Lost and Found: Ch 2

Title: Lost and Found

Autor: killianthehero / maiqu20

Rating: T for now

Word Count: 7,385 / 11,903

Pairing: Bellarke

Read: FF.net AO3 Tumblr

Summary: Bellamy Blake needs to fix his grades or else he’ll get suspended from the team, Clarke Griffin gets offered an opportunity, if she helps him fix his grades she’ll get one of the coveted spots in one of her dream classes. Will they manage to work together or will they end up killing each other in the process?

AN: Hi! Sorry for the lateness…I went on vacation right after I posted the 1st chapter and I had to update Who We Are first.. But I’m here now and I love this story and have a lot planned for it so let’s get down to business shall we? (TO DEFEAT THE HUNS) Sorry… Ohh on my tumblr there’s a link for this fic and I posted who are playing the adults in it.

As always thanks to my lovely Kate, I would be hopelessly lost without her. Plus thanks for all the reviews and so on you guys are the best!

Ch 2

“You,” Clarke stated, shocked. Bellamy fucking Blake, star athlete and the guy she was stuck tutoring, was Octavia’s brother.

“Lovely to see you again princess,” Bellamy remarked, and now he knew why she had seemed familiar earlier. She was his little sister’s lifelong best friend- this was going to be fun.

“You guys know each other?” Octavia asked curiously.

“We’ve met,” Clarke stated, glaring at Bellamy while he just smirked at her.

“I’m obviously missing something,” Octavia muttered.

“That bitch O’Dell told Clarke here that she’d only give her a rec if she tutored some idiot football player,” Raven said putting an arm around Octavia. “Meet the idiot football player.”

“Hey! The football player is not an idiot,” Bellamy interjected. He had good grades in all his other classes, it was just this one that messed him up. Which yes- was ironic considering what class it was.

“That remains to be seen,” Clarke responded, and before Bellamy could respond Finn, Miller and Atom came up to him. Finn stopped short when he saw Raven.


“Finn, hi,” she said shyly.

“Wait, Finn is the guy you hooked up with? Finn. Really?” Octavia exclaimed, shocked

“Hey!” Finn interjected.

“Ohh, so you’re the mysterious guy who practically held my roommate hostage all weekend,” Clarke pointed out.

“Yeah that’s me,” Finn laughed bashfully.

“I’m guessing you know O, but I’m Clarke Griffin, best friend and roommate of this girl right here.”

“Finn Collins, I’ve heard a lot about you from both of them.”

“Only good things I hope. If not I have a lot of stories about our dear Raven that I could share with you.”

“Don’t you dare Griff!” Raven exclaimed and Clarke ran up to her and hugged her

“I would never…” Clarke told her.

“Why don’t you girls come with us to eat something, our treat,” Bellamy smirked looking at Clarke. Raven and Clarke exchanged a look and Clarke spoke up.

“Well you see, Raven and I have these things called jobs so I’m sorry but we can’t. See you later O,” Clarke remarked and then turned around and walked away, leaving Bellamy gobsmacked. Had she just rejected him?

“Better luck next time!” Raven screamed at Bellamy as she ran to catch up with Clarke, laughing the entire way there.

He saw the girls walk away and he was left with his sister and his friends, who were laughing their asses off.

“I know you’re not familiar with the sensation but that, my friend, was a rejection,” Miller remarked as Bellamy glared at him.

“I never thought this day would happen, it feels delicious,” Finn joked.

“O, you’ve got impeccable taste in friends,” Miller added.

“Thanks Miller, I think so too,” Octavia laughed.

“Laugh it off, assholes,” Bellamy said, and then put an arm around his sister.

“Your face was priceless though,” Atom responded.

“So what do you say O, are you coming with us?” Bellamy asked.

“Why not? I could eat.” Octavia said smiling, and went off the field with her brother.


The next day Raven and Clarke were walking towards class; they had class in rooms next to each other so they always walked together.

“So you came in late yesterday,” Clarke pointed out.

“Yeah, well Finn picked me up from work then we went for coffee; after that we went to a movie and later for dinner.”

“You got 3 dates in one? That’s impressive, four for you Finn Collins,” Clarke commented.

“Ha, ha…Honestly our original plan was just coffee and we got to talking and there was a movie we both wanted to see so we said why not. After the movie we got hungry and we didn’t want the date to end so we went to a have a small dinner,” Raven told her with a smile on her face. Finn was perfect for her and she really liked him.

