Who We Are: Chapter 1

Title: Who We Are

Autor: killianthehero / maiqu20

Raiting: T for now

Word Count: 5, 313

Pairing: Bellarke

Read: FF.net / AO3 / Tumblr

Summary: Wrong information and misunderstandings can break even the strongest of couples. Bellamy and Clarke had a relationship back on the ark until one day it all stopped. Now it’s a year later and they are on the ground trying to figure out where they stand with each other, what really happened and how in the world are they going to protect the rest of the 100 from the threats of the earth and the threats from the arc.

AN: So this is my first foray into writing for the 100 and Bellarke and I hope you guys enjoy the ride! I’ll try to update once/twice a week. One thing you need to know about my fics is that I do a lot of canon AUs, which means that some of the scenes will happen just like in canon. If I don’t mention or write a specific scene that happened in the show then it happened like it happened in the ep. And thanks to the lovely Kate for beta-ing this!

“Hey, just back it up guys!” she heard as she was going down to the lower level; she couldn’t quite make out to whom the voice belonged, to but it sounded familiar.

“Stop! The air could be toxic,” she said as she went face-to-face with the voice. It was Bellamy, her Bellamy. He was here, what was he doing here?

“Bell?” she muttered but was ignored by the man in question.

“If the air is toxic we are all dead anyway,” he responded. What was his princess, no Clarke it’s Clarke she’s not his princess not anymore, doing in lock up anyway? Before either Bellamy or Clarke could say anything else, they heard a voice neither had heard in about a year.

“Bellamy?” she asked. She had heard her brother’s voice but she needed to make sure it wasn’t another one of her dreams. As she went forward she saw him turn around and look straight at her. He was here, he was really here. She ignored the mutterings about why she had been locked up and went towards her brother.

“Oh my god, look how big you are,” he said as she leaned forward and hugged him. Nothing could stop them now they were together again and that’s all that mattered. He could deal with his traitorous ex as long as he had Octavia.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Octavia asked as she got a good look at him. “Is that a guard’s uniform?” she asked incredulously. She knew for a fact that he had been demoted when they had found out about her, so what was he doing with a guard’s uniform, and why did she have a bad feeling about it?

“I borrowed it, to get on the drop ship. Someone’s got to keep an eye on you,” he muttered and she hugged him again until Wells interrupted them.

“Where’s your wristband?” he asked, and Octavia turned around to snap at him but then she caught sight of the person next to him…Clarke.

“Clarke?” she asked.

“Hey O,” Clarke muttered giving her a small smile. Bellamy seemed mad at her so it wouldn’t surprise her if Octavia was mad at her too. As always O never did what was expected of her and before she knew it Octavia was hugging her and she hugged back just as tightly.

“I missed you Birdie,” Octavia said, using her old nickname for Clarke.

“I missed you too O, you don’t know how much,” Clarke said as Octavia pulled her to the front until she was practically standing next to Bellamy, with Octavia in the middle of the two.

“What the hell is going on?” Wells asked. “Who are you and where is his wristband?” Why was this girl hugging his best friend and how did Clarke know them?

“Do you mind, I haven’t since my best friend or my brother in a year,” she snapped and the rumblings started again.

“No one has a brother.”

“That’s Octavia Blake, the girl they found hidden in the floor,” another random girl called out and Clarke could feel Octavia about to freak

“Octavia don’t,” Clarke said as Bellamy held back his sister

“Let’s give them something else to remember you by,” Bellamy told her.

“Like what?” Octavia snapped back.

“Being the first person on the ground in 100 years,” he said as he opened the door to the dropship. The light blinded them all, but strangely enough they could breathe. Octavia walked forward and took a breath; real air, they were on the ground and the air didn’t seem to be toxic. The sky was blue and the trees were green just like they had always read about, it seemed impossible but here they were back on earth. Bellamy watched proudly as his little sister took the first steps off the dropship. She jumped on the floor put her hands in the air and screamed,

“We’re back bitches!” Suddenly everyone came off the ship just happy to be alive, happy to be on the ground. He hugged his sister from behind and smiled, this was their home now and they were together.


