Lost and Found: Ch 1

Title: Lost and Found

Autor: killianthehero / maiqu20

Rating: T for now

Word Count: 4,971

Pairing: Bellarke

Read: FF.net AO3 Tumblr

Summary: Bellamy Blake needs to fix his grades or else he’ll get suspended from the team, Clarke Griffin gets offered an opportunity, if she helps him fix his grades she’ll get one of the coveted spots in one of her dream classes. Will they manage to work together or will they end up killing each other in the process?

AN:  Helloo darlings, yes this is a new fic I know I should be working on Who We Are but this bug just wouldn’t leave me alone you know? So I’ve decided I’m posting them both simultaneously. Now I’ve never done this before so I hope it goes well. This story is inspired by the movie Blinder.

While I’m very well versed in US High School sadly I didn’t go to college there so all I know has been from research, my sisters/friend’s tales, TV shows and my beta Kate so I’m sorry if anything is wrong. Speaking of Kate she’s amazing and I would be hopelessly lost without her.

Ch 1

“And Blake has done it again! The 100’s star quarterback is at the top of his game- he and the team definitely seem to be in good shape this season,” Bellamy heard the commentators say as he came out of the locker room. He was dead tired but happy at the game’s outcome. He looked up as saw his two best friends waiting for him outside the locker room.

“There he is, the leader of the people! The champion of a nation!” Jasper exclaimed.

“Jasper, be respectful! You are face to face with royalty, bow to his greatness!” Monty proclaimed, playfully slapping Jasper.

“You two are idiots, sometimes I wonder why I even hang out with you,” Bellamy retorted, but he knew why, he couldn’t remember a time in his life that didn’t include the other two boys. They had been through everything together and they were Bellamy’s family, no matter what anyone said. They were a weird combination; Monty was majoring in engineering, Jasper was in computer science and Bellamy? Bellamy is the school’s star athlete.

“Because we were little kids in kindergarten who didn’t know any better, neither Monty  or I had hand eye coordination, and before you knew it, it was high school and you were stuck with us,” Jasper explained.

“He might have been blessed with the gift of football, but we were blessed in other areas, like science,” Monty pointed out.

“True facts my brother!” Jasper commented.

“Oh yeah- now I remember,” Bellamy remarked.

“But seriously, can we talk about that commentary? I’m pretty sure they actually believe that you were sculpted by the gods,” Jasper joked.

“Sculpted by the gods and placed on this earth to play football,” Monty said, but before Bellamy could respond Roma, the head cheerleader, came up to him.

“Hey Bellamy.”

“Roma, what brings you here?”

“Well, I just wanted to congratulate you on the game. You were amazing out there,” she greeted Bellamy, putting a hand on his shoulder. “You’re coming to the after-party right?”

“When have you ever known me to miss a party?”

“I’m just making sure. I was thinking maybe we could talk about the game and you could teach me some of your techniques?” she asked flirtatiously.

“I’ll see you there.”

“Perfect. I’ll see you there,” she said as she left the boys alone.

“What do you say gentlemen, ready for a party?” Bellamy asked.

“I take that back, you are golden!” Jasper exclaimed, putting arm over his shoulder and making Bellamy laugh at his antics.

Bellamy was definitely living some of the best years of his life. He considered it payback for the shit life had put him through. He had his two best friends, he was captain and the star player of his team, and he could get any girl he wanted. Bellamy was golden.


On the other side of the stadium, two girls  were getting up and heading home after the game.

“I still don’t understand why we’ve got to come to these things.”

“It’s called school spirit Clarke,” Raven replied.

“I like football- don’t get me wrong- but the way the school worships these assholes just get me a bit angry sometimes,” Clarke pointed out.

“Oh I know, I’ve heard the rant a million times, but we are here to support O. Remember her? Our peppy best friend who decided jumping up and down in a small skirt was something she wanted to do?” Raven reminded her.

“I don’t know where we went wrong with her,” Clarke muttered.

“I don’t either, but the way I look at it is that she has the pep you and I lack. So it’s a fair trade off,” Raven joked as they made their way down the bleachers.