“So did you actually see the movie or was there just making out?” Clarke joked.

“I saw half of it,” Raven defended and Clarke just laughed.

“I’m happy for you Reyes,” Clarke admitted as they stopped at the door of the classroom. “This is my stop.”

“Has anyone told you you’re a total nerd?” Raven asked.

“You do, every day,” Clarke smirked.

“Only because I love you.”
“Love you too, now to go to class or you’ll be late.”

“Sir, yes sir!” Raven saluted as she entered her classroom and Clarke went into her own. She didn’t share this class with anyone, not really. It was Scenery Design and Production.  She loved this class because it challenged her, plus the teacher, Professor Wesley, was really patient with her even when she screwed up. He was strict, but fair- unlike other teachers. The tables were long but only two students were allowed per table. She took her usual seat in the third row and was taking her stuff out of her bag when someone sat next to her.

“Hello princess,” Bellamy remarked.

“You again? What are you even doing here?” Clarke questioned. Seriously what was her luck recently, this guy was everywhere.

“I’m in this class, it’s one of my electives you know? Imagine my surprise the one day I came early to class and I see you walking in while I’m already seated.”

“Then why don’t you go back to your seat?”

“And lose an opportunity to bother you before class starts?” Bellamy joked.

“Don’t you have someone else you can torture?”

“Most people don’t consider it torture.”

“I don’t think your group of fangirls count as valid test subjects.”

“Jealous princess?” he smirked at her and she rolled her eyes.

“You wish.”

“Oh, I do,” he stated and then Professor Wesley came in.

“Good morning class, do you know what today is?”

“Tuesday?” came a comment from someone in the back.

“Yes Mr. Kyle, it is a Tuesday, but you know what today is exactly? No, well we just had our first batch of exams which means we’re officially done with the start of the semester and now our real work can begin,” Professor Wesley stated as Bellamy tried to get back to his seat in the back. “Mr. Blake, you know the rules. Once I have started my class there’s no moving around, so sit back down.”

“Can I at least get my stuff from the back?” Bellamy asked.

“You’ve got less than a minute,” Wesley stated and sure enough in less than a minute Bellamy was back with this stuff.

“As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, now our real work begins. You’re going to need to get any and all material you might be lacking in the upcoming weeks because we are going to start working on our final project.”

“Isn’t it too early for that professor?” Kyle asked.

“It’s a large project that involves a lot of effort and planning so it’s better to start now rather than later. For those wondering, no- that doesn’t mean we’re going to starting making the model. First you have to pick the model, then there’s the blueprints, and once you’ve done all of those perfectly, you can start on the rest. So no Mr. Kyle, it’s not too early,” Professor Wesley explained.

“How much is it worth?” a girl in the front row asked.

“Miss Griffin, can you tell your classmates how much the final project is worth?”

“The project itself is worth 40% of the final grade, while the other 60% consists of 20% final exam, 20% midterm, 20% work like homework and class participation,” Clarke answered, reading from her notes.

“I’m glad at least one person pays attention in class,” Wesley commented and then went back to the front of the class. “As this is a big project, you will be working in pairs and there’s no changing pairs. The one you have is the one you are stuck with.”

“Are you going to choose our partners, Professor?” a cheerleader, Clarke thought her name was Josie, or something like that, asked.
“No, actually you all just chose your own partners,” Professor Wesley told them, and Clarke just had a sinking feeling she was not going to like this, “the moment you sat next to them you made your decision.” Oh no, no no no.. “Your partner for the rest of the semester is the person sitting next to you, and like I said before, there are no changes.”

She turned to see Bellamy’s face and sure enough he was as shocked as she was. That idiot, why did he have to come bother her! Now they were going to be stuck together for yet another class.  How was this her life? Someone definitely had it out for her.

“How about that, princess? Guess we’ll have to get to know each other after all,” Bellamy whispered, and Clarke just glared at him as Professor Wesley went on with his class. This was going to be a long semester.


Lunchtime normally meant Octavia would talk boy issues, Raven would talk about the latest car at the mechanics, while Clarke would draw and sometimes say a word here and there. Sometimes Clarke’s friend Jasper joined them, but those times were rare since he normally sat elsewhere. This time it was completely different.

“The world hates me.” Clarke said as she sat down on the table, causing Octavia and Raven to stop their conversation and look at her.

“Why?” Octavia asked.