Clarke wanted to be happy, they were on the ground and it seemed all right for now. The guy she loved was down here with her, although he was ignoring her. She had her best friend back, Octavia- not Wells, that traitor would never be her friend again. She hadn’t even known Octavia had been found out; she didn’t even want to think about what that meant, she was just happy to see O again.  But still something didn’t sit right about where they were. If she didn’t figure it out now she would spend her time obsessing over Bell’s attitude and this was not the time for that. She looked back at the map and then looked up, they were on the wrong mountain.

“Why so serious princess?” Finn asked coming up behind her, the princess nickname sounded weird coming from someone who wasn’t Bellamy or her father, “it’s not like we died in a fiery explosion.”

“Try telling that to the two idiots who followed you out of their seats, oh wait, you can’t because they are dead.”

“You don’t like being called princess, do you princess?” Finn remarked.

“Not by you,” she answered and then went on, “do you see that peak over there?” When he nodded she went on, “That’s Mount Weather, there’s a radiation soaked forest between us and our next meal. They dropped us on the wrong freaking mountain.”

“That’s not good is it?” Finn asked

“What do you think?” Clarke asked then she stormed off; she needed to find a way to get to mount weather.


Octavia was on the ground; she was free. Free from the hole in the floor, free from her cell. Not only that, but she had her brother and her best friend with her and nothing could be better than that. Of course she noticed that her brother was acting like a brat to Clarke, but she would figure the why later, right now all she wanted was to enjoy her freedom.

“Birdie what are you doing?” she said as she noticed Clarke hunched over a map.

“I need to figure all this out before it’s too late.”

“Clarke we’re on the ground! Enjoy that,” Octavia said sitting down next to the map while facing Clarke.

“I’ll enjoy it later.”

“All work and no play makes Birdie a dull girl.”

“Then I’ll be a dull girl who’s alive,” Clarke retorted.

“You’re no fun,” Octavia said pouting, and Clarke just laughed

“We’ve got problems,” Wells said coming up behind two girls, or well he appeared on Clarke’s other side. “The communications system is dead, went to the roof and a dozen panels are missing, the heat fried the wires.”

“Well, all that matters right now is getting to Mount Weather,” Clarke said.

“How do you propose that will happen?”

“Look O, this is us and this is where we need to get to if we want to survive,” Clarke said, ignoring Wells.

“Impressive,” Octavia said.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Wells asked and Clarke looked away, “your father? Right.” Octavia could just feel the hate coming off of Clarke in that moment. Wells better back away or she was going to cut him a new one.

She didn’t like him very much, for one thing he was the Chancellor’s son, which made her hate him on principle, and for another he seemed to be the one that told the council about Clarke’s father. Her best friend lost her father and got locked up, and her brother lost Clarke. She didn’t get how you could betray your best friend like that. From what Clarke had told her over the years, until she had met Bell, Wells was Clarke’s only real friend. How does one throw that away? The kid with the goggles pulled her out of her thoughts by appearing next to them.

“A map? That’s nice, can I get a bar in this town I’ll buy you a beer,” he said as Octavia laughed and Clarke cracked up a small smile.

“I’m Octavia and this is Clarke.”

“I’m Jasper, and it’s always a pleasure to meet two such beautiful girls as yourselves.”
“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Octavia said, smirking as Clarke laughed at her best friend’s comment.

“Do you mind?” Wells asked pushing Jasper back.

“Hands off of him, he’s with us,” the creepy kid said as a bunch of goons headed their way. Clarke and Octavia shared a look, this couldn’t be good.

“Relax, we are just trying to figure out where we are,” Wells said.

“We are on the ground, that not good enough for you?” Bellamy asked coming closer to the group.

“We need to get to Mount Weather, you heard my father’s message that that should be our first priority.”