“Or maybe it was just a chance to have a shot at the football players,” Clarke commented and Raven turned to look at her, “look.” So Raven did, and sure enough, right in front of them was Octavia in her cheerleading uniform flirting with one of the players. A group of about two or three players joined the guy flirting with Octavia and then all the players left, causing Octavia to come over to them.

“So O, who was that?” Raven asked.

“He’s my new boyfriend,” Octavia said.

“Oh really? Does he know that?” Clarke asked.

“Well he’s not my boyfriend yet, but I’ve got my eye on him,” Octavia clarified as they walked towards the parking lot. “So what do you girls think of an after party?”

“I’m in,” Raven said and Octavia turned to Clarke with a smile on her face.

“A night full of drunken jocks and cheerleaders? Sounds like quite the night but I think I’ll pass,” Clarke remarked.

“Come on Clarke, we just got through our first round of exams and there’s still a long time before midterms! You won’t die if you take a breather every now and then.”

“Maybe not, but honestly- I have no desire to be in a room with drunken jocks ogling me all night. As you said, we had exams this week, which means I’m going to relax and watch movies back at the apartment- but you two have fun.”

“Alright, you get out of it this time, but next time you are coming whether you want to or not- deal?” Octavia demanded, leaving really no room for questioning.

“Deal, now go and tell me the details later,” Clarke said, laughing as Raven turned to her.

“Hopefully I’ll be staying somewhere else for the night, but I’ll text you either way so you’re not worried about me not coming home.”

“Good luck,” Clarke joked as she reached her car and went home. When she arrived at the apartment she shared with Raven she noticed the blinking light on the machine, so she clicked to check their messages.

“Hey Griff! I just saw the hottest guy in the world so if all goes well I will not be coming home!”

Raven sounded excited and Clarke guessed Raven would sleep at mystery guy’s place. They had a rule about bringing guys back to their apartment; they could only do that if they knew the guy well enough that they could reasonably assure that he was not a psychotic killer, and only if they were going to be home alone. She clicked on the next message –

“Clarke this is your mother-”

Clarke stopped the message before it could continue. It had been a long day and she had no desire to hear whatever Dr. Griffin had to say today. Her relationship with her mother was highly strained, to say the least.

Clarke  had always been a daddy’s girl, their relationship had been great and he was a great buffer between her and her mother. Then she had lost him and everything changed. Her father died when she was 14; they had gone to the bank and had gotten stuck in a robbery. A stray bullet hit Jake in the chest while he was trying to talk down the robber. He had almost convinced him, the guy was putting down the gun, when the cops or someone, she doesn’t even know, spooked him and the gun went off.  Clarke was there and she kept holding on to his hand and begging him not to leave her. He told her he loved her and that she should always follow her heart, her dreams and then he died just as the ambulance got there.

Things between her mother and her had changed radically, they were both hurting but neither of them reached out to one another, which Clarke supposed was both their faults. She lost herself in her art and in her schoolwork, Octavia being the only reason she hadn’t fully lost herself. Then in high school they had met Raven and, since Abby was always at work, Clarke had spent most of her time with either Raven or Octavia. Four years after her father’s death her mother remarried. If she had to have a stepfather she figured she could do worse than Marcus Kane. He was the CEO of his own business, a great guy who adores her mother, and she knew  he  cared about her too.

Things fell completely apart when Clarke realized she didn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps, which meant not going to her mother’s alma mater and not going pre-med.  There had been a big fight that ended in Clarke deciding to go to college on her own merits. She had a practically perfect GPA and was an all-around student so getting a scholarship wasn’t hard. She and Raven got an apartment near campus with a room for Octavia when she came by. Kane, unlike her mother, understood her decision and would send her a monthly allowance to help with the costs. Other than that, Raven worked at a garage while Clarke  worked at the college library and they  made things work. It  has been  three years since the big blowout and she  didn’t really speak to her mother unless  was a holiday or other special occasion.

She  had no idea what her mother  wanted but she  figured it  could wait a day or two.  She  had a movie about a count and his revenge to watch.


Clarke woke up to the  sound of someone banging on her door. She opened it to see Octavia standing there with  two cups from Starbucks.

“O, do you have any idea what time it is?”