“Your damn brother is in my set design and production class,” she muttered.

“And that’s bad because?” Octavia wondered.

“Your obnoxious jock of a brother decided to sit beside me during class just to bother me, on the day the partners for the rest of the semester were picked.”

“Oh no,” Raven muttered.

“Oh yes…not only am I stuck tutoring him but I’m also stuck working side by side with him for the rest of the semester,” Clarke complained putting her head on the table. “Someone shoot me- it would be less painful.”

“I love you too much to do that. Plus, I can’t handle this one on my own,” Raven stated, pointing at Octavia

“Hey!” Octavia exclaimed, laughing and throwing a french fry in Raven’s direction.

“Maybe it’s not as dire as you’re making it sound. Maybe you’ll have fun,” Raven stated then burst out laughing. “Yeah, not even I believed that.”

“Great help you are,” Clarke muttered.

“It’s not that bad. Who knows- you two might be find you have more in common than you think,” Octavia pointed out with one of her trademark annoying smirks. Like she knew something Clarke didn’t know and that always messed her up.

“I doubt it,” Clarke said as she started eating her food.  The flow of the lunchtime was restored as Raven gave them details about her date with Finn and the newest vintage car that came into the shop, while Octavia talked about searching for a new conquest.


“So I heard that a girl turned you down yesterday,” Jasper said in lieu of a hello as he came into the rec room, where the team passed most their time, with Monty.

“Hey Bell, how was your day? It was fine Jas thanks for asking,” Bellamy answered.

“It’s not every day you get turned down,” Monty pointed out.

“She didn’t turn me down.”

“No, she pretty much did,” Miller replied.

“Completely blew you off,” Finn added.

“So what exactly happened?” Jasper asked.

“You know about the tutoring debacle right?” Atom asked.

“Duh, O’Dell’s being a bitter hag and making him work with one of the best students in the class,” Jasper replied.

“She’s being punished as much as I am,” Bellamy interjected, but was ignored.

“Well it turns out said student is not a big fan of our man here and- it gets better, she’s Octavia’s best friend,” Atom finished.

“Wait… Clarke is your tutor?” Jasper wondered.

“How do you know it’s Clarke instead of Raven, she’s Octavia’s friend too right?” Finn mentioned.

“Yeah, but I know both of them. Raven is in engineering, plus, from what I know, Clarke and Octavia have been friends almost as long as Bellamy and I have been friends.”

“Huh,” Finn answered and Jasper continued.

“So Clarke turned you down?”

“Okay, so maybe I’m not her favorite person,” Bellamy admitted.

“Understatement of the century,” Miller smirked.

“I’m going to get her to like me- you’ll see.”

“You better if you want that D removed,” Finn remarked.

“Well I have double opportunity to do that now,” Bellamy commented, thinking of the other class he shared with a certain blonde; at least she wasn’t in his mythology class or in his European history class.

“What did you do?” Monty asked.

“Why is it that your first response is always that I did something?” Bellamy asked offended.

“Because you always do,” Miller replied. Bellamy looked like he wanted to fight that but he couldn’t.

“Okay yes, maybe I’m a bit of a troublemaker at times, and I guess from one perspective this could be construed as my fault, but how was I supposed to know he wasn’t going to let me change seats?”

“Who?” Monty wondered, and Bellamy told them what had happened earlier in class with Clarke and Professor Wesley.

“You know what man? Good luck, because you are seriously going to need it,” Jasper pointed out, and Bellamy threw a pillow at him before they changed the subject to something else entirely.


“Have you told your daughter about this?” Kane asked, putting Laurie in her high chair.

“Clarke hasn’t called me back, so that would be a no,” Abby said, giving Laurie her food.

“You’re waiting for her to call you back?” Kane wondered incredulously. He could count on one hand the amount of times Clarke had called her mother back since the big blowout.

“I left a message on her machine, she’ll call me back,” Abby told her husband, going out of the kitchen looking for something

“That is if she heard it at all,” Kane muttered at Laurie who just laughed.

“Did you say something, Marcus?” Abby wondered.

“Just asked if you’re dropping Laurie off at daycare or am I?”

“Do you have any meetings today?” Abby inquired. Normally he’d drop Laurie off at daycare on his way to work.

“A work trip just came up,” Kane told her, just fibbing a little bit.

“How long will you be gone?”

“At the latest I’ll be back tomorrow morning.”