“Screw your father, you’re not in charge here,” Bellamy responded.

“Do you think we care about who is in charge? We need to get to that mountain not because the chancellor said so, but because the longer we wait, the hungrier we’ll get and the harder everything will be. We need to get those supplies now rather than later. It’s basically a 20 mile trek and if we leave now we can get there before dark,” Clarke said speaking to the crowd.

“I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you and chancellor Jr. go? You can find it for us, let the privileged do the hard work for a chance. Or are you too afraid of getting your hands dirty?” Bellamy remarked. As people started egging him on, Clarke was at a loss for words. Did he just imply that she was just a silly rich girl? She understood that attitude from Finn or there others, they didn’t know her, but Bellamy? He of all people should know better. Octavia was also a bit thrown back with her brother’s comment, since when did he hate Clarke? What had changed in a year? She looked back at Clarke and the older girl looked as shocked as she was.

“You’re not listening,”  Wells started to say until Murphy interrupted him and a fight broke out until Finn stepped in between a hurt Wells and Murphy.

“Kid’s got one leg, why don’t you wait until it’s a fair fight?”

“Hey spacewalker, rescue me next,” Octavia said flirting with him. Everyone laughed and just like that the tension was dropped, of course now she had to deal with her brother’s disapproving look.

“What? He’s cute.”

“He’s a criminal.”

“They are all criminals Bell.”

“Look O, I came down here to protect you.”

“I don’t need protecting, I’ve been locked up one way or another all my life. I’m done following orders.” Octavia saw how her brother looked when he heard that so she tried a softer approach. “I need to have fun Bell. I need to just do something crazy just because I can and no one, not even you my dear brother, is going to stop me.”

“I can’t stay with them O.”

“What are you talking about, is this about Clarke? Because I really want to know, what is up with that?  Last I saw you, you thought she was your moon and stars and now you’re treating her like she’s just some random phoenix princess.”

“This has nothing do with her, but while we are on the subject, I want you to stop hanging out with her.”

“You want me to stop hanging out with the only friend I have?”

“You can make new friends.”

“As you were reminding me a few minutes ago, they are criminals, so I can’t flirt but I can be friends with them?” Octavia asked incredulous

“She does not deserve your friendship, she’s just a spoiled brat who will turn on you without a seconds notice,” Bellamy told her.Why couldn’t his sister see that he was trying to protect her? She had to get away from Clarke before miss phoenix hurt her the way she had hurt him. “But she has nothing to do with why I need to leave.”

“Then what is wrong?” Octavia asked, choosing not to comment on what he was saying about Clarke. Something told her that things were getting lost in translation; she was probably going to need to have a long talk with Bell about it later but for now she wanted to know what else was wrong. Bellamy pulled her into a more secluded part of the forest.

“I did something, to get on the dropship, something that they will kill me for when they come down. I can’t say what, the less you know the better. You just have to trust me, you do still trust me don’t you?”

“Of course I do Bell, but I won’t stop hanging out with Clarke, you can’t ask me that.”


Clarke was checking on Wells’ leg when Finn came up to her.

“So Mount Weather, when do we leave?”

“Right now, we’ll be back tomorrow with food.” Clarke told Wells.

“How are the two of you going to carry enough food for a hundred people?” Wells asked, as Finn grabbed Jasper and Monty.

“The four of us, can we go now?” Finn asked as Clarke nodded.

“Sounds like a party, count me in,” Octavia said, appearing next to Finn with Bellamy trailing behind her.

“What the hell are you doing?” Bellamy asked.

“Going for a walk with my best friend,” Octavia said, putting an arm around Clarke. Clarke smirked and then noticed the markings on Finn’s wristband.

“Were you trying to take this off?”


“This wristband transmits your vital signs to the ark, take it off and they’ll think you’re dead,” Clarke told him, and suddenly Bellamy was very interested in the conversation. This could prove useful to him, if he convinced enough people to take them off maybe the ark wouldn’t come down.