“It’s 10 am, yes I know, that’s why I brought gifts,” Octavia mentioned, coming inside and putting the coffee and pastries on the table as Clarke closed the door.

“Vanilla scones? You know just the way to my heart,” Clarke joked.

“Well, we have been friends for around 14 years, you’d think I would have learned a thing or two about what you like.”

“That is a very valid point,” she said as she took a sip of her coffee.

“No sign of Raven yet?” Octavia asked.

“I literally just woke up by you banging on the door, last I heard she found a guy, and considering she’s not here, I’m guessing it went well.”

“You do realize the blinking light means there are new messages right?” Octavia joked as she walked over to the machine.

“Griff! I’m so not coming home tonight but I figure you’re already asleep so I won’t bother you, will tell details later!”

“Dude you know what they say about football players and stamina? So true…Might not be home till late you and O will have to make do without me today.”

“I’m guessing she had fun,” Octavia remarked as Clarke smiled.

“Clarke this is your mother-” Octavia cut it off before it could continue. “Sorry didn’t realize it was still on.”

“It’s okay, I should probably listen to it soon but I just don’t want to?” Clarke said as she sat on the couch.

“Hey, if anyone understands that it’s me,” Octavia told her, sitting down next to her  on the couch.

“How was the party? Any progress with your new target?” Clarke smirked.

“Yes and no. I think it’s time to turn to someone new.”

“That was fast- normally you don’t get disillusioned until a second or third date.”

“Well, Atom was a good kisser- don’t get me wrong, but there was no spark. Plus there’s the fact that my dear brother kept glaring at him while he flirted with me.”

“He scared Atom off?” Clarke asked and Octavia nodded.

“It was probably for the best. Atom made up an excuse and left the room and I went to the bathroom, when I came back he was flirting with Stacey.”

“Ugh I’m sorry.”

“I guess in some weird way he kind of did me a favor. He’s weird that way.”

“How is that relationship going?” Clarke asked curiously.

“It’s definitely better than before, he actually sees me as a sister now. Plus he doesn’t just talk to me now, he actually smiles and jokes around me and I see that as progress,” Octavia told Clarke proudly.

“That’s great!” Clarke exclaimed. It had been a long road but Clarke was happy that Octavia seemed to be making progress with her brother.

“He’s still a bit cutting or short with mom at times. Not to mention he still looks at dad like he’d want nothing more than for him to be 6 feet under,” Octavia muttered and Clarke chose that moment to drink up. She didn’t want to upset her friend and she had never actually met the brother, she didn’t even know his full name, but weirdly enough she could agree with his choices. You go along with your life and suddenly everything changes and you get stuck in this new family with a father who abandoned you and the wife he preferred over your mother, it’s a tough break.

“So when are we going to meet this mysterious brother of yours?” Clarke asked, all she knew about the guy was that he was Octavia’s mysterious older brother ‘Bell,’ who Octavia didn’t even know existed until her junior year of high school. She remembers those days very clearly, Octavia had been the first to find out about him and the one who was constantly trying to fix everything. It’s probably a step up from the days O rarely mentioned him other than to say he was her father’s son from his first marriage. Clarke never learned the details of everything; it wasn’t her place to know them. She just knew it didn’t paint Octavia’s father in a flattering light.

“Hopefully soon. I really want you two to meet- I’m sure you guys would get along beautifully.”

“I’m sure we will O. For now, why don’t we just focus on a movie. Do you want to watch Elle Woods conquer Harvard?” Clarke mentioned.

“You know me so well,” Octavia smiled.

“It’s what I’m here for,” she said as she put on the movie and they lost themselves in the adventures of Elle Woods.


Bellamy walked into his Art History class and he couldn’t help but groan. It was the class he hated the most in his Monday schedule, plus he was still a bit dead from the game on Saturday and the party that went after it. He really hated Mondays sometimes. He spotted one of his friends and went to sit next to him in the back.

“Finn- where were you man? You got lost at the party! One minute you’re there the next you’re gone,” Bellamy asked, just as the teacher came in and the class started.

“Met a girl,” Finn answered.

“You met a girl?” Bellamy asked.

