“Well, Bell and Birdie wanted me to experience the Ark, or at least a small part of it. There was this Masquerade party and everything was going well when suddenly there was a solar flare alert.”

“Which means masks off.”

“Yes masks off. Well Bellamy was working, he had a scanner and all I  needed was to just get away before they saw me. Clarke was the first to come up with something and she fell to the floor. She started pretending to be hurt, like her stomach was hurting and obviously, being who she was, she needed to be taken right away. Shumway, my brother’s boss, didn’t want to leave but Wells protested. He said that his best friend was in tremendous pain and that if he didn’t help her Wells was going to report him.”
“Wells didn’t know did he?”

“No, he just thought his best friend was in pain. So Shumway and another official had to take Clarke to med bay and they left the cadets to do the checking. I was able to escape without anyone knowing I was ever there. Luckily I got home before my mother arrived or that would have been bad.”

“I think I vaguely remember that dance, well I remember Clarke being sick, or at least hearing about it.”

“Yeah, she pretended like she was having really bad cramps, you know how all girls get IUDs on the Ark to prevent pregnancies and such?”

“Yeah I know.”

“Well they thought hers was malfunctioning or something. I really don’t know the exact details so it’s very possible that I’m wrong, but the bottom line is that they changed hers for a new one.”

“Quick thinking,” Monty said.

“Yeah, although it technically meant that she could have sex with my brother without the consequences. I don’t know if they ever got to the sex, but there were a few close calls.”

“They had sex in your home.”

“There were a few close calls-  they came in horny as hell, making out and then realized I was there. It was a bit embarrassing to say the least.”
“I bet,” Monty said, laughing as he continued to work on his radio project.

“What about you, any funny Monty and Jasper stories?” she asked.

“Of course,” Monty said as he started telling her a few of his adventures with Jasper.


“Are we even going the right way?” Atom asked.

“Who knows, Spacewalker here thinks he’s a tracker,” Bellamy muttered, trying not to let jealousy get the best of him. Stupid Spacewalker actually had to have a useful skill, of course. It was bloody fucking brilliant and Clarke was looking at him like the sun shined out of his ass.

“It’s called cutting signs, fourth year earth skills, he’s good,” Wells pointed out.

“Can you keep it down, or should I paint a target on your back,” Finn retorted.

“See, you’re invisible,” Bellamy whispered to Wells.

“If I’m invisible, what are you?” Wells inquired, and then they heard what sounded like someone in pain. Jasper- it had to be Jasper.

“Now would be a good time to take out that gun,” Clarke told Bellamy as they went towards the voice. They reached a clearing where, low and behold, there was Jasper, strung up in a tree. Clarke starting running towards him, ignoring Finn’s comments to wait. Then the ground beneath her fell, but before she could fall down with it she felt a hand grasp hers, Bellamy. She could see the toll that holding on to her was taking on him; thankfully the rest arrived to help Bellamy get her out of the hole. When they were safely back on the firm ground she turned to him.

“You saved me,” Clarke muttered.

“It’s my job princess,” Bellamy told her trying to catch his breath. She could have easily died right there and he felt like his heart was coming out of his chest. He saw their entire relationship flash before his eyes and he realized something. They could die at any minute, and he didn’t want to die without knowing what really happened.


They had managed to bring Jasper back along with the panther, whatever that was, that Wells shot.  Then Bellamy had come up with the bright idea of making people take off their bracelets for food. It was a bit problematic to say the least, but she didn’t follow his crazy rules and apparently neither did Finn. She went to sleep in the dropship with Monty and Octavia and they all took turns taking care of Jasper. It had been 3 days since everything happened, and Jasper was stable, but he needed medicine and Clarke had no idea where to look. He had scared them earlier, not knowing if he would make it, but Clarke was not one to give up hope.

Monty was working on trying to contact the ark; Clarke was trying to help Jasper by having Wells and Finn hold him down while she had to cut the affected flesh. His screams brought Octavia to the dropship with Bellamy following behind her.

“You’re killing him!” Octavia  exclaimed.

“She’s trying to save his life,” Finn told her.

“She can’t,” Bellamy stated as Wells went up to him.

“Back off.”

“We didn’t drag him through miles of woods just to let him die,” Clarke explained.