“Should I care?” Finn asked

“I don’t know, do you want the people you care about to think you’re dead?” Clarke remarked. “Do you want them to follow you down here in 2 months because they won’t if they think we’re dying.” After she got no remark from Finn she turned to the rest of the group. “Anyone who is coming we are leaving now.”

As they started leaving Clarke turned to Wells, “You shouldn’t have come here Wells.” Octavia then linked arms with her and said, “Let’s go Birdie.”


They had been walking for what seemed like hours, Clarke taking the lead while the rest looked at the world around them. Finn and Octavia were flirting using the flowers while Monty explained what they were. The flowers were seriously beautiful and the colors more vivid than they could have ever imagined. All of them had different shades of purple and they couldn’t get enough of it. The only one not focusing on the world around them was Clarke who just kept on walking, focusing on the goal ahead, until Finn started asking about what the group did to get busted.

“Sumac is not the only herb in the garden, if you know what I mean.” Monty told them.

“Someone forgot to replace what we took,” Jasper interjected.

“Which I’ve apologized for a thousand times,” Monty responded.

“How about you Octavia, what they get you for?” Jasper asked.

“Being born,” Octavia answered, and just like that mood killed. She ran up to Clarke and started walking alongside with her.

“You okay O?” Clarke asked.

“I’m fine, I’m used to it. Are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Clarke asked.

“My brother being a douche, what exactly happened there?” Octavia asked, determined to get answers from at least one of them.

“I honestly have no clue. That last time I saw you was the last time I saw him. We were great you know? We had plans to meet at our spot, I only went home to pick something up and before I could leave I got arrested.”

“I remember that day, he looked so defeated when he said you hadn’t showed up.”

“Do you think that’s it? Do you think he hates me because I didn’t show up?”

“I just remember he kept going back there for a few minutes every day but you never showed. Next thing I knew I had been found out; my mom was floated and I thought I’d never see my brother or you again.”

“I’m sorry,” Clarke said stopping to hug the younger girl.

“For what?”

“I’m sorry about Aurora. I liked her, I had no idea you had been found out, honestly I thought I was coming down here alone.”

“She liked you too.” Octavia said, bending the truth a little bit.
“O, your mother wasn’t my biggest fan,” Clarke mentioned. It was sad but true. As much as she tried to get Aurora to like her, the most she got was her respect, and Clarke wasn’t picky, she was okay with that.

“It wasn’t for the reasons you think, she respected you a lot, especially since anyone else in your position would have told on us.”

“I respected her too, I didn’t always agree but I respected her.”

“The problem was that Bellamy had always been dedicated to us and then you showed up and his attention deviated a bit. He was her little boy and suddenly there was another woman in his life.”

“Well if it makes you feel better, my attention was severely deviated as well. I remember Jackson being the first to point it out because I kept daydreaming instead of focusing on what they were teaching me,” Clarke laughed, remembering the days when she was still her mother’s apprentice and Bellamy had literally crashed into her life.

“I remember her saying that no one else would let my brother get away with things and that you calmed him down, while he made you smile. She might not have been the biggest fan at first, but she did think you guys were perfect together,” Octavia said. Her mother had been a hard person to get along with. Octavia herself had many problems with her over the years, with Bellamy as the only buffer, but then Clarke had come along and it seems like everything had fallen into place.

“So did I. If it’s not too hard to talk about, when were you found out?”

“A month after you were sent away. There was an anonymous tip and my mom for once was actually surprised by surprise inspection. They found the hole in the floor; my mom was floated, Bell was fired and I was locked up. If I haven’t said it before, I’m sorry about your dad, Bell said he was a good guy.”

“He was, he was a great guy and a great father. How did you know?” Clarke asked curiously.

“I was taken to your mother before I was locked up, I mentioned you and she got all weird and had to leave the room, her assistant, Jackson right?” Octavia asked.

“Yeah it’s Jackson.”

“Well Jackson asked me what I had said and I mentioned that I just talked about you and he was the one that told me everything he knew. He told me about how your father was floated and that you had gotten locked up in solitary.”