Finn was what they called one of the last decent players on the team. Even within the so-called decent players they all had a bit of a reputation. Miller always had a girlfriend, they might not last very long together but there was always another one willing to take her spot, and Atom always went after cheerleaders, he’s the type that would go on a couple dates hook up with the girl and then go on to the next one. Bellamy thought he was a great guy but he was not always the smartest, because cheerleaders often mean trouble, especially if you hook up with cheerleaders who you had no idea were friends. Let’s just say it had gotten Atom into trouble a few times. And Bellamy? Bellamy was a one-night stand kind of guy, no repeats; no one gets hurts and everyone walks away happy. But Finn? Finn wanted to fall in love and was all for having a committed relationship and all that jazz. He wasn’t the type to have a one night stand.

“She was wonderful, funny and sexy as hell. We spent the whole weekend at my place getting to know each other.”

“When are you seeing her again?” Bellamy questioned.

“What do you mean?” Finn asked.

“Dude, you know I appreciate you as a friend and as a teammate, but you’re a relationship guy, not a one-night-stand guy.”

“Technically it was two nights.”

“Whatever, my point stands, plus you’ve got hearts in your eyes just talking about this girl. You want to see her again and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Bellamy explained.

“We’re going out for coffee after she’s done with work today.”

“That’s my man!” Bellamy laughed, clapping Finn  on the back.
“You are crazy! I have to say I am surprised you noticed- didn’t you have Roma permanently attached to your lips throughout that night?” Finn joked as Bellamy smirked at him. “You’re incorrigible.”

“I am a walking cliché, what can I say?”

“Football star and head cheerleader- it doesn’t get more cliché than that,” Finn agreed.

“One of the perks of being a star player is definitely the girls, but I’m thinking of dialing it down a notch maybe,” Bellamy admitted.

“Speaking as one of your roommates, that would be appreciated,” Finn remarked, causing Bellamy to laugh out loud, which made their teacher to look at them.

“Something funny about the class gentlemen?”

“Nothing Miss O’Dell, we apologize for disrupting your lesson,” Finn said, diplomatic as always. He then elbowed Bellamy, forcing him to say something too.

“Yeah, we’re sorry Miss O’Dell, won’t happen again,” Bellamy said, flashing her a smile, which of course went ignored. She was the only teacher he couldn’t charm and he had no idea why.

“Mr. Blake, out there you might think you are a god among men,  but while I admit you are quite the player that means nothing in this class. In here you are just another student, therefore you are required to pay attention.”

“Of course Professor,” Bellamy muttered, and O’Dell went back to teaching her class as if nothing had happened. Bellamy turned to Finn and whispered, “Remind me why we took this class?”

“We thought it would be easy credits,” Finn responded as he went back to taking notes. Bellamy had thought it would be an easy class; it was art history- how hard can that be right? Wrong, very wrong. Not only did the teacher hate his guts, but also he wasn’t sure about any of the material. Who even needed this stuff anyway?


Clarke was sitting in her usual spot in the second row when the idiotic jocks disrupted the class. Seriously she couldn’t believe the nerve of some of the people in this school, they felt just because they could throw a ball around they could slack off in class and still get rewarded. Sadly for a lot of her classes that was exactly the way it worked but not here.

Let’s be real, she hated O’Dell as much as the next person, but she was not one for favoritism. Sometimes even the opposite. At least she knew what she was talking about, which was the only reason Clarke liked this class. She loved the topic of Art History, and if that meant dealing with a douche of a teacher and idiot jocks then so be it. The TA for the class passed out the recent tests as the class came to a close. She had gotten an A- she never got higher than a 97. She suspected O’Dell had it out for her, truthfully, but since Clarke knew her stuff there wasn’t much O’Dell could do. She saw everyone leave as she was packing up her things and then she heard another voice.

“Professor, can we talk?” Bellamy wondered, coming up to the teacher’s desk.

“What is there to talk about?”

“I got a D on the exam,” Bellamy told her, showing her the exam and sure enough there was a big D on the front.

“You’re lucky, I was ready to give you an F, but decided to be kind,” O’Dell pointed out and Bellamy wanted to scoff, O’Dell didn’t have a kind bone in her body.