“Alright then, I’ll pick up Laurie at daycare after my shift, or I’ll have Jackson pick her up if I can’t.”

“I’ll take her to daycare on my way to the airport.”

“You’re taking the company jet?” Abby asked.

“It is work related. I’ll be back before you know it.”

“I know that. Now I have to go or else I won’t arrive in time for my meeting with the chief,” she said as she walked over to Laurie and gave her a kiss on the top of the head. “Bye, sweet girl.”

“Call Clarke, Abby, and I don’t mean call her machine. I mean as in actually talk to your daughter.”

“I’ll try, but she makes it hard to get in contact with her,” Abby commented, giving a kiss to her husband and walking out the door.

“One of these days I’m just going to lock your mother and your older sister in a room and let them settle their issues,” he whispered to Laurie, who again just laughed at her daddy’s words.


Raven, Octavia and Clarke were walking to the auditorium for their last class of the day. They wanted a class that they could all share and have it still be easy for all of them in their respective majors.

“This is my favorite class this semester,” Octavia stated.

“I find that flattering Octavia, but I’m guessing it’s because it’s the only class you share with your friends,” Professor O’Hara said as the girls came inside the room.

“Miss O’Hara, I assure you, you are at least 50% of the reason it’s my favorite,” Octavia replied.

“She probably already graded the exams O, there’s no use sucking up,” Miller said, coming into the auditorium along with Monroe and Harper.

“Miller, leave Octavia alone,” O’Hara joked.

“Yeah Miller, you heard the boss,” Octavia replied, sticking her tongue out at him but he just laughed.

“Sometimes I forget you are the youngest of us all… This is not one of those times,” Raven retorted as Clarke laughed.

“As I was saying before- I do love this class,” Octavia said.

“Yeah, it’s a fun class,” Clarke remarked, then saw a person walk inside and exclaimed,  “Jas!”

“Never fear! Jasper is here!” Jasper proclaimed, going over to greet Clarke and the girls.
“Raven, you’re looking great. Finn is a lucky man.”

“Does everyone know about that?” Raven asked.

“Finn’s on the football team, I sometimes hang out with the football team. Do you see where I’m going with this?” Jasper joked as Miller came over to them.

“It’s true. Sometimes we do have the misfortune of having to hang out with this guy- I mean, can you believe it?” Miller added.

“Miller don’t lie, you know you love me.”

“Only on even numbered days!” Miller answered as Jasper laughed and went to greet Octavia.
“Octavia you are a vision from the heavens.”

“Thanks, I try,” Octavia smirked.

“Everyone is here right? Then sit down, because I have some news for you.” O’Hara told them and they sat down on the couches in their usual order. Monroe, along with Harper and Miller, sat on the left couch, Jasper sat in the loveseat, while Clarke, Raven and Octavia sat on the other couch.

“So are going to get our parts assigned today?” Jasper wondered.

“Originally yes, but something happened and this class will have to change a bit. You guys know there are 3 teachers who can teach this class, Miss Murray, Mr. Langley and me.  This year, as you well know, Mr. Langley had decided not to teach this particular class, and considering my reputation in this school most of the other students that needed to take this class went to Miss Murray.”
“Yeah, they were too chicken shit to deal with this class,” Raven interjected. In this school you had to take at least one class in liberal arts and one of those classes you just had to take was drama. Of course most people headed toward the knowingly easier teacher instead of someone like Professor O’Hara, who might be young, but had a master’s in the subject.

“Well Miss Murray suffered a minor accident. She’s okay, but as a result she is now confined to bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. This means that half her students will go to Langley and the other half will come here.”

“They thought they could take the easy way out and it bit them in the ass,” Harper commented.

“What does that mean for us?” Monroe wondered.

“It means I’m going to have to wait to assign roles until there are no more schedule changes,” O’Hara mentioned, as there was knock on the door and she saw Murray’s teacher’s aide. “Come on in, I assume you told them of the situation and why they are here in this class?”

“Don’t worry professor, we know what’s going on,” called out a very familiar voice as Bellamy Blake, followed by members of the cheerleading and the football teams came inside. Someone really had it out for Clarke, of this she was certain.

“Bell!!” Octavia exclaimed, jumping up at him.

“Hey O, guess we will have a class together after all,” he said, laughing and then his eyes met Clarke. “Pleasure to see you again princess… Guess the universe doesn’t want us apart.”