“Well we are here now we just have to make the best of it,” Clarke said hugging Octavia.

“Girls look,” Finn whispered and they looked forward to see a deer eating grass. “No animals huh?” he asked Clarke and smirked at her he went forward and accidentally stepped on a branch. The deer looked forward and what they saw shocked them all. The deer had 2 heads, two heads. What else was in this place?


As much as he tried not to think about it, he was worried about Octavia… and about Clarke. Clarke Griffin had been the cause of most of his turmoil this past year. He had been surprised to see her on the ship; he wondered what she did to get locked up. She still looked as beautiful as the first time he saw her and she had acted as though nothing was wrong. As if it wasn’t her fault that his mother was dead and his sister had gotten locked up. She probably didn’t realize that he had caught on to her little game; honestly he was shocked she had let it go as far as it did. He was an idiot for not catching on before. He should have realized it when she stopped showing up at their spot. He didn’t want Octavia to get hurt over this, over her.

“Please don’t do this, she’s all I have, please from guardsman to guardsman, I’ll do anything.”

“You’re not a guardsman yet Cadet,” Shumway pointed out, and then turned to the other guards, “take them away,” and Bellamy was forced to watch as his mother and his sister were arrested.

“I guess now you’ll have to find another job. You’re lucky we’re not floating you too,” Shumway told him

“Why are you doing this?” Bellamy asked.

“You should really have chosen more carefully who to trust with a secret as big as this. It’s all on you boy,” Shumway said closing the door behind him, leaving Bellamy alone in the room. He sat in his bed completely at a loss for words, the only person he had to about Octavia had been his princess, but she couldn’t have done this right? There was no way the girl he loved had betrayed him liked this. Right?

Bellamy was pulled out of his thoughts by the commotion going on around him. The creepy kid and one of his friends were arguing with Wells again. They could prove useful to his cause and he knew just how to get them on his side.


“You know what I’d like to know, why today? Why send us down today? It’s been 97 years, what’s so special about today?” Finn asked.

“Who cares, I’m just glad they did. I woke up rotting in a cell and now I’m spinning through the forest, I call that a win,” Octavia said while twirling around the forest.

“Maybe they found something in a satellite? Something that caught their attention?” Monty wondered.

“It wasn’t a satellite. The ark is dying,” Clarke mentioned as they all stopped to look at her while she made her way to the front. “At the current population level there’s roughly 3 months left of life support, maybe 4 now that we’re gone.”

“So that was the secret they locked you up to keep? Why they kept you in solitary and floated your old man?” Finn asked.

“My father was the engineer who discovered the flaw, he thought the people had a right to know. The council disagreed, my mother disagreed, they were afraid of the people’s reaction. They were afraid people would panic. We were going to go public anyway when Wells…”

“Turned in your dad?”

“Hey spacewalker, stop with the questions,” Octavia said coming up next to Clarke.

“It’s okay O, they deserve to know. Like I was saying, I was about to leave to go meet someone when the guards came and arrested us both. That’s why today was worth the risk. Even if we all die, they bought themselves more time.”

“They are going to kill more people aren’t they?” Monty asked, but the look Clarke gave him answered his question for him. Yes they probably would kill more people. Suddenly Finn put his hand on Clarke’s arm and said, “We have to warn them.”

“That’s what my father said,” Clarke commented, and they kept looking at each other and all Octavia could think about was this could only mean trouble. Finn had basically shown he was interested in her best friend and with her brother acting like a grade-A douchebag, Clarke might actually look Finn’s way. She needed to get to the bottom of this and fast; Spacewalker was not coming in between her best friend and her brother.

“Water,” Monty whispered and Octavia looked at what seemed to be a river, finally something fun to do other than walk. She started taking her jumpsuit off and went to stand at the edge, ready to jump.

“Damn I love earth,” Jasper muttered.

“O! What do you think you’re doing?” Clarke exclaimed.