“I can’t have a D on an exam professor, it would bring down my entire average and I have to pass all my classes or else I’ll get suspended from the team.”

“Maybe you should have thought of that before thinking my class was just going to be another class to breeze through because of your abilities on the field. I recommend picking up a book instead of a football next time.”

“What can I do to make this better?  I’ll do anything,” Bellamy questioned. He couldn’t get a D, that would bring down his GPA and get him suspended, and if he got suspended he  would lose his scholarship. That would mean having to depend on Matthew and that was the last thing he wanted. He’d do anything to avoid that. He was stuck in his musings so he didn’t realize O’Dell wasn’t looking at him but rather at the blonde who was finishing to pack her things.

“Miss Griffin could you come here a moment?” O’Dell asked and Clarke had no choice but to listen. Bellamy took a good look at her and knew he recognized her from somewhere. If he wasn’t wrong she was the only daughter of that surgeon friend of Matthew and Aurora. He recalled seeing her with her mother in a picture from one of those fundraisers, with Matthew, Aurora and the great Senator Jaha.
“Yes professor?”

“You wanted to talk to me again about that recommendation for getting into the seminar?” O’Dell inquired, like it wasn’t something Clarke had wanted since she found out about it. O’Dell of course had turned her down and said she didn’t give early recommendations, that it was going to depend on her progress in her class during the semester.  Clarke had wanted to tell her to shove that recommendation up her ass.

“Yes, can I ask why you are bringing it up, I thought you’d said no?” Clarke wondered.

“But you still want it don’t you?” O’Dell taunted, and Bellamy just wanted to punch her, the need to punch her was getting stronger with every bullshit thing that came out of her mouth.

“Of course I do professor.”

“Would you say you would do anything to get it?” O’Dell asked.

“Yes, mostly anything.”

“Well, Clarke Griffin meet Bellamy Blake, he’s our, what is it, ‘star quarterback’?” She asked.

“I know who he is,” Clarke responded.

“I’ve got a task for you, you’re going to be his tutor,” O’Dell said calmly, as if she wasn’t completely disrupting both of their lives.
“What?” they both exclaimed.

“You said you’d do anything to get into that seminar and Mr. Blake here would do anything to get rid of that pesky D on his exam. Well I’ve got a proposition for you, if you manage to get Mr. Blake here up to at the very least a B in this class by the time mid-terms come around and manage to keep that average until the semester ends, I will personally make sure you’re on the top of the list for the seminar. If that happens I will also erase the D from your record Mr. Blake.”

“What’s the catch?” Bellamy bit out.

“If you get anything lower than that B, the D will stick and Miss Griffin here won’t get that recommendation.”

“So basically all I have to do is tutor him? Why me?” Clarke questioned. There were a lot more students in the class why was she getting shackled to this? It seemed highly personal.

“You have one of the highest grades in the class so far and he’s one of the lowest. This is an experiment of my own. No offense to your capabilities Miss Griffin but I’m almost positive you can’t get his head out of football long enough for him to do something productive- not even if you had an entire year,” O’Dell said as she finished packing her things. “If you do manage the miracle, I’ll be surprised and you’ll both get what you want.” Bellamy wanted to scream that he wasn’t an idiot but he figured that would do nothing to change her mind. He was going to have to prove it to her- he just hoped the princess would say yes. O’Dell was practically at the door when Clarke spoke up.

“I’ll do it and you won’t be able to make any more condescending comments about him or about me for the rest of the year along with the rewards you promised.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal Miss Griffin, now if you excuse me I have another class,” she said, leaving them behind to deal with the hand they had been dealt. Bellamy looked at the clock and realized he had less than 8 minutes to get to practice.

“Sorry to cut this short but I’ve got to go,” Bellamy told her grabbing his stuff and heading out the door.

“We need to figure this out, and it’s better if we do it now,” Clarke reminded him.

“Yeah, now’s not good for me I’ll catch up with you later. See you princess.” Then he left leaving Clarke fuming and wondering what the hell she has gotten into.


Bellamy arrived at practice just in time- Finn, Miller and Atom were already warming up.

“Cutting it a little close there Blake,” Coach warned.

“Sorry Coach, Professor O’Dell kept me after class.”