“Just sit down and shut up,” Clarke muttered as Raven laughed, but decided to put her friend out of her misery and make sure a certain team captain didn’t sit with them.

“Finn! You can sit with us, there’s a spot for another person,” Raven told him, so Finn sat down on the couch with the girls.

“You’re here too?” Bellamy asked Jasper and went over to hug his best friend.
“It’s a very small world we live in. Clarke and I are friends and she suggested I take this class with them and now here you are. I don’t remember the last time we had a class together.”

“I think it was in freshman year man,” Bellamy stated, scratching his head.

“Could be, I was thinking more along the lines of 8th grade.”

“You two are friends? This is a small world,” Raven joked.

“Not just friends Miss Reyes, Mr. Captain of the Football team and I go way back. I think we were wearing diapers when we met for the first time,” Jasper reminisced.

“But that’s when we met, I don’t think we really started being friends till kindergarten,” Bellamy recalled.

“That might be right…come with me I’ll share my bean bag with you.”

“I’m so honored.”

“You should be, I don’t share it with just anyone you know,” Jasper joked as they both sat down…

“If we’re done getting acquainted or re-acquainted, I’d like to get back to class. For my newest additions, welcome to my class. You have 15 minutes before I put you down as tardy, if you must miss a class you’ve got to have a good excuse or a signed note. This class is three hours long, so at the middle of it there will be a 15-minute break, and there’s no eating in my class,” O’Hara said as she explained the rules of the class to the newest arrivals, but all Clarke could think of at the moment was the interaction between Jasper and Bellamy. It’s the first time he seemed almost human instead of a pompous conceited jerk. As if reading her mind he looked over and winked at her and she was reminded of how much he annoyed her.


Clarke was almost at the end of her shift and she couldn’t wait to get home. After the day she had she needed a long meeting with Netflix and some popcorn, and maybe even a beer to take the edge off.

“Somehow I knew I’d find you here,” and Clarke wanted to hit herself over the head with one of the books. Seriously she couldn’t get a moment’s rest, could she?

“Well, it is where I work,” Clarke pointed out.

“Princess is funny,” Bellamy remarked.

“What do you want, Bellamy?” she asked, not looking away from the books she was shelving.

“We need to figure out a schedule for the tutoring thing,” Bellamy admitted. He needed to know what their schedule was going to be in order to rearrange his free time and the time he dedicated to the other classes and to the team.

“Yes we do. My shift is done in about 5 minutes- can you wait for me in one of the tables?”

“Sure thing, Princess,” Bellamy stated, and picked up a book that was only on the table. Sure enough, five minutes later she was there.

“You know, you can check that out if you want,” Clarke told him.

“It’s alright, I’ve read it already,” he said, putting it back on the table.

“You have not read Ulysses,” she deadpanned.

“What incensed him the most was the blatant jokes of the ones who pass it all off as a jest, pretending to understand everything and in reality not knowing their own minds, page 655,” Bellamy recited; it was one of his favorite lines from the book so he knew it by heart.

“Okay so maybe you have, I apologize for the assumption. It’s just not many people like James Joyce,” Clarke apologized sitting in the chair in front of him.

“He’s not my favorite, but I’ve always connected with it in some level.”

“I know what you mean,” Clarke admitted and then snapped out of it. “So how are we going to do this?”

“You’re the tutor.”

“You’re the guy that needs tutoring. Okay, I’m free every day at this hour. I only have a few free periods, so I’m guessing it will have to be after school.”

“This hour is good by me- I have practice right after school so I can just come here after practice?”

“Okay, I’ll reserve one of the private study rooms for after school, now what days can you do it? I can every day but the weekend, and I’m guessing it’s the same for you because of games and such?” Clarke asked.

“We could do Monday through Thursday if that’s okay with you.” Bellamy stated. He’d include Friday in that but not only did he have games on Friday, but it was also one of the days he shadowed Coach Fuller. So that didn’t leave much time for anything other than football.

“Fine by me then, Monday through Thursday at this time, should we get started now?”

“That’s fine by me- do you have something we could start on?” Bellamy wondered.

“We have the book we use in class here at the library- I’ll be right back,” Clarke said, and a minute later she was back with two books, one she handed to Bellamy, the other she kept.

“Okay, so this class goes from the Renaissance to Modern day. Do you think you could bring your test tomorrow so I can see what exactly you need help with?”

“Sure thing, princess.”

“I do have a name you know.”