“Kid’s a goner. If you can’t see that you’re deluded, he’s making people crazy,” Bellamy retorted.

“I’m sorry if Jasper is an inconvenience, but this isn’t the ark, down here every life matters,” Clarke fought back.

“Take a look at him, he’s a lost cause,” Bellamy said.

“O, I spent my whole life watching my mom heal people, and later on I was her apprentice. If I say there’s hope, there’s hope,” she said softly to her best friend, who was looking down worriedly at Jasper.

“This isn’t about hope, it’s about guts. You might not have the guts to make the hard choices, but I do. He’s been like this for 2 days. I’ll give you another 2 days, and if he’s not better, I’ll kill him myself.” With that he went down the stairs and left.

“Power hungry, self-serving jackass. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” Monty muttered, then realized who he was with and added, “sorry girls.”

“Bellamy is all that, but he’s also right,” Finn muttered as the rest of the group glared at him.

 “I really don’t know what you saw in him,” Wells commented.

“That’s my business,” Clarke responded, “come on Jasper you can do this.”

She headed towards the dropship, knowing it was time for her shift. She needed a way to make Jasper better or else Bellamy would most likely kill him. Unbeknownst to her someone else was headed for the same floor of the dropship. Miller had told Bellamy that Octavia was looking for him so he headed to where they told him she might be.

“Are you sure this will work?” Monty asked Octavia. He couldn’t believe he was going along with her crazy schemes but he had a feeling if he didn’t she’d just get someone else to help.

“It has to,” Octavia responded. She needed it to work, otherwise she had to go on to phase 2 and she wasn’t really looking forward to that.


“Hey Jas, your pulse is doing better, so that’s good. Just hold on okay? We’ll find a way to make you better,” Clarke whispered to Jasper.

“Octavia! What is it you want? I have things to do,” Bellamy said, coming up the stairs. He was looking at his hands so he didn’t notice Octavia wasn’t there until he looked up and saw Clarke.


“Princess,” Bellamy said looking shocked at finding her there, “do you know where Octavia is? Miller said she’d be here and that she wanted to talk to me.”

“She was going to look for something with Monty, it’s why we traded shifts,” Clarke explained, and then they heard it, the latch closed and locked. They were on the floor that could only be unlocked from below, of course. They both looked at each other and spoke


“Octavia Blake, open the door right now,” Bellamy said, hitting the latch.

“What’s the magic word Bell?,” they heard Octavia call from below.

“O come on, don’t play around this is serious,” Clarke told her.

“This is serious too, you two seriously need to talk to each other. Our leaders need to trust each other and that means you guys have to  get it all out. Either way, you’re not coming down here unless you settle your issues,” Octavia said.

“What about Jasper?” Clarke mentioned, and Bellamy was sure that would make his sister cave. She seemed to worry a lot about the kid.

“Monty and I are going to get you some freshwater and look around to see if there are any plants that can help us,” Octavia responded.

“You’re not going out there alone!” Bellamy shouted.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take Finn with us. See you later,” Octavia said cheerfully, before they could hear her leave with Monty.

“Damn it!” Bellamy exclaimed, sitting down next to the stairs.

“We probably should have seen this coming, it is Octavia after all,” Clarke said, but all she got in return was a look from Bellamy. Okay, that was it, if he wasn’t going to talk to her then he was going to listen.

“You don’t want to talk? Okay I’ll start. I don’t know what’s wrong with you or why you are acting like this, but at the moment I don’t care because you’re going to sit there and listen. I don’t know what happened to you in the last year and O doesn’t know either, but whatever it was that happened I just want to know how to make things better. You’re not the same guy I knew and yet I can see him, I can see my Bell make an appearance from time to time,” Clarke started.

“I have my reasons,” Bellamy muttered.

“Well you can tell me that later because right now I’m going to tell you how I feel. I was arrested, I saw my father get floated, I lost everything in that year. My mother came to visit me twice in that entire year and both times it’s like she wasn’t even there. Wells came to visit twice as well, of course I never agreed to see him so it’s like he hadn’t come.  And yet I never got a visit from my boyfriend, nothing. I know because stupid Shumway kept finding ways to bring it up whenever he had to check up on me.”