“Understandable- get to work Blake.”

“Sure thing Coach!” Bellamy told him as he walked over to where his friends were warming up.

“So what happened with O’Dell?” Finn asked.

“Bitch is out to get me,” Bellamy told them.

“Oh really? Have you found the one teacher that doesn’t fall for the Blake charm? Maybe we should give her a medal,” Miller pointed out as the rest laughed.

“Laugh it up but she gave me a D on a test,” Bellamy told them and they all stopped to look at him.

“Is she letting you do something to make it up?” Atom asked worried, a D could mean trouble for the team, a lot of trouble.

“Oh she did me one better, she got me a tutor.”

“Maybe she doesn’t hate you after all,” Atom pointed out.

“Dude, the tutor is a girl.  O’Dell apparently likes her as much as she likes me, she’s expecting her to fail. Gave us until midterms.”

“That’s tough- guess you’re going to have to prove her wrong,” Finn told him.

“So how’s the tutor? Is she hot?” Miller asked.

“Smoking hot, but she hates my guts,” Bellamy told them. Sure Clarke was probably one of the hottest girls he had seen in his life, but she made it pretty obvious that she detested him.

“You’re telling me that in one day you found a teacher and a girl who don’t fall for your charms? What is the world coming to?” Miller joked.

“I think I’d start working on getting on her good side, otherwise you’ll be in a shitload of trouble tutoring wise,” Atom told him.

“I do love a challenge,” Bellamy reminded them as Coach called them to do laps.


Clarke was finally finished with classes. It had turning out to be a really long day.

“Look who finally showed up,” Clarke smirked as Raven walked up to her.

“It’s not my fault we don’t have any shared classes today.”

“You do realize I haven’t seen you seen Saturday afternoon right?”

“What can I say, I think I found the man of my dreams and he’s got the stamina to prove it. Plus he’s actually really sweet,” Raven gushed. She actually gushed, Clarke had never seen her like this over a guy before.

“Damn, must have been quite a guy.”

“We’re going out later for coffee.”

“So you spent practically a weekend with the guy and you’re going out again? Are you sure you’re okay?” Clarke joked.

“Ha. Ha,” Raven deadpanned. “Where exactly are we going, classes are over and this the way to the football field.”

“Octavia told us to meet her there,” Clarke responded.

“You think we might meet the famous brother?” Raven wondered.

“I stopped trying to understand Octavia’s reasoning in about the fourth grade,” Clarke said.

“Not a bad idea, so how was your day?”

“O’Dell really did it this time.”

“What did the bitch do now?” Raven exclaimed.   O’Dell had it out for her best friend since the first day of class. It wasn’t Clarke’s fault that she knew the subject really well- O’Dell just was a shrew.

“In order to get into the seminar I have to tutor a student.”
“Okay- doesn’t sound so bad, what’s the catch?”

“If I don’t get him up to at least a B by midterms I get nothing and the subject isn’t brought up again.”

“That’s a tough one, but hey, maybe the kid is not that bad?”

“Yeah, I don’t really have high expectations.”

“Why? Who is it?” Raven asked and Clarke fixed her with a look that said it all. “No way.”

“Yep, I’m stuck tutoring the school’s star player.”

“That is tough luck, the guy is kind of an ass,” Raven commented, putting her arms around her. “Though if anyone can do it, it’s you,” she said as they reached the field and Octavia came running up at them.

“You guys are here! Great, come with me.”

“O, what are you planning?” Raven asked.

“I thought it was about time you girls met my brother,” Octavia said proudly, as a guy came and twirled her around. He looked up and met eyes with Clarke and no, it couldn’t be. This could not be Octavia’s brother, not this asshole.

“You,” Clarke stated, shocked. Bellamy fucking Blake, star athlete and the guy she was stuck tutoring, was Octavia’s brother.

“Lovely to see you again princess,” Bellamy remarked, and now he knew why she had seemed familiar earlier. She was his little sister’s lifelong best friend- this was going to be fun.

AN: So that’s chapter 1! Hope you guys liked it, I’ve got a lot of plans for this story and I think you guys will definitely enjoy the ride.

Remember to review if you liked it or if you have any questions! As always my tumblr is open.


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