Sirius Black as a Father

Sirius would have made an amazing father.. He was never given the chance to prove that he’d be a good influence on Harry and it kills me. As much as I love the Weasleys, Sirius was Harry’s family just like Harry was Sirius’ family.. They never even got a chance! If he was given the chance I think he would have proven to be not a good father, but a great one.. Sirius’ unwavering loyalty was one of his best qualities, but it was all the love he had in his heart that made him who he was. From what we saw since the 1st moment he came into his life, Harry became his priority and the most important person in his life. He would risk anything for him.

Let’s just look at what he did for him shall we

  • He escaped Azkaban to protect Harry from Peter (And achieved the impossible as no one had ever escaped before)
  • He swam across the North Sea to freedom, though the journey nearly killed him.
  • He offered Harry a place to live after knowing him a few moments , not many would do that.
  • He risked his life to come back to Hogsmeade during the Triwizard Competition because he knew Harry was in trouble (especially knowing that if he was caught it meant the dementor’s kiss)
  • He lived on rats. I think that says enough
  • He risked his life to go to the Department of Mysteries to save his godson.
  • He died protecting his godson.

He would of made an incredible father. He would have given Harry the love Sirius’ family never gave to him, the love that the Dursley’s never gave to Harry.. Instead he was forced to be on the run and the last year of his life, forced to remain inside his childhood house, a place that not only held bad memories, but where he was subjected to insults by the portraits on the wall day after day. He was also taunted by Snape over and over. This led to a feeling of uselessness which brought out his reckless side.

He knew his godson was in trouble and it killed him that he had to sit around and do nothing which meant he acted out.. The most important person in his life was in trouble, he didn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but Harry in those scenes.. He had to live with the guilt of Lily and James death’s, it wasn’t his fault by any means but he was the one that suggested Peter as a secret keeper and then Peter betrayed them. Then in his recklessness he went after Peter which meant that he left the infant Harry alone and he had to carry that on his conscience. He was sent to Azkaban without a trial and knowing he had failed his best friends.

Everyone says that he treated Harry as if he were James but I don’t believe that..Molly just tried to boycott every decision he made saying he wanted to replace James but that wasn’t how things really were. Yes he saw James but he also saw Lily, He saw both of them. Both of them were his best friends and he was the person who knew them best. He knew they wouldn’t want their son to be in the dark about things that would save his life.

He saw a kid who had been forced to grow up too fast..He saw a talent and a power beyond no other, he saw someone who could do end it all. So while Molly and the rest still saw a kid, he saw a man that’s why he always wanted to treat him as one.. He knew that anything Harry didn’t know could potentially harm him so he thought it best to always inform him.  Yes Harry was a kid in age but he had already gone through so much by that time, he deserved to be treated as an adult and Sirius was the ONLY one to see that.

At the same time he wanted to protect him from all harm because Harry was all he had left, people could argue that he still had Remus and while I agree with that, Remus was one of his best friends but Harry was the last bit of family he had. So when he finds out his godson was in trouble he left everything to aid him even if it meant dying for him. Hell he lost his life saving his godson, if that’s not paternal love I don’t know what is!

Another thing to keep in mind is that Sirius was practically numb for 12 years, stuck in Azkaban for a crime he didn’t commit while the real murderer walked free.  He didn’t even get a trial! 12 years of being struck by the guilt of being the one to tell them to change secret keepers, thinking he had essentially was the catalyst for his family’s death, then there was the guilt of thinking Remus was the traitor and not trusting in his friend. The dementors couldn’t suck anything out of him because he had NO happy thoughts left. It was all guilt, pain and pure self-loathing. Until the moment he read that Peter was in animagus form near his godson.

From that moment it becomes his obsession and he manages to escape from Azkaban, a place described to have no escape, all under the thought that he had to get out to protect his godson, he couldn’t loose him the way he lost James & Lily, and that was his main thought throughout the remainder of his life.

Sirius Black is the most loyal person in the entire series, some may argue it’s Ron but I believe it’s Sirius, and he also had a heart of gold full of love and compassion for his friends but he wasn’t nice to his enemies. He made a lot of mistakes and he paid for them in full. Everyone compares James to Harry and yes Harry is a lot like his parents but circumstance wise he’s also very similar to Sirius.

Honestly had they been given a chance Harry and Sirius could have been the family they always hoped to have. They would have been a home full of love and care. There’s a reason Sirius was his godfather, James & Lily didn’t choose him just for kicks. They knew that if anything were to happen to them no one would protect Harry more than Sirius would.


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