“Shumway?” Bellamy muttered. So Shumway definitely knew she was locked up. Did he taunt Clarke the way he taunted him? “What did Shumway tell you?” he asked, getting up and facing the stairs.

“Some bullshit about being more careful who I trusted and how you probably just wanted me because I was the princess and was an easy target. I kept waiting for you to appear to prove him wrong, but after a while I started to lose hope and started to believe the idea that you were playing with me and had lost interest,” Clarke finished, looking at her hands. She hadn’t even told Octavia that last part but frankly?-it had been her biggest fear.  When he started acting like she was one of the privileged, she had felt like it was confirming everything.

Bellamy couldn’t believe it- of course Shumway was playing them. And they fell for it. But why? What reason could Shumway have had in  pitting them against each other? Jaha, shooting Jaha, it all boiled down to that. He was probably the one to call in the anonymous tip too, all in favor of having a patsy, someone that he could easily manipulate into doing his bidding.

“IDIOT!” He exclaimed, as he banged his hand against one of the steps.

“Bellamy! What are you doing? Be careful!” Clarke exclaimed, “and are you calling me an idiot, because honestly what was I supposed to think? You never showed.”

“Because I didn’t know! I didn’t know you had gotten locked up, I didn’t know about Jake, apparently I didn’t know anything. I’m the idiot, not you, never you. I’m the one who is the blindest, stupidest, rashest idiot.”

“Hey, what’s wrong? You know you can tell me right?” Clarke  asked, going to stand up next to him.

“I’ve been treating you unfairly, I’ve been horrible and I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he said sliding down to the floor. Clarke just sat down next to him and put her hand over his.

“What’s going on Bell?”

“Shumway played us, the same things he did to you he did to me, but about you.”

“What could he say about me? Ohh… Octavia.”

“You disappeared and suddenly before I knew it there was an anonymous tip and they found Octavia. My mom was floated- that bastard Shumway had me watch. Before they took them away Shumway turned to me and said ‘You should really have chosen more carefully who to trust with a secret as big as this. It’s all on you boy,’” Bellamy said, in perfect imitation of Shumway.

“How could you think I would hurt O?” Clarke wondered.

“It’s no excuse, but I was blinded by  anger  and selfloathing. Plus, it was easier to believe that I was just a passing fancy,” he said, getting up again, not wanting to look at her in the eye. He didn’t want to see the expression in her eyes. He was afraid to see the hurt in them, or worse- understanding.”

“Why? Was that easier to believe?” Clarke asked, getting up as well.

“You were the princess of the ark and I’m just a janitor, why would you want somebody like me when you could have anyone you wanted?” Bellamy exclaimed, turning around and looking her straight in the eye as he said it.

“Because I wanted you!” Clarke screamed. “You were everything to me, I didn’t care about anyone else. You challenged me, you made me thankful for what I had. All those other assholes on the ark they aren’t even half the man you are.”

“You shouldn’t want me, I’m not the man you think I am. I’m not good for you. There are better people out there,” Bellamy said, thinking about all he had done recently, the people he had hurt.

“Who, Wells? The guy who betrayed me and got my father floated? Finn? Who wasted a month of air on an illegal spacewalk? Just for that I could never be with either. Even if I wanted to be with either, I don’t love them. I love you!” she exclaimed, hitting him in the chest. Suddenly Bellamy lost his footing, or the dropship moved, neither of them was sure. All they knew is that they were suddenly on the ground. They found themselves in the same position as when they first met, except this time Clarke was on top instead of Bellamy. They started at each other for what seemed forever and then he noticed it, the locket around her neck- it was the one he had given to her. He reached forward and touched it with his finger.

“I told you I would never take it off,” she muttered, and he turned to look her straight in the eye.

They  didn’t know if she moved first or if he did, or if they both moved at the same time, but suddenly there was too much space between them and they needed to close it. The kiss felt like heaven, it felt like coming home, for both of them. It was filled with the longing of the past year, their apologies for being wrong about each other. They poured all the love in their hearts into the kiss. Then the latch unlocked, the spell broke, and they separated. Bellamy helped her stand up again.

“I’m sorry- I can’t. You deserve better than the broken mess that I am,” he whispered as the latch opened and Octavia appeared with Monty behind her.