“I know, I just like calling you princess.”
“You’re incorrigible.”

“True, I am,” he said, smirking, and for once his smirk did not annoy her. She opened the book and turned to the correct page.

“Okay, first we’re going to talk about art and what it means before we delve into any particular time period or painting.

“Fine by me.”

“Okay, what is art?” she asked him, looking him straight in the eye.

“Isn’t that what you’re supposed to help me with?”

“Answer the question, Blake.”

“Um I don’t know, I’m guessing painting is art- right?” he answered, not being quite sure of his response. It was a weird question.

“Which of these pictures is considered art?” she asked, showing him a picture of graffiti on a wall and a picture of the Mona Lisa.

“The one on the left.”


“I’m pretty sure the Mona Lisa is considered art. This might not be my best subject but even I know that.”

“I never said the Mona Lisa wasn’t art, I asked you which of these was considered art and the answer is that they are both art.”
“Come again?”

“Art isn’t just a painting on the walls of your house or the walls of a museum. It’s a form of communication, it’s emotion, it’s as haunting as a bad break up or as breathtaking as a sunset. Art is anything you want to express and not just on a canvas; it can be graffiti on the floor, or a mural on the wall. It’s a sculpture or a building, a song or a poem. It’s a book or a musical, something filled with vivid colors or something devoid of color. Van Gogh is as much an artist as Shakespeare, who is as much an artist as the Beatles or Meryl Streep. It can have beauty or rhythm, shapes or harmonies.  Anything that comes from your soul, from your feelings, that has heart- is art. It’s all you can do with creativity and imagination,” she expressed passionately and then realized the way he was staring at her, like he couldn’t quite figure her out.

“What?” she asked innocently.

“Nothing sorry, I just…you’re really passionate about this aren’t you?” he asked harmlessly.

“Yeah, I guess I am,” she muttered, putting a stray hair behind her ear while blushing a bit.

“It’s not bad, I mean…it’s nice,” he complimented, earning an honest smile out of Clarke. He continued asking questions about what would make something art and Clarke answered to the best of her ability. She was surprised to realize she was, dare she say it?Having fun. Clarke could get used to this version of Bellamy. She was pulled out of her thoughts by both their phones ringing. It was her mother; she was not in the mood for that right now so she wasn’t going to answer.

“Sorry I have to get this,” Bellamy grumbled as he left the room. He walked outside the library and answered the call- it was Matthew.

“Hello Bellamy.”

“Matthew, to what do I owe the honor of your call.”

“I need to talk to you.”

“I’m busy, can’t this wait till later- or better yet- never?”

“You answered, so I figure you must not be as busy as you claim.”

“Or maybe I knew you’d keep bothering until I answered.”

“Aurora is making dinner tonight and you are expected to come.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really. You know the deal Bellamy; you come to a dinner each week and I don’t cut Octavia’s allowance. You wouldn’t want your sister to lose her allowance would you?”Matthew stated reminding Bellamy of the leash he had on him. About a year ago Matthew had decided that since there was no other way to blackmail his son into going to dinner or to any other thing he’d use Octavia. Bellamy might hate Matthew or dislike Aurora, but he loved Octavia more than anything. Of course daddy dearest picked up on it and now used it as a bargaining chip whenever he wanted something.

“I’ll be there,” Bellamy muttered. He really hated Matthew sometimes, okay no- like 90% of the time.

“Great that’s all I wanted to hear, dinner starts at the usual time. Please don’t be late.” With that he hung up the phone leaving Bellamy stewing in his anger.

His good mood had been completely destroyed as he got back to the library where Clarke was doodling in her notebook. She saw the expression on his face and realized this wasn’t the same guy that had just walked out of the library. Was something wrong?

“Are you okay?”

“Let’s just get this over with, I have things to do.”

“Bellamy what’s wrong, you can tell me,” she told him honestly.

“We’re not friends, princess. I don’t have to tell you all my darkest secrets- we’re not going to braid each other’s hair. Why don’t you just stick to your stupid art lesson and leave me and my business alone,” he spat, and then saw her face change radically. Shit- all the good will he had earned earlier down the drain. He immediately regretted his words and tried to make things right. “Clarke…I…”

“You know what? This session is over. You’re right- we’re not friends, but I thought we could get through this like civilized people.  Obviously I was wrong… You are probably not even capable of that are you?” she asked bitingly and he knew he deserved that but it still stung a bit. “You know when we’ll be meeting, don’t bother me otherwise because I’ll just ignore you.” With that she grabbed her stuff and stormed out of the library. Bellamy just hit his head on the table and wondered what he could do to make things right. As always he took out his anger on someone who was completely innocent. He was a jackass. He needed to fix things.