“Having fun birdie.” she said as she jumped into the river. They all followed her on the rocks to see where she had ended up.

“Octavia, we can’t swim,” Monty said pointing out the obvious.

“No, but we can stand,” she said standing up in the water.

“There’s not supposed to be a river here,” Clarke pointed out.

“Well there is so, take off your damn clothes,” Finn told her, but before she could do anything she heard Jasper scream out.

“Octavia, get out of the water!” They all looked and what seemed to be some kind of sea monster came after Octavia. Suddenly Clarke got the idea to distract the creature. She started throwing rocks to the other side and sure enough it let Octavia go. Jasper jumped in and helped her get out of the water, just in time, because if either of them had been there a second later they both would have been toast. Clarke tore apart a piece of Jasper’s shirt in order to bandage the scratch on Octavia’s leg just as Octavia hugged Jasper. She kept muttering her thanks and Clarke could feel how scared she was.

“You’re ok O, you’re going to be ok.”

“Note to self, next time, save the girl,” Monty said breaking the tension and they all started laughing.


The irony of her being brought to Clarke’s cell was not lost on her. Kane probably had made it happen but Abby didn’t care; this made her feel closer to Clarke than she had been in over a year. Her daughter was alive on earth and she was in solitary, in Clarke’s cell, awaiting her death. Was this her punishment for her hand in Jake’s floating? She didn’t know but as she looked around all she could see was her daughter’s art on the walls. Her little girl had lost so much, Abby had no idea how she was handling herself on the ground but she knew her daughter and she had faith in her. She saw the painting on the ground and was overcome by emotion. She could feel the tears fall down as she sat down on the bed.

Suddenly something caught her eye, names. Drawings of names, maybe not drawings more like calligraphy…The names we’re drawn to the left side of the bed. She saw her name and Jake’s name drawn together as if they were just one name, there was an interconnected OB next to it but it was the name closest to the bed that caught her eye the most; Bellamy Blake. She recalled Kane mentioning that a Blake had been the one to shoot Jaha and she remembered the day a scared 16-year-old girl had showed up in med bay. OB, Octavia Blake. She hadn’t asked how she knew Clarke because at the moment the wound had been too fresh. If her daughter knew Octavia, and her brother’s name was on Clarke’s wall, then that must mean one thing. Bellamy Blake was the cadet that Clarke had been dating before everything happened. The one that Jake wanted her to meet but she had always found a reason to be away when the boy was coming to their home. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t connected the dots sooner.

Bellamy Blake had almost killed Jaha, and her daughter was in love with him.


Bellamy tried to go back to sleep but found out he couldn’t. He kept hearing Wells screaming in his ear. All he could hope for was that Wells wasn’t too hurt because otherwise that was going to bring him some unnecessary problems. He just needed the Ark to think that Wells was dead, that way they had less of a chance of coming down here and killing him. The logical thing now was that the Ark needed to think that Clarke was dead too but he couldn’t do it. He might not be happy with her and the way she acted but there’s no way he could physically hurt her, it was just not in him.

He needed a distraction, something or rather someone to push away the thoughts of Clarke and the feelings that were still there after a year of not paying attention to them. Thankfully he knew just where to go for that kind of distraction.


Jasper had just managed to cross and it was now Clarke’s turn.

“Let’s go Princess,” Finn said handing her the vine, “you’re up.”

“Come on Clarke, you’ve got this!” Jasper shouted from across the river.

“Come on Birdie!” Octavia exclaimed.

“We did it! Mount Weather!” Jasper exclaimed holding up the sign. “Wooo!” Then it happened and it was like the world had suddenly stopped. Jasper had gotten speared.

“Jasper!! Jasper!!” Clarke screamed, and Finn pulled her away from the edge.

“Get down! Get down!” Finn told them as they all laid on the floor. They could hear sounds on the forest floor and they all added up to one haunting revelation that only Clarke had the courage to voice out loud…

“We are not alone.”


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