“We’ve got the water!” Octavia exclaimed.

“I have to go check on the group,” Bellamy said, using that as an excuse to get out of there before he did anything else, like ask Clarke to take him back. She didn’t need someone like him in her life, she deserved better. He was a monster, a killer, and she was his princess, his beautiful brave princess.

“He got out of here fast.” Monty said

“Are you okay Birdie?” Octavia asked when saw the kind of dazed expression on Clarke’s face.

“I’m fine, is that the water for Jasper? Perfect, we need to check how his pulse is doing. Did you find anything that could help us?” Clarke asked, needing to get her mind off of the minutes of perfect bliss she had just experienced. Something else was bothering Bellamy and she intended to find out what it was.

Clarke was walking through the corridors of the ark, she just had come from one of her first days of being an apprentice and she just wanted the day to end. It hadn’t been the best first day and when your mom was also your boss, or well your boss’ boss, going home didn’t really have any appeal. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t realize she was about to crash into someone else and since he was also lost in thought he didn’t realize it either. They crashed and practically fell into the floor, with him on top of her.

He was the first to realize their position and quickly got off of her while also helping her get up as well.

“I’m sorry- I wasn’t looking at where I was going,” he told her.

“It was my fault, I was so lost in thought I hadn’t realized where I was going either- I’m sorry,” she said blushing as she looked up and saw his face. He had a really handsome face but was struck out most were his eyes. Something told her those eyes had seen a lot. She realized she was staring and decided to stop being rude and introduce herself.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know where my manners went. I’m Clarke Griffin.”

“Griffin as in Councilwoman Griffin?” Bellamy asked. Of course he just had to crash into the Ark princess, just his luck.

“Yes, she’s my mother, excuse me,” Clarke said. Of course she met a cute guy and he knew her as the ark’s princess- she really hated that nickname sometimes. Her father was the Head Engineer and her mother was the Head Doctor plus a part of the Council and everyone always saw them when they looked at Clarke. They either hated her or they wanted something from her.

He should have let her walk away and be none the wiser but something pulled him to her, something told him he’d regret it if he let her just walk away. Plus he recognized that look in her eyes when he mentioned her mother. It was the look that said you felt like a bargaining chip, and he knew that look better than most people. He put his hand on her shoulder to stop her from leaving.

“I’m sorry now I was the rude, one let’s start over.”

“I’d like that. What’s your name?” Clarke asked.

“My name? Oh yeah, my name is Blake, I mean Bellamy. It’s Bellamy, Bellamy Blake,” he said. stuttering a bit. He didn’t know why but she made him nervous.

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Bond,” she  teased as they shook hands.
“Why Mr. Bond?” Bellamy asked .

“007. Every time he introduced himself he’d go my name is Bond, James Bond. Kind of like you did right now,” she  explained while putting a stay hair behind her ear, something she sometimes did when she got nervous. “If you want I can come up with something else.”

“No, that’s okay, I like it. After all, didn’t he always get the girl?” He joked and laughed as she blushed even more. From that moment on he decided he was going to make her blush more- she looked beautiful when she blushed.

“Something like that.”

“So what were you doing around these corridors?” He wondered. She was walking around the Arcadia corridors and he wondered what made her come this far from home.

“I was just walking around; I didn’t feel like going home just yet,” Clarke admitted.

“Tough day?”

“You could say that- I just needed to get away from everything,” Clarke said, and Bellamy understood her perfectly. Right now his sister was asleep in her place under the floor while his mother entertained a guest and he didn’t really want to go home right now either.

“I think I’ve got just the place, come with me,” he said, holding out his hand for her to take. After a second’s hesitation, she took it and it felt like one of the best decisions she had made in a long time.

“Lead the way.”

Clarke didn’t know what Bellamy was going to bring to her life but she had a feeling it was good.

AN: That’s chapter 2, I figured I’d end on a cute note…

Yes I removed the Atom/Octavia bc I really loathe that Bellamy strung him up in a tree like dude no your sister is free to kiss whoever she wants to without you threatening them! That never happened in this story bc Atom was with Bellamy the whole time.

Remember to leave a review if you liked it, or didn’t like it, that’s fair too! Any questions my tumblr is open for business!


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