She had spent the entire drive home wondering about what had just happened. She honestly didn’t know what to make of Bellamy Blake. On one side he was this over the top pompous asshole that did nothing other than try to piss her off, and most of the time succeeded. On the other he was Octavia’s brother- who she always felt like she understood a bit from the stories O told. There was the almost human guy she’d seen at the library and then he became a douchebag again.

“Honey I’m home!” she proclaimed as she entered her apartment.

“Hey Griff! How was work? Working a bit overtime?” Raven asked. Clarke was later than usual considering her shift had ended a while ago.

“It was alright the weird came afterwards,” Clarke muttered.

“He went to your work?” Raven asked, not even having to specify whom, and Clarke just nodded.

“I think I might be cursed. I mean it’s got to be a curse- it’s the only logical explanation.”

“Hey, at least he’s not bad on the eyes,” Raven joked.

“I admit he has a certain charm, and yes. he probably was a Greek god in another life.”

“So you find him attractive?” Raven asked.

“Until he opens his mouth.”

“What happened?” Raven asked, passing her a beer, which Clarke took gladly.

“He came by almost at the end of my shift, wanting to make a schedule for tutoring and so on.”

“That’s good right it’s what you wanted?” Raven wondered.

“Yeah that was good, and we actually talked like human beings for once and I even started thinking that maybe I had misjudged him, that maybe he’s not that bad, and then he proved me right or well proved my original idea right.”

“That bad?”

“Out of nowhere he just started acting like a condescending douchebag again and I got pissed, told him we were going to be meeting Monday through Thursday after my shift but that he better not bother me otherwise, and left.”

“What did he say?”

“I didn’t stay to find out.”

“That’s tough…”

“I’m trying really hard to put together all Octavia told me about her brother with the guy we know…”

“Look, give him another chance, for Octavia’s sake.”

“I will for O’s sake only.”

“I’m good with that, let me tell you about the rich idiot that came into the garage,” Raven said as she set out to tell the tale of the trust fund brat who came in to the garage with a car that he didn’t even know how to drive…


Bellamy parked his bike and took his helmet off, and took a deep breath before he went inside the Blake Mansion. This house, or rather mansion, always made him feel weird and not only because it was at least three or four times the size of Bellamy’s two bedroom apartment he shared with his mother. It just made it all the more obvious that he didn’t belong in this family, in this rich person kind of life. He entered the door and suddenly Octavia was upon him.

“You came!” Octavia exclaimed, hugging him.

“Yeah well, Matthew didn’t give me much of a choice,” he said as he returned the hug.

“Well if I thought you’d come of your accord I wouldn’t have to resort to those measures,” Matthew Blake said, coming into the foyer.

“Bellamy, so glad you could make it,” Aurora commented, coming out of the next room.

“Let’s just get this dinner over with, I have to get to work remember?” Bellamy interjected as the all walked into the dining room. They sat in silence, the only conversations happening between Octavia and her mother or Octavia and Bellamy. The food came and went and as they were waiting for dessert to get served Matthew cleared his throat to speak.

“You know you don’t have to work right?”

“The other alternative is having to get money from you, so yes- I do have to work,” Bellamy stated not even looking up from his food.

“I don’t know why you keep refusing to have me pay for things, I have more than enough money.”

“Trust me, I know how much money you have. I just don’t want to touch a dime of it, I’d rather pay my own way through life if you don’t mind. After all I don’t know when you’ll decide that I am disposable again, so you know I have to make sure I’m okay for when that happens again,” Bellamy said bitingly.

“Bellamy Blake, I am your father and you will respect me.”

“Respect you?” Bellamy exclaimed, getting up from the table. “You want respect? You have to earn it! And for the last time you’re not my father, you’re the sperm donor.” And then he stormed out of the room and out of the house.

“At least we reached dessert this time,” Aurora muttered, glaring at her husband as Octavia followed after her brother.

“Bellamy wait!” she screamed as her brother was getting on his motorcycle.

“Wait for what?” he asked with his helmet on his arm.

“I’m sorry about him, ignore him.”

“I can’t O, he just irks me so much. Tell Aurora the food was great and that I’m sorry I had to leave I just… I can’t okay?” he said, getting off of the motorcycle and  hugging his sister,  kissing the top of her head and  then getting back on the motorcycle. “I’ll see you at school,” he said as he put on the helmet and sped off, leaving Octavia standing alone in front of the Blake Mansion.


Clarke was in the living room figuring out a lesson plan for the tutoring sessions when a knock on the door pulled her out of her thoughts.

“Clarke, can you get the door? It’s probably Finn, tell him I’ll be right out.”

“Will do.”

She put her stuff on the table and went to answer the door. It wasn’t Finn waiting for Raven, but rather someone else. Probably the last person she’d expect to see.

“Hey Clarke, can I come in?”


Octavia walked into the kitchen to see her mother cleaning the dishes.

“Mom you do realize we have people to do this sort of thing right?” Octavia joked.

“I know, but it doesn’t hurt to do a little work every now and then, now come and help me. I’ll wash, you can dry,” Aurora replied. Yes, they had housekeepers who could definitely do these things and who were paid to do them, but Aurora didn’t mind doing them. It helped her think. Octavia knew her mother, and when she started doing things like this it meant she wanted to talk and O didn’t mind it, she loved talking to her mom. So she took off her jacket and started helping out.

“Bellamy left already didn’t he?”
“He wanted me to tell you that he was sorry he couldn’t stay for dessert and that the food was great.”

“He actually said that or are you paraphrasing?” Aurora asked. It was no secret that she wasn’t Bellamy’s favorite person. She understood why her stepson didn’t like her but it didn’t make getting along with him, or rather trying to find some common ground, any easier.

“No, this time he actually said that,” Octavia admitted.

“That’s nice, when you see him next tell him…Tell him I’m glad he liked it.”

“He’ll come around mom, you’ll see, he’s just very?” Octavia trailed off.

“Angry?” Aurora remarked.

“Yeah, and it’s not your fault dad is the way he is, Bellamy will see that…eventually.” Octavia muttered. “Although he might need a little push.”

“Octavia don’t do anything rash.”

“Oh, the push won’t come from me,” she said mischievously.

“What happened?”

“Bellamy and Clarke finally met,” she commented excitedly. “She’s going to tutor him in Art History and they are partners in another class.”

“How did you manage that?” Aurora laughed. Octavia had always said that if Clarke and Bellamy met they would be perfect for each other; she didn’t put it past her daughter to create an ideal scenario or something.

“I had nothing to do with it believe it or not,” Octavia admitted and then set off to tell her everything that had happened in the last few days.


Seeing Kane outside her door had been a shock and it just got weirder from there. Finn had come and picked up Raven for their date, and now she was drinking coffee on the kitchen table with her stepfather. Strange didn’t even begin to cover it.

“Are you going to tell me why you are here or do I have to guess?” Clarke asked, breaking the silence.

“Cutting right to the chase are we?”

“Marcus, you know I like you and I really appreciate your help in the situation but I don’t really know why you are here? Or why you came here without warning?”

“You didn’t call your mother back and, knowing you, I suspect you didn’t even listen to the voicemail she left,” he told her and she looked at the answering machine.


“I’m not here to reprimand you or anything, I’m still Switzerland, but I figured you wouldn’t listen to the message and I wanted to come tell you the news myself.”

“Are mom and Laurie okay?” Clarke asked.

“Yeah they are doing alright, don’t worry.”

“Then what’s the big news, you’re not having another kid are you?” Clarke wondered. Her mother and Kane had had Laurie when Clarke left for college. She had been a complete surprise to all parties involved, and though Clarke didn’t see her much she loved her little sister.

“Nope, no other kids, Laurie is enough of a handful at the moment,” Kane admitted. Laurie was two years old now and she definitely didn’t make things easy for them at times.

“Then what is it?”
“We’re moving back.”

“Moving back where?” Clarke asked, although she had a feeling she knew the answer already.

“Here,” Kane said and Clarke’s world stopped for a second. Her mother was moving to the same city where she lived. This was not going to be good.

AN: So there’s the chapter! Sorry again for the delay! Things should be getting back on track now.

Fun fact: All three of the classes mentioned so far in this fic are based on actual classes (especially the production design one that’s one of the hardest classes in my life) and the teachers are kind of based on teacher’s I’ve had (Wesley has aspects of a teacher I had but O’Dell is pretty much a mix of two of my college teachers)


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